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P.O. BOX 340 





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Sophomores p. 84 

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Freshmen p. 96 

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<ing &ip Regional Sch 
Wrenthara Ma. 
Volume XXVIII 

■nrrr FTTjr 

3 Images of yesterday are the dreams of today and the future 


Kyle Begin 

'We're off! 

These are the best days of our lives?' 

Hawaii on a shoestring. 

"Rah, rah, rah. 

"Is this a pep rally?" 

This is so exciting . . 

"Seniors are #1!!! 

The Queen and her court. 

'Steve, get oft my back!' 

"Good! We have a substitute!' 

"I can't cut it!' 

Rush hour at the cafeteria. 

"And then you know what she said?' 

"Oh, no. Dad's here. 

" I don't think it's gonna fit. ' 

"I'm baffled. 

" Really, it'll work! Believe me. 

"Eat your hearts out, girls. " 

"Jeff, you have such a sense of humor. 

/ hate notes. 

"Mom? I'm in New York!' 

"Oh, you say the sweetest things. 

'That doesn't look like a boot!" 

"Report cards today? 


'Get off my dress, hunl! 

"I love salad. 



The Senior Class of 1985^ 
jld like to express our 
>reciation and gratitude to I 

Mr. Edmonston, for 
»rything you have done fori 
Philip. You have helped uW 
xove our attitude towards 
«6Tir school and you have made 
\js realize that we are capable 
*>-of accomplishing anything if we 
set our minds to it. 

We would also like to thank you 
for all of your dedication to 
improving our athletic 
department. The weight room is 
now complete with a full set of 
free weights as well as a 
Universal machine, which 
enables us to say that we have 
one of the best weight training 
programs in the area. In 
addition, you have also helped 
to renovate the old gym, set 
up lights on the football field 
and inspired two of our teams 
to become the league and 
state champions. 

But most of all, you have been 
a true friend to us all. The 
teams always know that you'll 
be at the games to offer your 
support and to cheer them to 
victory. Because of this, you 
have-helped to bring a new 
sesiKstf spirit to our class, 


it has 

you Mr. 

rhis past year 
plished a 
1 school, and 

to know that 



Class Officers 

Cathy Peterson - President 
Angela Dire - Treasurer 
Mr. Webb - Class Advisor 
Heather Romsey - Secretary 
Tina Crowley - Vice-President 
Mrs. Dire - Class Advisor 
(not shown) 

Class History 

In September of 1981 as scared freshmen, the Class of 1985 began their four year voyage. Although we were nervous as all freshmen 
are, we know that together we would make it! 

Freshmen year started off great under the leadership of Marianna Carmody— President, Monice Odoardi — Vice-President, Lisa Mullin— 
Secretary, and Cindy Hurkette— Treasurer. Also, with the guidance of our advisor Mr. Lepere, our first year was a success, starting off with 
the float competition. Our first float projected the slogan, "K.P. will drag the Tigers by their tails," It was built at Dianne Smith's barn. 

The Freshmen-Sophomore Semi-formal, "We've Got Tonight" was held at the Red Snapper in Foxboro. In the court, our class was 
beautifully represented by princesses Jenny Rausch and Monice Odoardi. 

To increase our small but humble treasury we sold candy bars. 

Beginning our sophomore year meant that we were one step closer to graduation. Although we were not as frightened, we knew that 
we had many challenges ahead. 

We had a fresh start this year with new officers. Our new officers were Dianne Smith — President, Jill Stoddard — Vice-President, Cathy 
Peterson — Secretary, and Angela DiRe — Treasurer, Also, to join the ranks of the class of '85 was our new advisor, Mr. Lanciaux. 

Our success began when we defeated the other classes in the float competition. Our winning slogan was, "When K.P.'s S.W.A.T. Team is 
on their feet, Mansfield Hornets fall defeat." This was our first step towards becoming "The winning class of '85". 

The Freshmen-Sophomore Semi-formal was held at the Coachman's Lodge in Bellingham. The theme song was "Just you and I." Kristen 
Harmon was chosen as queen, and the princesses were Jeanne Marcarelli and Tina Crowley. We were all proud to be represented by 

This year our fund raiser, popcorn jars, was fairly successful. 

With the start of our junior year, there was excitement in the air because we knew we had only two years left to complete our voyage. 

Our float with the slogan, "When the K.P. Warriors win today, the Eagles wings will be pinned to stay.," was really good. We really had 
high hopes of receiving the trophy, but we were defeated by the sophomore float. 

Once again we had a change of leaders. Our class was lead by Dianne Smith— President, Tina Crowley — Vice-President, Cathy Peterson- 
Secretary, Angela Dire — Treasurer, and our new advisors, Mr. Webb and Mrs. Dire. 

Our fundraiser this year was cannisters and corn, (and it was not very successful). 

The Junior-Senior Prom, which was held at the Sheraton Mansfield was memorable for everyone. We were were pleased to be 
represented in the court by LeAnn Ryan and Karen Peters. 

Senior year started out excellent; it seemed that everyone was full of class spirit. Under the guidance of Mr. Webb and Mrs. Dire we built 
our second winning float. Our winning slogan was "N.A. Rockets will not be found when K.P, blasts them off the ground." It was built at 
Dean Hughes' house. 

After our victory, our class, headed by Cathy Peterson — President, Tina Crowley— Vice-President, Heather Romsey— Seceretary, and 
Angela Dire— Treasurer, had more unity as we were fast approaching the end of our voyage. 

Our Homecoming Queen was Elaine Robinson and accompanying her as the court were Jenny Rausch and Cathy Peterson. They all 
looked so beautiful. 

We had a candy sale which was really a success, and it boosted our treasury a great deal. We found it easy to raise money this year by 
having a Valentine's Day Dance and other small fundraisers. 

Thanksgiving Day was not a happy day for the K.P. Football Team and fans, since they were defeated by Franklin. The highlight of the day 
was our Thanksgiving Day Queen, Elaine Robinson. 

Senior Supper was a success and Chinese food was served. The prom was held at the Sheraton-Tara in Framingham. 

Two foreign exchange students joined our Class. Pietro Sulis from Italy and Kai Andrajewski from Germany. Both of them have actively 
particpated in athletics and in other school functions. 

As we leave King Philip with our diplomas we will take with us many memories. Always reflect upon these memories and remember "the 
winning class of '85", 

Heather Romsey 


Most Athletic: 

Kelley Lewis. Mark Dittrich 

Class Flirts: 

LeAnn Ryan, Chuck Fruci 


Kathy Wall. John Kelley 

Most Liberated, Chauvanistic: Heidi Henson, Steve Walsh 

Most Musical: 

Kim Samuto, Jeff and Steve Flynn 

Most Pessimistic: 

Tina Crowley, Paul Bowes 


Most Fun: 

Sue Theriault, Glenn Curtis 

Most Unchanged: 

Jennifer Jones, Kevin MacNamara 

I I 

I I 


Class Clowns: 

Sue Theriault, Dave Ross 

Most Changed: 

Kathy Hazlett, Paul Bowes 

Best Looking: 

Elaine Robinson, Mark Tronti 

Most Typical: 

Sue Barry, Dan Kelley 

Most Unigue: 

Charlotte Sundguist. Mark Cindric 

Best Dressed: 

Mona Johnson, Paul Bowes 

Most Scatterbrained: 
Mary Jane King, Barry Miles 


Most Optimistic: 

Sue Theriault, Steve Flynn 

Best Business: 

Shari Bowes, Chris Bettencourt 

Best Personality: 

Sue Theriault, Glenn Curtis 

Class Loaf: 

Jennifer Jones, Rich Anderson 

Most Talkative: 

Kim Merrill Brian Brannelly 


Most Class Spirit: 

Monice Odoardi, Rich Anderson 


Joanne Shute, Mark Dittrich 

Class Couple: 

Debbie Manganiello. Dean Hughes 

Most Artistic: 

Collette Cadieux, Jeff Flynn 

Class Gossips: 

Karen Higgins. Brian Brannelly 25 

Robyn Alger leaves Kenny saying, "Listen to me!." 

Debbie Allsworth leaves Mr. C's food substitutions and all the crazy 
conversations in the food service girls room to Heidi. 

Rich Anderson leaves in the fastest car ever, 

Robin Andrews leaves her "Wardrobe" to Tiffany Await. 

James August leaves the memory of Elmo to the school. 

Richard Bourque leaves the K.P, band and especially the drum line 
the best of luck. 

Brian Brannelly leaves a rat to T.R. and a sense of humor to Jane. 

LAURA BYRON leaves the name "Bubbles" dead and buried forever! 

Mike Besaw leaves froggers to all future weight men. 

Brian Bredvik leaves his spot as cross country captain to whoever is 
willing to take it. 

Sherylene Bowes leaves her pineapple hair to Gina Videto, her 
leash to Charlotte, 2 more years for Wendy Barton, and 3 more 
years to Travis McCally. 

Paul Bowes leaves Monice and Mike fighting in the halls of K.P. 

Rob Blaisdell leaves his 1950's Converse basketball clown shoes to 

Kyle Begin leaves Sue Regina and Cheryl Ware his mercedes and a 

Michele Bergeron leaves locker 20 to K.K., K.K. falling over all the 
fishing holes at B.H.'s house and Cuso, Randy and Robbie w/3 more 
long years at K.P.H. 

Christopher Bettencouri leaves Ed and Cheryl a cat, Bill a white 
and green sock, and Martha a new car. 

Jim Boschen leaves his novice plates in his locker. 

Melissa Cameron leaves best wishes to Sony and Jimmy. 

Gretchen Clapp leaves a special thanks and good luck to K.C., 
H.H., PC, M.F., T.C., and 3 more great yrs, to K.C. 

Laurel Clontz leaves Melissa her hair and fallen pine trees, a big hug 
and a cookie to Chris Cass. 

Bill Cooke leaves tossed cookies to J.B., dirt to Brian, Paul, Rick and 
especially Mariann and absolutely nothing to "Tronto." 

Paula Cossette leaves all her "Sly stuff" to Ang. 

Jen Crets leaves her accent back in the valley. 

Tina Crowley leaves her "goldies" to future cheerleaders. 

Collette Cadieux leaves her "lights and darks, her right brain dirty 
hands, and Captain Morgan to Fritz in Mrs. Cronin's room. 

Kim Christiansen leaves at least one win to the future girls soccer 

Glenn Curtis leaves Peter Russo and Roy Nelson a case and Bill 
Redihan a wife and kid. 

Lloyd Crandall leaves a 4 yr. subscription of the USA Today to Mr. 

Mark Cindric leaves the brains of all the narrow minded Nazis. 

Mariann Carmody leaves "is it the weekend yet?" echoing down 
the halls and F.M. w/out any fluid in his lighter. 

Ed Davey leaves his obnoxious little brother to bother everyone 
next year. 

Tammy Cyrulik leaves all the good times she had to Lynda, Keilan 
and Nancy. 

Debra Dunn leaves Mr. P's stupid jokes. 

Chris Embree leaves her face cloth to Liver and Mick and constant 
all-nighters to the next born partier. 

Sue Ferland leaves good luck and one more year to Donna and 

Chucki Fruci leaves Paul Flannery Class Clown of '86. 

Steve Flynn leaves the right side of his brain to C, verbosity to T„ 
sincere thanks to Mr. L., and the U.S.A. 

Jeff Flynn leaves his right brain as a floor mat for Mrs. C. 

Stephanie Feamley leaves her flag to Andrea, her Prince tape to Bill 
Bourgue and a big kiss and komikazie to Elian P. 

Sonya Gibbs leaves Jimmy Themistokleous all the love in her heart. 

Joe Gianni leaves the LeCar to next years football team. 

Ken Graham leaves his 351 to Dave H., and his boots to A.C. 

Renee Gage leaves Sandy a new pair of heels, and Wendy 2 more 

Todd Gamelin leaves many good times. 

Rick Guillette leaves Barry fast talking to Shrewsbury police. 

Jeff Graveline leaves D.L., K.A., and S.S. in Wrentham center. 

Melissa Hayes leaves the best of luck to Jennifer Roberts for the 
next 3 years and in the future, and all KP halls. 

Kymm Hartford leaves everything. 

David Heinsohn leaves his Cougar, an eyebrow pencil to D.S., and 
many good times to M.G. 

Kristen Harmon leaves all her turtle necks to other girls with 
protective boyfriends. 

Heidi Henson leaves a roll of the film "Caligula" and many thanks to 
Mr. Lancieux. 

Cindy Hurkett leaves only to be forgotten. 

Dean Hughes leaves a prayer to Paul Ross and his car. 

Carol Hugo leaves her sister Helen to Yvonne for life and singing 
"ova heya, ova theya , . ." to Yvonne. 

Tim Heinz leaves a rack of Bud to J.F. 

Kathy Hazlett leaves a late night dip to P.B. and M.S. 

Karen Higgins leaves a secret to B.R. 

Bob Hoist leaves good luck to Schemp, Okey, Wee, and David C. 

Ramona Johnson leaves all her books to her brother. 

Jennifer Jones leaves a layout of the schools exits and 180 late and 
absent notes. 


Johnna Johnson leaves a glass of Bop juice In her locker for 
Rhonda, Bonnie and Leighanne. 

Kathy Johnson leaves Tina Megna breakdancing with Menudo and 
Kelly Darling any cute guy in a Corvette, 1/2 her right brain to Mrs. 
C, a Toga Party to Fancy, and a date with Luther to Karen. 

John Kelley leaves never having to return to English. 

Don Kelley leaves M.W. 

Dave Kirwan leaves purple shoe laces. 

Lori LaRochelle leaves Jane w/out a ride. 

Pat Lynch leaves his parking space to the van. 

Linn Loew leaves Ellen and Lexia with 3 more yrs. and E. Greenwich 
to Bill, Dave and Deb. 

Kelley Lewis leaves 1,000,001 excuses to the K.P. staff. 

Rosemary Lynch leaves the curse she put on Dawn, Candy and 

Brenda Linkous leaves M.C. all guy watching in the future, a purdue 
chicken to M.S., the arts to CM. and ARIBA to S.T. 

David Latham leaves the red boat to Stacy. 

Kristen MacEachern leaves, 

Debbie Manganiello leaves accident-free and smiling, looking out 
the back of Dean's chevy truck window, 

John Martinous leaves Mr. Ligor's lectures to future A.P. Bio students. 

Mary Mariand leaves the driving to Lori, the wild times to Laverne 
and luck to John. 

Kara MacKenney leaves the best of luck to all of the obnoxious 
people in Mr. Schmidts 5th period Biology class, it was the best! 

Jeanne Marcare/li leaves her old gum stuck on her locker. 

Kristen Mayo leaves all her good luck with making excuses for 
being late to Eric and eventually Allison. 

Kim Merrill leaves with a smile and a trunk full of empty bottles to 
Captain Morgan. 

Chris Michalik leaves Mickey one more great year at K.P. 

Cici Muir leaves throwing wimpy in the gymnastics shower. 

Lisa Mullin. Dianne Smith, Cathy Lutfy and Cathy Peterson all' leave 
the bill for Chink food to Paul, Chuck y, Mark and Brian. 

Rene Neveux leaves the blueprints to his Monte Carlo and all the 
empty Jack Daniels bottles to Jim. 

Majliss Nelson leaves bad days to anyone who wants them, 3rd 
period to anyone who wants to skip it, love + luck always to 
"good and Mu" and "blue eyes". 

Monice Odardi leaves chocolate chips to Jill and Michelle and Chris. 

Keith Palos leaves the deed of his corner of the art room to Barb 
and Tracy. 

Sue Pfishner leaves whatever Ann forgot to leave Robert. 

Karen Peters leaves her locker to Ed and a date with Luther to the 
flickorama to Kathy J. 

Larry Post leaves a life time worth . , , 

John Rapoza leaves an out of school suspension for any 
underclassman who puts down bald people. 

Mark Rovendro leaves his parking spot to his sister, 

Jenny Rausch leaves a winning team to Coach Myette. 

LeAnn Ryan leaves 5 o'clock wake-ups and empties to Willy, 
fiances and poop and scoops to Jen and Crick. 

Stephanie Robbins leaves a keg of beer at the VFW for P.i„ K.W, 

Heather Romsey leaves sprints to future soccer players. 

Cindy Rhein leaves J.E. w/3 yrs. and homework, and much thanks 
to her business teachers. 

John Redihan leaves Bill, Roy and Peter, 

Elaine Robinson leaves amazed that these 4 yrs, are really over, 

Michele Sprague leaves a night time dip to Haz, many more face 
clothes to Chris a| nighters to CiCi. / 

Paul Ross leaver tread marks forever imprinted in Curtis' right foot, 

Mary Roberts leaves the bruised to Sue and leave it to beaver. 

Roger Sulham leaves all his suspensions to Mr. Fitsimmons. 

Joanne Shute leaves "Mr," Schmtdty with no one to pick orv. 

Stacey Slack leaves all of her loud, wise remarks to all of the 
teachers who deserve them, 

Jill Stoddard leaves Bud and eggs to Trixie, 

LeaAnn Sluss leaves the best of luck and a lollipop to 81. 

Michele Stella leaves all the B. S. to the juniors. 

Charlotte Sundquist leaves a longer leash to Shari, endless amounts 
Of tempera paint and banana chips to Patrick, and all verbose 
jokes to Fance. 

Wanda Skinner leaves a sinking canoe and tuna casserole, 

Melissa Tamburrini leaves the best of luck to the class of '85. 

Sue Theriault leaves her laugh echoing in the halls of K.P., some 
weight to K.H,. and one last yr. to Jane. 

Gina Videto leaves 3 more years for Amy Daley. 

Sheila Wisniewski leaves 4 yrs of treacherous high school to her 
sister Jennifer. 

Keith Walsh leaves a hug to Christine and a sleeping bag to Finn. 

Kathy Wall leaves 2 more years to C.W. 

Mike Zarba leaves all the bumps, bruises, and broken noses to 
future soccer players. 

Sandy Zimmer leaves Haz. + Lisa. 

Mike Zollo leaves southies arrogant attitude to all upcoming 


m. *^ 

We were amazed to find that the Class of 1985 has 
five sets of double images. Some of their younger 
pictures are pictured here. 





i \ 

\ m SrV- ' 





+ rf§ 




SuiXin. iilxjib 

















^ v 



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A- k 



)e m^/e^i 




-N V 

^ tU 

l C*Xi^ v 1 C 



■ ■ ■ 











Donald R. Anderson 

10 Hanover St., Norfolk 
Likes: Elton John, music, foreign 
languages, writing, people w/ 
a good sense of humor. 
Dislikes: wearing glasses, 
pedantic people, worrying. 
Favorite Memory: State School 
cemetary w/M.A. '83 
Ambition: PhD in Spanish, to 
find peace happiness; to study 
abroad Most likely to be 
found: worrying about life. 
Awards: K.P. Key; Congress 
Bundesrag Exchange Student 
Finalist '84, Honorable Mention 
in '84, World of Poetry 
Contest. Activities: Sachem 3, 
4, Model Senate 3, 
Hockomock Cross Country 
Chacun Son Gout. 

Kai Christian Andrejewski 
"La Machine" 
Karl-Friederich-Friesenstr 42 
4890 Hernei West-Germany 
Likes: openess, U.S.A. tennis, 
being an exchange student, 
my host family. Favorite 
Saying: "How long 'til Friday?" 
Favorite Memory: the year in 
the U.S.A. Ambition: To study 
to become a lawyer. Most 
likely to be found: at the 
refrigerator. Other: On this 
point I will mention that the 
German people don't stay on 

Michelle Achin 

47 Fales Rd.. Plainville 

Robyn Lee Alger 
90 Grove St., Norfolk 
Likes: Russell, roses, hot-fudge 
sundaes. Dislikes. T.B., cold 
weather, snobs. Favorite Saying: 
"Talk to me!" Favorite Memory: 
12/2/83, 6/22/84 Ambition: to go 
to Hawaii. Most likely to be found: 
at Russell's house. Other: Kim, 
thanks for always being there. 

Deborah Allsworth 
69 Arnold St., Wrentham 
Likes: R.B., horseback riding, 
moonlight walks, laughing. Dislikes: 
people who don't take no for an 
answer, fighting, curfews. Favorite 
Saying: "I kid you not!" Favorite 
Memory: 9/21/84, Joe's rock 
Ambition: to be happy in 
whatever I do and wherever I 
am. Most likely to be found: 
w/Heidi having a good time. 
Other: I wish Heidi luck in her 
senior yr. Activities: Powder Puff, 
1, VICA-3. 

Richard E. Anderson 
100 East Side Lake Pearl 

Likes: Waterskiing 240Z's that fly. 
Dislikes: slow cars, certain people. 
Favorite Saying: "I'll race it." 
Favorite Memory: Fastest car in 
parking lot. Ambition: Be a 
professional waterskiier and sign 
painter. Most likely to be found: 
Skiing or with J.R, M.Z. G.C. M.S. 
C.F, P.B. Awards: 2 Varsity letters 
in Hockey. Other: LET'S NOT DRIFT 
TOO FAR AWAY, GUYS. Activities: 
Soccer 4, Ice Hockey 2, 3, 4, 
Chief tan 2, 4, Class Council 1, 2, 
3, 4, "Joe Float" 1, 2, 3, 4, 

Robin Elizabeth Andrews 
15 Franklin St., Wrentham 
Likes: clothes, U-2, red, G.Q. 
Magazine, Vogue, jelly beans 
Dislikes: high sign from dad to exit 
phone, wind sprints. Favorite 
Saying: "Smile . . ." Favorite 
Memory: Being friends w/Chip, 
1/29/83, 4/30/83, 4/11/84. 
Ambition: B.S. as a R.N. Most likely 
to be found: driving the spotted 
Cadillac, going shopping. Other- 
Good luck Cheryl- I love you . . . 
Awards: Local Vica Comp. in 
Health-silver, State Vica Comp. in 

Tracy Elizabeth Arena 
6 Apple Tree Dr., Plainville 
Likes: Weirs Beach, N.H., transams, 
big paychecks. Dislikes: empty 
gas tanks, cleaning my room & 
65. Favorite Saying: "Don't worry 
about it!" Favorite Memory: 
Acapulco '84. Ambition: to be an 
extremely rich sound studio 
technician. Most likely to be 
found: talking on the phone 
w/Jen or driving around w/Jen. 
Awards: 2 first place, 1 thrid 
place, 1 seventh place at Deca 
Districts, 1 1st, 1 6th place at 
Deca States Other: Thanks to my 
mom & dad who I love very 
much. Activities: DECA, 3, 4, OEA, 

Jack Aronofsky 
152 Union St., Norfolk 
Likes: Noel, four wheeling 
adventures, making my own rules, 
skiing, just having a good time. 
Dislikes: Cops, boring nights, 
teachers with no sympathy, being 
wrong, rules and regulations. 
Favorite Saying: "Who cares?" 
"You got to be crazy!" Favorite 
Memory: Blue Oyster Cult 6/8/84, 
4/27/84, 5/18/84, Fenway Park. 
Ambition: to graduate from high 
school. Most Likely to be Found: 
on the road. Awards: Varsity 
hockey letter. Other: Good luck 
next year to; N.H., P.C., J.D., L.V., 
W.A. Activities: Ice Hockey 1, 2, 
3, 4, center. 

David Axberg 
106 Seekonk St., Norfolk 
Likes: skiing, summer vacation. 
Dislikes: warm winters, old ladies. 
Favorite Saying: "Ya Goon" 
Favorite Memory: Sept. 7, 1971. 
Ambition: own my own business. 
Most likely to be found: on the 
slopes of Killington. 

John B. Baglio 
12 Azalea Dr., Plainville 

Lisa J. Armitage 
"Big Mouth" 

19 Bugbee St., Plainville 
Likes: Jamie, having fun. 
Dislikes: saying goodbye to 
Jamie, the Navy. Favorite 
Saying: "Hi! I'm bored!" 
Favorite Memory: 1/8/83, 
Ambition: To be an executive 
secretary, to marry Jamie. 
Most Likely to be Found: 
anywhere and everywhere. 
Awards: VIC A 3rd place in 
Extemporaneous Speaking at 
States. Other: Good luck to all 
the kids that take bus C, with 
Bruce's driving down Fuller 
Street. Activities: VIC A 3, 
(secretary) 4, Band 1, 2, 3. 

James August 
"Fenimore, September" 
424 South St., Wrentham 
Likes: Flannels, sweatshirts, the 
A-team, life-savers, Blondes. 
Dislikes: drug-addicts, 
boredom, tough guys. Favorite 
Saying: Hi Charlotte! Favorite 
Memory: My rebirth in Spring of 
'84. Ambition: To circle the 
earth. Most Likely' to be 
found: Yes, if someone's 
looking for me! Awards: Little 
giant chess master awards 
Other: Love is a many splendid 

David Bacheller 
785 South St., Wrentham 

Susan E. Barry 
3 Diamond St., Norfolk 
Likes: Brian, the beach, 
vacations. Dislikes: backaches, 
decisions, goodbyes. Favoritie 
Saying: "Be serious!" Favorite 
Memory: circus- 162 w/B.B, J.R. 
D.L., Prom '84. Ambition: to be 
happy and successful and to 
be on time, Most likely to be 
found: on the phone, w/B.B. 
A wards: unsung hero- 
gymnastics, 8 varsity letters. 
Girl's State. Other: to the rest 
of the foursome: the T.M. 
seeks revenge! Activities: Field 
Hockey-2, Track- 1, 3, 4 
Gymnastics- 1, 2, 3, 4 Honor 31 
Society-3, 4. 

Sharon Gayle Benson 
57 East Bacon St., Plainville 
Likes: David, the Celts, sunsets, 
fishing, walks in the snow, 
roses. Dislikes: suspense, 
thinking out loud, saying 
goodbye, bad memories. 
Favorite saying: "What'sa 
toasted roll?" Favorite 
memory: summer of '84 in N.H. 
Most likely to be found: 
explaining jokes to Jane. 
Other: Thanks Karen for always 
being there. 

Michael Besaw 
"Mike" "Beast" 
7 Freemont St., Plainville 
Likes: sports, music. Dislikes: 
Knees, snobs, Mondays. 
Favorite Memory: Upsetting 
Canton, 9/93. Ambition: to be 
a success. Awards: 2 varsity 
letters. Activities: football 1, 2, 
3, 4 Honor Society: 3, 4 Track 
2, 3, 4. 

Kyle Begin 
20 Warren Dr., Wrentham 
Likes: Jaguars, Beach, U2. Dislikes: 
The Clique, B.S. Favorite Saying: 
"What?!" Favoritie Memory: 
Vineyard '83, '84, April 27, '84, 
Ambition: to be an executive in a 
large conglomerate. Most likely 
to be found: at A.D.'s house or 
w/S.F., K.P., or K.J. Awards: 
Professional K.P. Toga Break 
Dancer. Other: Boys State 
Candidate. Activities: Chieftain- 
1, 2, 3,4-Editor. 

Sean D. 
33 Stanhope Dr., 


Michele L. Bergeron 
"Bergie" "Misha" 

Likes: Tony, Italians, Ferrari's, Van 
Halen, Seger. Dislikes: Saying 
good-bye, cliques, people lying 
to me. Favorite Saying: "Oh 
well." "Call Me!" Favoritie 
Memory: 10/18/82, 11/8/82, 
11/21/82, N.C. -thanks mom and 
dad. Ambition: to be happy & 
successful. Most likely to be 
found: on a dingy in the middle 
of the ocean not knowing where 
to go or what to do. Other: 
Thanks to all my friends. Good 
Luck! I'm gonna miss ya. 
Activities: softball 2, Drama 2, 3 
Chieftain: 2, 3, 4. 

Donna Beste 
11 Park Ave., Plainville 

Chris Bettencourt 


81 North St.. Norfolk 
Likes: my friends, caddy's DECA. 
Dislikes: cutlasses. Favorite Saying: 
"Hey big moma!" Favorite 
Memory: 8/16 Ambition: to be an 
accountant Most likely to be 
found: over the Kelley's. Awards: 
6th place DECA District. Other: 
Thanks Mr. G + Mrs. Max. 

Lawrence Birkbeck III 
11 Pinetree Dr., Plainville 
Likes: skiing, mountain climbing, 
back-packing. Dislikes: rain, 
cloudy days. Favorite Memory: 
Alaska '84. Ambition: to own a 
chalet in the Austraian Alps. Most 
likely to be found: Mts. of 

Robert A. Blaisdell 
"Blaze" "Rob" 
26 Taunton St., Wrentham 
Likes: hoop, California, working, 
the wilderness. Dislikes: fakes, 
computers, raking leaves. 
Favorite Saying: "Wha's up?" 
Favorite Memory: vacations in 
Cal. Ambition: to make $ the 
easy way. Most likely to be 
found: playin' hoop. Awards: 
Varsity letter-football. Other: 
Good luck to the Class of '85 
Activities: Basketball- 1, Football 1, 
2. Golf-3. 

Derek W. Boomer 
56 Fruit St., Norfolk 
Likes bicycle touring, hiking, 
camping. Dislikes: most team 
sports. Favorite Saying: 
"Wowsers!" Ambition: to become 
an electrical engineer. 

Dan Bickford 
"Dan Jo" 
431 Shears St., Wrentham 
Likes: automotive shop. Dislikes: 
Class Week. Favorite Saying: 
"Yea' . Favorite Memory: hit 
the charger w/the Pontiac. 
Ambition: to get a good car 
that runs right. Most likely to 
be found: lost. 

Dave Bishop 
50 Pleasant St., Plainville 
Likes: sports, LeAnn. Dislikes: 
the word snuff. Favorite 
Saying: "O-Well". Favorite 
Memory: pizza fight Route 1, 
Heinzy, Stump, Marvin. 
Ambition: to go to college 
and play sports. Most likely to 
be found: eating chink food 
w/LeAnn. Awards: Sr. Capt,- 
Baseball 2, 3. 4, Sr. Capt. 2, 3, 
4- Football, Sr. Capt. -3,4, 
Basketball. Activities: Baseball 
1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, 
Football 2. 3, 4. 

Brian Bodemer 
50 Sumner Perry Dr., Wrentham 
Likes: skiing, RUSH, loud stereos, 
working hard, playin the drums 
Dislikes: women who play with 
my mind, practice over 10 
miles. Favorite Saying: "I can't 
get into that." Favorite 
Memory: ski trips w/D.L. and 
B.B., 8/12/84-Sea Crest. 
Ambition: to make the right 
decision for the future. Most 
likely to be found: trying to 
get thru moguls on Outer 
Limits, Jammin' w/Heiny. 
Awards: varsity letters in Cross 
Country and Track Other: 
Thanks to Coach McEachern, 
^oach Bertelletti. 

Kenneth J. Boothe 
175 Berry St, Wrentham 


Brenda Bouroque 
45 Cleveland St.. Norfolk 
Likes: nice looking guys w/nice 
lookin' cars (P.M.) rainbows, 
key-rings, good friends, gum, 
cosmetology, P.M. Dislikes: 
people that lie, users, fat, 
Sean's immaturity, school, 
onions, bugs. Favorite Saying: 
"Hhhh!", "Grow Up" Favorite 
Memory: 'living for the 1st 
time" Ambition: to meet a 
real nice guy, to become a 
cosmetologist, and for me + 
Steph to own our own shop in 
Norfolk. Most likely to be 
found: "Bourques", in my room 
thinking. Other: Good Luck Bill! 
Thanks Nik for being a great 
friend and always being there 
Steph, I'm glad we've 
become good friends again. 
Activities: Band 1,2. 

Paul Bowes 
340 Forest Gove Ave., 
Likes: sports, sleeping late. 
Dislikes: The Rust Eagle, A.P.'s, 
sit ups. Favorite Saying: 
"Whatever". Favorite Memory. 
leaving Boys State. Ambition: 
to find one. Most likely to be 
found: in the weight room. 
Awards: Boys State '84. Other: 
Chuck's 1st party! "Nana, 
telephone!" Activities: 
Football- 1, 2, 3, Weight Lifting: 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

James Boschen 
11 Gold St., Norfolk 
Likes: motocross, Kawasakis. 
Dislikes: broken bones, crashing. 
Favorite Memory: South wick, 
9/9/84. Ambition: to make 
expert. Most likely to be found: 
at the track. 

Allison Stirling Boughner 
18 Cleveland St., Norfolk 
Likes: Mike, beautiful and 
expensive things, roses. Dislikes: 
staying home, being broke, and 
fighting w/Mike. Favorite Saying: 
"What's the matter?" Favorite 
Memory: April 15, 1983 Ambition: 
to be the best possible person I 
can be. Most likely to be found: 
w/Mike or doing the chicken 
dance w/Norm. Awards: DECA- 
Districts States '84, Band-Most 
valuable player '84. Other: I want 
to thank mom and dad for their 
love and Mike for the memories. 
Activities: DECA 3, Band 1, 2, 3. 

Richard A. Bourque 
82 Medway St., Norfolk 
Likes: $, Trans-Ams, playing the 
drums, good times w/G.E., J.B., 
D.V., football, weightlifting. 
Dislikes: fixing the truck, 
homework, Monday mornings, 
snobs, ugly women. Favorite 
Saying: "Fix yourself", "Hey Dude" 
Favorite Memory: 1/1/82, summer 
of '82 '83. Ambition: to be rich 
and healthy. Most likely to be 
found: driving in a Trans- Am. 
Other: Good luck to G.E. and 
lighting in the future. Activities: 
Band 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Sherylene I. Bowes 
"Shari" "Bowsie" 
1 Pineland Dr., Plainville 
Likes: Jack Barton, unicorns, 
smiles, Bob Seger, jeeps, 
spaghetti dinners w/Charlotte. 
Dislikes: fighting w/Jack, fake 
people, saying goodbye, 
preppies. Favorite Saying: "hi 
Honey" "Scumma" "Geeka". 
Favorite Memory: all my times 
w/Jack, especially 4/23/83, 
summer of '82, my green comb. 
Ambition: Certified Public 
Accountant, to help Charlotte 
find a steady boyfriend. Most 
likely to be found: w/Jack, 
walking down Route 1 in my 
pajamas w/Charlotte. Other: 
Thanks Char, I love ya for 
everything! I love you Jack! 

Brian Brannelly 
50 Sleepy Hollow, Wrentham 
Likes: Bud, Michelob, late nights, 
passing on the right. Dislikes: 
locked cabinets, carrying Finley, 
crashing, hangovers. Favorite 
Saying: "Hey wanna do me a 
favor!" Favorite Memory: summer 
'84, 5/25/84, 9/28/-9/30 
Ambition: to get to the Bahamas. 
Most likely to be found: looking 
for a buyer, drinking, crashing. 
Other: Thanks Sue, thanks and 
get a real life Jane, maybe next 
year Rat. 

Keith Buckley 
42 Rockwood Rd., Norfolk 

Michael A. Bullock 
795 South St., Wrentham 
Likes: Allison, porches, partyin' 
Dislikes: boring parties, rainy days 
Favorite Saying: "Where's the 
party?" Favorite Memory: art 
class, skippin' and goin to the 
beach w/ everyone. Ambition: 
artist, to own my own house and 
porche. Most likely to be found: 
Joes, Kelly Blvd., driving my 
porche. A wards: football, tennis. 
Other: Good luck to everyone I 
know. Activities: football 1, 3 Ice 
Hockey 1, Tennis 1, 2, 3. 

Collette Jean Cadieux 
80 Med way St., Norfolk 
Likes: Led Zep, turquoise silver 
jewelry, convertible corvettes, 
blondes and Italians, partyin' 
Dislikes: sharing the car w/Fritz, 
waiting for Janice, Sue getting 
mad at me for being late. 
Favorite Saying: "You wench, 
woman!" Favorite Memory: 
Sauce, Rocky Pt., etc. . . summer 
of '84. Ambition: cosmetologist, 
fashion designer. Most likely to be 
found: at Sue's, w/Kim, waiting 
for Janice, or staring at K.O. 1. 
Other: Thanks to Sue, Kim, 8c 
Janice for the great times and for 
always being there. Activities: 
Chieftain 4-art editor. 

Brian Bredvik 
9 Timberline Dr., Norfolk 
Likes: Sue, windsurfing, running, 
skiing, Javelins. Dislikes: 
working, seafood, rain. Mole. 
Favorite Saying: "Let's go 
surfin!" Favorite Memory: Prom 
'84, summer '84, ski jumping at 
night. Ambition: to become a 
doctor. Most likely to be 
found: on some type of skis or 
a surfboard. Awards: varsity 
letters, most valuable player- 
cross country. Other: It's been 
a great four yrs.!-Thanks to all 
of my friends . . . Activities: 
Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 

2, 3, 4, Band 1, Honor Society 

3, 4. 

Kevin A., Buckley 
42 Rockwood Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: fast cars, heavy metal, 
beautiful women, hiking tall 
mts. Dislikes: mondays, getting 
up early, ignorant people. 
Favorite Saying: "Howz it 
goin?" Favorite Memory: hiking 
in the Arisondak Mts., summer 
'84. Ambition: travel around 
the world, stay healthy. Most 
likely to be found: anywhere 
but Ma. Awards: varsity letter 
soccer-4 Activities: soccer 2, 
3, 4. 

Marc S. Bu'Vair 
40 Sycamore Rd., Wrentham 

James R. Caffin 
218 Janice Circle, Wrentham 
Likes: Johnna, the Stones, 
Kodiak Dislikes: Preps, being in 
school every day, Michael 
Jackson. Favorite Saying: "Are 
we having fun yet?" Favorite 
Memory: 7/17/82. Ambition: to 
be a draftsman or own the 
Rollin Stones. Most likely to be 
found: Normandy Farms 
Campground. Other: Good 
luck to all the ones who chew 
Kodiak!! Activities: Baseball 2, 
VICA 2, 3, 4. 


Christine Cassidy 
3 Lafayette Lane. Norfolk 
Likes: Bruins, Norwood, 
vacations Dislikes: fair-weather 
fans, the McNab + Krushelnyski 
trades, Gretzky' and his 
fans. Favorite Saying: "Life's 
tough in the big city." Favorite 
Memory: 8/29/84 Ambition: to 
meet all the Bruins, to be a 
well known sportscaster. Most 
likely to be found: cruising 
w/P.W. Other: Good luck to 
my friends! Pam-it's been real! 
Activities: Softball- 1, 2, 3, 4 
Field Hockey-4. 

Mark Cindric 
16 Garrison Dr., Plainville. 
Likes: freedom, punks. Dislikes: 
narrow-minds, school, violence. 
Favorite Saying: "Fight war, 
not wars," Favorite Memory: 
Sub-humans, Exploited. 
Ambition: to create 
anarchy&peace. Most likely to 
be found: protesting 8c 
surviving; contradicting YOU! 
Other: guestion authority & 
fight back. 


Melissa Cameron 
10 King Philip Trail, Norfolk 
Likes: John, Asti Spumanti, summer 
beach, weekends. Dislikes: 
digues, getting up in the morning 
for school, John being so far 
away at college. Favorite Saying: 
"Hey Buddy, what's up?" Favorite 
Memory: 4/25/84, times down 
the b-alley w/Laurel, getting 
snowbound at my house 
w/Laurel. Ambition: to go to 
North Adams St. College 8c 
hopefully make good $ when I 
get out. Most likely to be found: 
out w/Laurel or waiting for John 
on Friday to come home for the 
weekend. Other: Good luck to 
S.G.,P.C..M.D..J.T.,C.C.,8c Laurel. 

Mariann Carmody 
"Mar" "Pokey" 
17 Spring St., Norfolk 
Likes: true friends, guys, ice 
cream, stereos, skiing, 
challenges, Dislikes: diets, frowns, 
curfews, no car, bad 
attitudes. Fa vorite Saying: "You're 
young, you'll get over it!" 
Memory: R.I. w/B.L., great 
escapades w/J.M. + B.L Ambition: 
to be happy, successful, and 
married to a rich man. Most likely 
to be found: w/JM + B.L. Awards: 
Excellence in Latin, Who's Who, 
Girls State, Other: Thanks for 
everything J.M. + B.L. Activities: 
Softball- 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball- 1, 
Soccer-2, Student Council-2, 4 
Honor Society-3, 4 Class Council- 
2, 3, 4. 

Kimberly A. Christiansen 
9 Boardman St., Norfolk 
Likes: N.H., waterskiing, hugs. 
Dislikes: decisions, feet, coming in 
early on weekends. Favorite 
Saying: "No Way! Are you 
serious?" Favorite Memory: 
summers in N.H. Prom w/C.F. 
Ambition: to be successful and 
happy in life. Most likely to be 
found: w/Gretchen. Awards: 
varsity letters, Other: Special 
thanks to GO. 8c H.H. for always 
being there. Good Luck Class of 
'85! Activities: Soccer- 1, 2, 3, 4 
Track-2, Student Council- 1, 2, 3, 
Honor Society: 3, 4. 

Gretchen Clapp 
6 Hanover St., Norfolk 
Likes: hugs, smiles, being 
w/friends. Dislikes: making 
decisions, being lonely. Favorite 
Saying: "Really?" Favorite 
Memory: spring and summer of 
'84 w/T.C. + T.P. Ambition: to be 
happy and have no worries. Most 
likely to be found: w/Kim. Other: 
Good luck Class of '85! We finally 
made it! Activities: Soccer- 1, 2 
Student Council: 2, 3 Honor 
Society-3, 4. 

Laurel Lee Clontz 
137 W. Bacon St.. Plainville 
Likes: OW, Riunite, guys w/tans, 
being w/friends. Dislikes: Bus D, 
snobs, mondays. getting up early 
Favorite Saying: "Do Huh?" 
Favorite Memory: "Kool-Aid", 
"the lunatic" Ambition: to live for 
the rest of my life & to meet 
Craig. Most likely to be found: 
OOB, snowbound w/Mel, tracks. 
Awards: *\st place District 
Competition in DECA. '84. Other: 
Good luck to C.H.. E.H.. K.K., S.B.. 
B.B., AND Melissa-Love Ya. Thanks 
for everything!! Activities: Softball- 
! Basketball-1. 2, Field Hockey-3, 
Track-2. DECA-3, 4, Manager of 
school store-3. 

Michael A. Clow 
29 Lincoln Ave.. Plainville 

Roberta Connolly 
98 Rockwood Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: to be w/the ones I care 
about. Dislikes: being bored, two- 
faced people. Favorite Memory: 
4/21/84, Florida in the spring of 
'84. Ambition: to make my 
dreams come true. Most likely to 
be found: on a beach. 

William B. Cooke 
"Bill, Willabee" 
32 Stanhope Dr., Norfolk Likes: 
skiing, swimming, the no. 13, 
Dislikes: snobs, car accidents 
driving in staaium traffic, getting 
tickets. Favorite Saying: "You're 
dirt!" Favorite Memory: Night 
Ranger Concert, ski trip '82, 
beach trip, '82. Ambition: to 
construct an accident-proof 
sports car. Most likely to be 
found: wrapped around a tree in 
my accident proof car. Awards: 
2nd place in State History 
Contest, 2 varsity letters, 1 -track, 
1-soccer. Other: Thanks for 4 
great yrs. to L.J., C, S.E.B. 
"FLUNKY" J.S., B.B.. R.G., And R.B. 
Activities: Soccer-2, 3, 4, Track-2, 
3, 4, Honor Society-3, 4. 

Edward P. Cloutier 
1771 West St., Wrentham 

Brian Collins 
43 Warren St., Plainville 
Likes: running, winning. Dislikes: 
losing. Favorite Memory: winter 
of '7 8. Ambition: to become a 
well renown runner. Most likely 
to be found: buying a new 
pair of running shoes. 
Activities: Track-! 2, 3, 4. 
Cross Country: 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Eric Cook 

13 Standish Rd„ Norfolk 
Likes sports, my brothers car. 
Dislikes: roast beef. Favorite 
Saying: "OK Guys!" Favorite 
Memory: '84 school yr. 
Ambition: go into business for 
myself. Most likely to be found: 
Cook's farm. Awards: 2 varsity 
letters football, 1 varsity letter 
track. Activities: Football-3, 4, 
Weight Lifting-3, 4. Track-3, 4. 

Paula Cossette 
15 Sidney St., Plainville 
Likes: S, Sly, good friends. Big 
Boy. Dislikes cliques, getting 
up early Sundays, working. 
Favorite Saying: "What do you 
guys want to do?" Favorite 
Memory: to marry Mike and 
have 12 kids and be very rich!! 
Most likely to be found: 
wherever you look. Other: 
Love 'n luck to A.D., M.T., 
CM., GO, K.C.. H.H.N 


Jennifer Michelle Crets 
33 Freedom Trail, Norfolk 
Likes: "Hot Pink", Billy Idol, The 
Romantics, Ocean, clouds. 
Dislikes: Michael Jackson, snow 
sea-food Favorite Saying: "Oh 
Wow!, No Way. Like ya 
know!!" Favorite Memory: 
summer of '83, 5/26/84. 
7/25/84. Ambition: to be a 
nurse. Most likely to be found: 
some place warm. 

Tina Marie Crowley 
"Tinababina, Tee" 
247 Bennett St., Wrentham 
Likes: M.J., clothes shopping, 
parties, cheesecake, Mexican 
food. Dislikes: interruptions, 
waiting, itchy people, beer. 
Favorite Saying: "I da' know!" 
Favorite Memory: Prom '84. 
Ambition: to go hang gliding 
and sky diving. Most likely to 
be found: w/M.J. or on the 
soccer fields w/M.S., CM.P.E. 
A wards: 3 varsity letters, Girls 
State, Semi-Formal Court. 
Other: Bye!, Mr. Ed, Mr. Webb, 
and Pam. Activities: 
Cheerleading-3, 4, Class 
Council- 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor 
Society: 4, Vice Presiaent-3, 4. 

Christine Costa 
80 Arnold St., Wrentham 
Likes: Bob, laughing, sunsets and 
having a good time. Dislikes: 
saying good-bye, rainy days, 
fighting. Favorite Saying: "I don't 
know" Favorite Memory: 4/23/82, 
8/23/84, and all those times 
going camping. Ambition: to live 
a happy life. Most likely to be 
found: at home. 

Lloyd G. Crandall III 
10 Ridgefield Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: girls, street hockey, winning 
bets. Bruins. Dislikes: losing bets, 
snobs, Russkies, Malcolm. Favorite 
Saying: "Big fat hairy deal." 
Favorite Memory: Van Halen 
concert '84, Night Ranger 
concert '84. Ambition: to quit 
making bets, to burst Malcolm's 
balloon. Most likely to be found: 
anywhere besides Norfolk. 

John Cronin 
95 Cleveland St., Norfolk 
Likes: Maine, the Barn. Dislikes: 
Mondays, communists. Favorite 
Memory: The Barn. Most likely to 
be found: in the barn. 

Glenn Curtis 
4 Huntington Ave., Plainville 
Likes: Heff's, ZZ Top. Dislikes: 
Officer Friendly, working for a 
living, decisions. Favorite Saying: 
"Rich, take a look at my car." 
Favorite Memory: BCDing w/Sab, 
Zarb, John Billy-summer '84. 
Ambition: to be a bum in 
Jamaica. Most likely to be found: 
C and B w/the boys. Awards: 2 
varsity letters in Baseball. Other- 
Good times w/all, esp. L.P, R.A, 
M.Z. J.R, P.B, M.D, P.F, C.F, M.S. 
Activities: Baseball-2, 3, 4, 
Basketball- 1, 2. 


Tammy Cyrulik 
14 Colonial Way, Plainville 
Likes: weekends, being w/friends, 
Mustangs, happy people. Dislikes: 
Monday mornings, digue, Favorite 
Saying: "What's new?" Favorite 
Memory: spring summer '84 
w/G.C.+ T.P. Ambition: to 
become a rich criminal lawyer. 
Most likely to be found: in the 
parking lot at Burger King. 
Awards: varsity jacket. Who's 
who among Am. H.S. Students. 
Other: Good luck to the Class of 
'85 Activities: Tennis- 1 2, 3, 4, 
Chieftain- 1 

Edward Davey 
7 Meadowbrook Way, Norfolk 
Likes: windsurfing, Barb, Route 1's. 
Dislikes: driver of 315-FVM, U.N.H., 
SPEED WORK. Favorite Saying: 
"Whatever" Favorite Memory: 
summer '84, Prom '84. Ambition: 
to learn to spell. Most likely to be 
found: on the roads of 
Wrentham. Awards: Unsung Hero 
Award. Activities: Track-2, 3, 4, 
Cross Country-2, 3, 4, Band-1 2, 
Drama- 1, 2, Jazz Band-1 2, 

Diane Marie DeForest 
62 Taunton St., Plainville 
Likes: being married, knowing that 
it's my last yr. of school, being a 
mother, not having anyone to tell 
me what to do!! Dislikes: school, 
HW. being caught. Favorite 
Saying: Favorite Memory: when I 
got married, skipping school 
w/shop kids, the day I met 
Dennis. Ambition: to be a good 
mother and wife, to own my own 
house,. Most likely to be found: at 
work, taking care of my baby, or 
out w/Dennis. 

Lauren DeRuisseau 
10 Bush Pond Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Van Halen, ZZTop, J.L., 
J.S..C.S., chicken jokes. Dislikes: 
snobs, Michael Jackson. Favorite 
Saying: "Should be here soon . . . 
if she's comin!" Favorite Memory: 
3/25/84. Ambition: to stay out of 
trouble and to graduate. Most 
likely to be found: destroying 
Michael Jackson paraphenilia 

Lisa M. Daley 
8 Washington St., Plainville 

Timothy W. Davis 
19 Medway St., Norfolk 
Likes: Wendy My car. Dislikes: 
fixing my car, working, Ml. 
Favorite Saying: "What?" 
Favorite Memory: watching 
Steve N. get thrown in the 
plumbing shop sink. Ambit/on: 
to win megabucks. Most likely 
to be found: home in bed. 
Awards: 1 bronze medal in 
VICA Comp. Activities: 
Football-1 VICA-3, 4, 

Joe DelSignore 
8 Colonial Way, Plainville 
Likes: fast vehicles, hockey, 
good parties. Dislikes: school, 
restrictions, snotty people, bad 
news. Favorite Saying: "Come 
to think of it, I'll have a 
Heineken." Favorite Memory: 
too many to list. Ambition: to 
make $$, enjoy life. Most likely 
to be found: partyin' Activities: 
Ice Hockey: 2, 3, 4. 

Angela Marie DiRe 
"Ang, Angi, Anga" 
25 Mirimichi St., Plainville 
Likes: Bruce Springsteen, "The 
Family", Newport, sunsets, true 
friends, the ocean, mustangs. 
Dislikes: Green Christmas!, 
plastic people, appendicitis. 
Favorite Saying: "C'est la vie, 
esta vida". Favorite Memory: 
France, German men in 
Switzerland, the rowdies. 
Ambition: to live happily 
w/Bruce in the Jersey Shore. 
Awards: varsity letter '83. Other: 
Thank you mum, I love you!! 
Activities: Field Hockey- 1 2, 3, 
Tennis- 1 2, 3, 4, Treasurer-2, 3, 
4, class council- 1 2, 3, 4. 

Lee Drake 
~'Guido, T.M.P." 
20 Treasure Island Rd. Plainville 
Likes: the Yode, Walsh's 
driving. Dislikes: back of 
Hughes truck, not getting the 
car. Favorite Saying: "It's that 
time of day" Favorite Memory: 
Summer of '84. Ambition: To 
fight commies with Dave. Most 
Likely to be Found: chawing 
with Keith and Dave. Other: 
dgcbcw K.W. Activities: 
Basketball 1 2, 3, Point Guard. 

Deanna Dwelley 
273 Madison St. Wrentham 
Likes: Kenny, purple, friends. 
Dislikes: People who think they 
know it all, small paychecks. 
Favorite Saying: "Go for it!" 
Favorite Memory: 8/31/83. 
Time spent with Kenny. 
Ambition: To be an Interior 
Designer and to have an 
expensive house Most Likely 
to be Found: With Kenny and 
friends. Awards: VICA 1st 
Architectural Drafting. Other- 
Good luck to the class of '85 
in the future Activities: VICA 2, 
3, 4 Drama 2 

Mark Dittrich 
7 Hoover Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: chawin', fooa, sports 
Dislikes: practices, people that 
are late, losing. Favorite Saying: 
"Be good!" Favorite Memory: 
beating Foxboro in soccer '83. 
Ambition: to be a rich man. Most 
likely to be found: driving around 
N.Y. City in my Porsche. Activities: 
Baseball-2. 3, 4, Soccer-2, 3, 4, 
Ice Hockey-2, 3. 4. 

Marcia Dorsey 

59 Lincoln Ave. Plainville 
Likes: clothes. spenPing 
money, smiles, socializing, N.L. 
Dislikes: snobs, two faced 
people, fighting with my 
boyfriend. Favorite Saying: 
"Hey. cutie, why? I hate this 
class." Favorite memory? 
8/17/84 at McDonaias, 
Virginia Beach. Summer of '85. 
Ambition: to be happy and 
successful in whatever I do. 
Most Likely to be Found: on 
the phone, with Norm. Awards: 
my diploma. Other: Good luck 
to the class of '85, one more 
year Meem, good luck K.K. 
Activities: DECA. 3 

Debra M. Dunn 
225 Elysium St. Wrentham 
Likes: fast cars. Dislikes: 
unemployment. Favorite Saying: 
"Hey Babe." Favorite Memory: 
Westboro Speedway. Powder Puff 
race 1983. Ambition: To own an 
electrical contracting Co. and an 
electrical supply house. Most 
Likely to be Found: working. 
Awards: VICA 1st job interview 
1983, 1st electrical, competitions 
1984 Activities: VICA 2, 3, 4, 

Christine Yvonne Dynan 
"Chris, Froggy" 
8 Huntington Ave. Plainville 
Likes: clothes, the city, money, 
shopping, aaventure, full moons, 
sports. Dislikes: being late, losing, 
having nothing to wear, prowlers. 
Favorite Saying: "... but that's 
OK!" Favorite Memory: Summer 
'84 Ambition: to be a 
government agent. Most Likely to 
be Found: in my closet finOing 
something to wear. Other: Good 
luck Laura ana Robin! Activities: 
Softball 1. 2, 3, 4 

Todd Ettenhoffer 
6 Meadowbrook Way, Norfolk 
Likes: golf, skiing, outdoors, 
Pontiacs. Dislikes: losing golf 
matches, dirty interiors. Favorite 
Memory: Summer '83 Ambition: To 
be a computer engineer. Most 
Likely to be Found: at F.C.C. or 
home. Activities: golf 2, 3, 4 

Stephanie Fearnley 
14 Turner St. Norfolk 
Likes: Prince, horses, D.G., 
Abacromby, and Mark's car, Mic. 
Dislikes: The way Nancy drives, 
when Brenda doesn't have gum, 
and when Nikki cuts her nails off. 
Favorite Saying: "Nancy, watch 
out!!" Favorite Memory: "New 
York", Narcon, Nancy's house 
New Year's Eve. Ambition: to 
have my life go the way I 
planned. Most Likely to be Found: 
Land of the lost, Tracks of MAC'S 
with Dave. Awards: Program 
Cover Design! Districts DECA 
Other: Good luck to the DECA 
Junior Chapters. Activities: DECA 
3. 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 

James Ferris 
494 Hancock St. Wrentham 
Likes: hunting, fishing, 
snowmobiling. Dislikes: Mondays, 
Fridays when you don't get paid. 
Ambition: sub-contractor, 
carpentry. Activities: MVP 

Cynthia Fisher 
48 Elysium St. 

Likes: The Cars, gangreen. 
Mustangs, sunsets, Walpole 
parties. Dislikes: Donuts, whale 
watches, getting hit, maniac 
drivers. Favorite Saying: "Are you 
serious?? Dweeb! Favorite 
Memory: All of the time I spent 
with my friends. Ambition: to be a 
commercial artist. Most Likely to 
be Found: Not at home! 
Activities: JV Track 3, JV 
Gymnastics 3, Class Council 2, 3, 

Marina Farrand 
78 Madison St. Wrentham 
Likes: The broken beast; 
George, Memories of a time 
not forgotten. Dislikes: killing 
the beast, Michele's macaroni 
& cheese, (C.H.) Favorite 
Saying: "How much?" Favorite 
Memory: 4/21/83. Ambition: 
no ambition at all. Most Likely 
to be Found: 69 Aldrich St. 
Roslindale. Other: Thanks M.S. 
D.D. D.T. for getting me up! I 
made it Mom, HA! 

Susan Elizabeth Ferland 
"Sue, Susie Q" 
9 Potter Ave. Plainville 
Likes: S.M., Zep, rope, sprouts, 
spending money. Dislikes: 
worrying, cold, waiting for 
Dooga, headaches. Favorite 
Saying: "Hurry up! I don't get 
it! Have some fun!" Favorite 
Memory: 9/81, P.G. 's and 
Charlie Brown Land with 
Kimmy, partyin' with Dooga, 
Kimmy, and Donna. Ambition: 
to be worry free. 

Sharalee M. Field 
25 North St. Norfolk 
Likes: money, power. Dislikes: 
jealous, dishonest shallow 
people, getting up in the 
morning. Favorite Saying: 
"Eeww! Make it go away! 
Ambition: to design nuclear 
weapons. Most Likely to be 
Found: in a laboratory or a 
computer room. Awards: King 
Philip Key, nat'l merit, 
excellence in chemistry, 
excellence in biology. 
Activities: Sachem 3, 4- editor. 
Student Council 1, 2, Math 
League 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 
4, Chacun Son Gout 3, 4, 
Student Advisory Council 1, 2, 
Hockomock Model Senate 3, 
4, The Issue 1, 2, Key Club 2, 
3. 4. 

Kimberly L. Flower 
"Flea Wee" 
12 Walnut St. Plainville 
Likes: CG, fun nights. Dislikes: 
R.L.. getting up in the morning 
w/a hangover. Favorite 
Saying: "Grow up!" Favorite 
Memory: 7/5/84 Ambition: To 
be Eddie Van Halen's 
secretary. Most Likely to be 
Found: In Plainville park w/ 
Carl. Other: I hope to have a 
good long happy life. 


'■. - ■■-'■■■ 

■'-'■ ■ ■■■ . ' ■ ■■ -..;.. ■; 

David M. Fortier 
"Dave. Flunkie" 
16 Hillside Rd. Plainville 
Likes: Def Leppard, sports, 
Alien Legion, science fiction. 
Dislikes: working at 5 a.m., 
being broke, slow cars. 
Favorite Memory: Van Halen 
concert '84. Ambition: To 
become successful in the 
future. Most Likely to be 
Found On Earth. Awards 
Varsity letters in Tennis 
Activities: golf 3, Tennis 2, 3, 4, 
co-capt., 4, Honor Society 3, 

Charles J. Fruc 
75 Hamilton Rd. Wrentham 
Likes: Buds, Bruins, women. 
Dislikes: Trooper Ray, Rt. 1, 
J.D. Favorite Saying: "Yea, 
yea, yea. Whatever." Favorite 
Memory: Partying at my 
house. Ambition: To keep in 
touch with friends and have 
fun. Most Likely to be Found: 
with a hammer in my hand 
and a woman in my heart! 
Other: It's been fun, thanks to 
P.B., M.Z., M.S., G.C., J.R., L.P., 
P.F., R.A. Activities: Weight 
Lifting 4. 

Jeff Flynn 
86 East Bacon St. Plainville 
Likes: camping, fishing, playing my 
guitar until my fingers bleed. 
Dislikes: waking up at 5 a.m. to 
go shingle the Cathedral Camps 
all day. Favorite Memory: 
4/19/83 with Joshua and Wendy, 
Maine with W.P., J.K., T.K., K.B., 
A.D., K.P., and S.F. Ambition: To 
be humble, to be transformed by 
my creator, and to create music 
w/my guitar. Most Likely to be 
Found: In Mrs. Cronin's 
comfortable chair lounging. 
Awards: No thank you. Other: 
Thank you's to Mrs. Cronin and 
Mrs: Villard. Activities: Chietain 

Stephen W. Flynn 
"Adam, EraserheaO" 
86 East Bacon St. Plainville 
Likes: U2, WBCN, Boston, Irish 
accents, Steven. Dislikes: acid 
rain, ignorance, B.S.. Top 40, 
cosmetic fixation, breakdancing. 
Favorite Saying: "Wanna see a 
picture of my cousins from 
IrelanO?" Favorite Memory: U2 
5/5/83, Maine 84, The Reach 84. 
Ambition: To be successful or 
unsuccessful musician and be 
good at it. Most Likely to be 
Found: Singing U2 or reciting 
Monty Python's previous record 
Awards: Boys State. Other: Deep 
and sincere thanks to everyone 
who has touched my life in the 
past four years. God bless you. 
Don't kill bugs, you look 
marvelous! Activities: Chieftain 

Christopher Freitis 
8 Haynes Rd. Plainville 

Melissa Fukushima 
50 Robert W. Topham Jr. Dr. 

Likes: unicorns, Chippendales, 
candy, blue eyes. Dislikes: 
decisions! Favorite Saying: I'm so 
psyched! Favorite Memory: 
Summer of '84. Ambition: to be 
rich. Activities: Honor Society 3, 4. 

Todd M. Gamelin 
40 Crocker Pond Wrentham 
Likes: Hangin' out, Vermont. 
Dislikes: authority, stayin' home. 
Favorite Memory: Summer '84, 
3/84. Ambition: to amount to 
something. Most Likely to be 
Found: Where least expected 

Sonya Gibbs 
16 Rhodes St., Plainville 
Likes: Jimmy T., horses, romantic 
evenings, ML to Jimmy. Dislikes: 
windy days, people who gossip, 
runs in my nylons. Favorite 
Saying:" J\mmy\" Favorite Memory: 
9/10/83-84, 9/24/84 @ 12:30 
am. Ambition: run my own 
business, marry J.T. Other: Thanks 
to C.H., H.F., B.B., for being there 
when I needed them. And thanks 
to J.T. for coming back 'cuz I 
really do love him. 

Tammy J. Grasso 
30 Birch Rd.. Norfolk 

Dennis J. Gregoire 
139 Golmore Rd., Wrentham 

Joseph Gianni III 
"Joe, Stump" 
36 Woodland Rd. Wrentham 
Likes: weekends with EC, MC, 
The Twilight Zone, Morgan's 
haircut. Dislikes: curfews, 
staying home on weekends, 
Le Cars. Favorite Saying: 
"Don't worry about it!" 
Favorite Memory: Rt. 1 pizza 
fight with DB, Heinzy, Marvin, 
Weeble, etc. Ambit/on: To 
boldly go where no man has 
ever gone before. Most Likely 
to be Found: with friends. 
Awards: Varsity letter. Other: 
Yes. Activities: Football 2, 3, 4, 
Weight Lifting 2. 3. 4, 

Kenneth Graham 
21 Longmeadow Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: 351 W's, feet Mic, "YES". 
Dislikes: Zaggy, bad luck, 
bridges, sarcasm. Favorite 
Memory: LDW w/J.W.. D.J., 
J.M., and Mic, Mic, T.P-ing the 
Buick w/B.B. Ambition: to be a 
Corporate mastermina in the 
Sun Oil Co. Most Likely to be 
found: working on my car. 
A wards: National History Day- 
2nd place. Activities: Soccer 
1, 2, 3, Honor Society-3, 4. 

Jeffrey Graveline 
12 Fletcher St.. Plainville 
Likes: to Ramble, the WHO, 
Porsche Dislikes: the cold, B.K. 
Dean's truck. Favorite Saying: 
"You know!" Favorite Memory: 
summer '84, 8/10/84. 
Ambition: to become a rich 
engineer and to retire by 30. 
Most likely to be found: 
spending my $. Activities: Golf- 

Kirsten Lee Grosser 
82 King St., Norfolk 
Likes: being "strange". Dislikes: 
pushy people. Favorite Saying: 
"I wanna go home". Favorite 
Memory: living in N.Y. 
Ambition: move back to N.Y. 
Most likely to be found: w/Ann 


Christine Haggstrom 
356 Forest Grove Ave.. 

Likes: Fantasy, a good book, 
elephants, meetin new 
people, excitement. Dislikes: 
Reality, depression, boredom. 
Favorite Saying: "I can't take 
it anymore!" Favorite Memory: 
adventures w/close friends, 
mere acquaintances and total 
strangers. Ambition: to make 
all my dreams come true. 
Most likely to be found: 
reading a good book late at 
night. Awards: Hockomock 
Model Senate, National History 
Day. Other: Space-the final 
frontier. Activities: Sachem-3, 
4, Drama-2. 3, 4, Math 
League-2, Honor Society-3, 4, 

Kristen Harmon 
6 Grant St.. Plainville 
Likes: basketball, gaining 
weight, good times w/friends. 
Dislikes: skinny jokes, sprints, 
snobs. Favorite Saying: "Swear 
to God?" Favorite Memory: 
summer of '82, 6/4/83. 
Ambition: to become Pres, of 
a successful Co. Most likely to 
be found: on the phone. 
Awards: Varsity letters in 
basketball + Soccer. Activities: 
Basketball- 1, 2, 4. 

Loren Grzenda 
28 Redcoat Ln., Plainville 
Likes: good friends, MTV, roller 
coasters, shoe-polished sneakers. 
Dislikes: waking up early, snobs, 
colds, busy intersections. Favorite 
Saying: "Gimme a break!" 
Favorite Memory: .38 
Special/Huey Lewis concert, 
2/14/84, summer '84. Ambition: 
to always be happy. Most likely 
to be found: watching the soaps. 
A wards: varsity letter in softball, 
National History Day, Math 
Leagues. Activities: Softball-2, 3, 
4, Math League-2, 3, 4, Honor 
Society-3, 4, Girls State-3. 

Richard Guillette 
34 School St., Plainville 
Likes: running, working w/Kathy, 
time w/friends. Dislikes: girls who 
play w/my mind, speed work. 
Favorite Saying: "You boys 
disgust me" Favorite Memory: 
5/15/84 Ambition: to achieve a 
position of authority. Most likely to 
be found: w/C.C. men Awards: 
letters in track and cross country. 
Other Thanks to coach 
McEachern, Coach Bertelletti, Ed, 
Chris, Brian, Joe, and the rest of 
the guys. Activities: Track- 1, 2, 3, 
4, Cross Country-2, 3, 4-Capt. 

Brenda Hall 
1555 Main St., Walpole 
Likes: sports, good times, going to 
McDees w/M M. Dislikes: liars, 
moody people, 7th period math 
class, rainy days. Favorite Saying: 
"Okay, what's up?" Favorite 
Memory: Feb. vacation '84. 
Ambition: to become a paralegal 
secretary. Most likely to be found: 
In Walpole doing my best to be 
the best. Other: Good luck 
Mickey. D.D., Kuza, Stringbean, 
Sue and one who will really need 
it-Kari! Activities: Softball- 1, 3, 4, 
Basketball-3, 4. 

Kymm Hartford 
7 Appletree Dr., Plainville 
Likes: going to PG's w/S.B., 
cruising w/J.S. Dislikes: hearts, 
driving w/L.G., sitting in front of 
CSS. Favorite Saying: "Kinda- 
sorta-but not really." Favorite 
Memory: Labor Day weekend 
w/J.K. + J.S. '84 Ambition: to win 
a Jaguar, to be my own boss. 
Most likely to be found: In N.H. 
Awards: jacket Other: Good luck 
to J.K., J.S.. S.B., CD.. L.G.. K.L., 
and thanks! Activities: Softball- 1. 
2, 3, 4. 

Mellissa K. Hayes 

"Missy + Purple" 
3 Hillside Rd., Plainville 
Likes: coming in late, coffee 
brandy. Dislikes: Steven R. and his 
big mouth!, getting caught, 2 
faced people. Favorite Saying: 
"Frank, you pushing it!" Favorite 
Memory: YES concert, Lincoln 
Park, Kelly's weekend parties. 
Ambition: R.N. "Rich, single and to 
own a brand new vette." Most 
likely to be found: at the doctors 
office or w/friends. Activities: 
Softball- 1 VICA-3, 4. 

Lisa Healey 
19 Harvard Lane Wrentham 
Likes: Convertibles, walking along 
the beach, being with friends. 
Dislikes: saying goodbye, car 
payments, Mondays. Favorite 
Saying: "Hey, Deb, where did you 
get that beautiful '69 Vista 
Cruiser Station Wagon?" Favorite 
Memory: All of the DECA 
conferences. Ambition: To be 
successful and happy in 
everything I do. Most Likely to be 
Found: Room 140. Awards: 1st 
place districts state DECA 
competition. Other: Debbie good 
luck in everything-l love ya. 
Activities: DECA 3, 4. 

Timothy P. Heinz 
1042 West St. Wrentham 
Likes: Bud, hanging around 
with K.W. D.R. B.B. J.G. D.L, J.R. 
Guido. Dislikes: The Blud, the 
Fort, staying home on Sat. 
night, curfews. Favorite Saying: 
"Ask me if I care." 
"Somehow." Favorite Memory: 
Summer of '84, 7/5/84, Rt. 1 
pizza fight. Ambition: to find 
one. Most Likely to be Found: 
to be found with bud. Other: 
Ha! Ha! funny, funny! Activities: 
football 1, 2, 3, 4, Weight 
Lifting 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Edward Higgins 
7 Oak Drive 
Likes: peppermint 
Schnapps, rm. 140, DE students. 
Dislikes: Foxboro Raceway 
Favorite Saying: "What." Favorite 
Memory: the night v of Foxboro 
Raceway. Ambition: to be rich. 
Awards: 8th in DE district 
competition. Other: Good luck to 
B.B.. S.F., C.H., N.M., Activities: 
Weight Lifting 1, 2, 3, 4, DECA 3, 
4, senior V.P. 

Kathleen Hazlett 
3 Fredrickson Rd. Norfolk 
Likes: Larry, our blue lagoon, 
partying, full moons, beaching 
it. Dislikes: digues, a situation, 
Holly Hobby, not 
understanding, rainy days, 
saying goodbye. Favorite 
Saying: "Well anyways ..." 
Favorite Memory: Horseneck 
6/15/84! Ambition: to find the 
American Dream. Most Likely 
to be Found: Partying with 
M.S., S.T., B.L., R.G., J.F. Other: 
Good luck and stay happy 
S.T., R.G., M.S., K.H., B.L., and 
the class of '85! Thanks L.H. for 
being the best locker partner 
ever. Activities: golf 1, 2, Class 
Council 1 2, 3, 4, APT 4. 

David Heinsohn 
31 Tucker Rd. Norfolk 
Likes: Mary Ellen, skiing, 351 
B.B. Dislikes: curfews, moving. 
Favorite Saying: "Tell ya 
what!" Favorite Memory: June 
'84 w/ K.G. J.W. B.B. B.B. D.L. 
E.D. M.G. Ambition: to 
succeed in everything I do. 
Most Likely to be Found: 
arguing, jammin'. Awards. 
Varsity letters, 2nd place at 
National History Day Contest. 
Activities Track 2, 3, 4, Cross 
Country 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 
Drama 1. 

Heidi Henson 
16 Tucker Rd. Norfolk 
Likes: Nonconformity, Volvo 
drivers. Dislikes: 
narrowmindedness, feeling 
vulnerable, shades of 
mediocrity. Favorite Memory: 
summers in Rockport (A.D. 
Goodharbour Beach. 8/19) 
Ambition: To obtain all I want 
in life with no regrets. Most 
Likely to be Found: in another 
world. Awards: Nuclear War 
Essay contest, National History 
Day, Varsity Point Activities: 
Soccer 1, 2, Tennis 1, Track 2, 
3, 4, capt.. Class Council 1, 2, 
3, 4. Drama 2, 3, 4, Issue 1, 2, 

Karen Higgins 
117 East Bacon St. Plainville 
Likes: C.C.'s, being with friends, 
M.T. Dislikes: being handcuffed, 
not knowing. Favorite Saying: 
"Basically, I have a 
headache." Favorite Memory: 
2/4/84, 8/31/84, Cape with 
Renee. Ambition: to find out 
who "The Woman" in Dave's 
life is. Most Likely to be Found: 
on the phone. Awards: Varsity 
letter. Other: Good luck Mike, I 
love ya! Thanks for always 
being there, Renee. Activities: 
Baseball 3, 4, State Softball, 1, 
Soccer 2, 3, 4, Class Council 2, 
3, 4. 45 

Joseph F. Homer 
5 Fleetwood Dr., Norfolk 

John Robert Houseworth 
4 Redcoat Lane Plainville 
Likes: Mach III, Apple 
Computers, cars. Dislikes: IBM, 
Communists, lower forms of 
life. Favorite Saying: "Go for 
it!" Favorite Memory: The Hunt 
Ambition: to own my own 
corporation. Most Likely to be 
Found: in the band room. 
Awards: Lion's All State Band. 
DECA Districts, States, 
Nationals. Activities: Football 3, 
Sachem 3, 4, DECA 3, 4, Band 
1, 3. 4, Drama 1, 2, 3, 4, Jazz 
1, 3, 4. 

Richard Owen Hill II 
"Ricky, Boo" 
395 West St. Wrentham 
Likes: Cheryl G., food, being a 
Christian. Dislikes: Monday 
mornings, saying goodbye. 
Favorite Saying: "O.K. Fine!, 
No problem: Favorite Memory: 
Ocho Rios with Cheryl G.; 
Summer of '84 Ambition: To 
graduate from K.P. and be 
very successful in life. Most 
Likely to be Found: Eating in 
Mr. Voci's room. 

Robert Hoist 

53 Circle Dr. Wrentham 
Likes: working for Ricey, the 
outdoors, sugar. Dislikes: the 
Family Truckster, fake people. 
Favorite Saying: "Sure" Favorite 
Memory: 3/9/82. Ambition: To be 
a professional cabinet maker. 
Most Likely to be Found at 
Hartley's. Awards: varsity letter in 
football. Other: good luck to Pee 
Wee. Activities. Football 1, 2, split 
end, Weight Lifting 4, Track 1 4, 

Tammy L. Hope 
80 Arnold St., Wrentham 

Evelyn Howe 
7 Ash Rd. 

Likes: the Doors, Camaros, 
Mustangs, good friends, 
Heffenreffer. Dislikes: lizards, 
back stabbers, snobs. Favorite 
Saying: "Definately, same 
difference." Favorite Memory: 
Coleslaw. Ambition: Go to 
California. Most Likely to be 
Found: partying in California. 
Other: Don't forget the 

Carol Hugo 
4 Evergreen Rd. Plainville 
Likes: black Trans Ams, lavendar 
writing notes, keychains Dislikes: 
running out of cigarettes, losing 
my combs, getting up 7 days a 
week at 6 am. Favorite Saying: 
"Oh, that's gross!" Favorite 
Memory: Fitahburg '83, the Cape 
with Mike '84, Rocky Point with 
Glen '84. Ambition: to get a car 
before the year 2,000. Most Likely 
to be Found: with Mike, Glen, 
Yvonne, or on the phone with 
Judy. Other: Have fun with your 3 
more long years, Yvonne". 
Activities: VICA 2. Drama 2. 

Kristen Insani 
28 Colonial Way Plainville 
Likes: Unexpected company, 
telephone calls Dislikes: being 
alone in the house, getting out of 
bed Favorite Saying: "How's your 
life. Dean?" Ambition: to 
become blonde. 

Johnna-Marie Johnson 
35 Trafalger Sguare, Wrentham 
Likes: Jimmy, having fun with best 
friends, to flirt, Nikki's laugh, the 
Stones. Dislikes: snobs, Duran 
Duran. Favorite Saying: "How ya 
doin'?" Favorite Memory: 7/17/82 
Ambition: to be extremely rich! 
Most Likely to be Found: with 
Jimmy, always. Awards: The 
Grammy, The Emmy, the Oscar. 
Other: Good luck BC. RM, NJ, RN, 
LH, CC Activities: VICA 3, 4, OEA 

Ramona Johnson 
"Mona, Monzie, Moans" 
30 Warren Drive, Wrentham 
Likes: music, sports, clothes. 
Dislikes: hot dogs, school food. 
Favorite Saying: "Won't that be 
cool?" Favorite Memory: June '84 
summer vacation. Ambition: to 
live forever. Most Likely to be 
Found: Dead or Alive Awards: 6th 
place district competition DECA, 
4th place contestant for Miss 
DECA, 5th place at state 
competition DECA. Activities: 
DECA 3, 4. 

Cynthia L. Hurkett 
17 Rhodes St. Plainville 
Likes: Harry, DECA, outdoor 
views with Harry, Mondays, w/ 
S.F., horror stories. 
Favorite Saying: " # - * @ "! 
"Hun?!" Favorite Memory: 
10/2/83, 11/23/84, summer 
'84. Ambition: to open a 
motorcycle shop with Harry. 
Most Likely to be Found: With 
Harry . . . Looking in a mirror! 
A wards: 5th place in General 
Marketing at District 
competition, 8th place Gen. 
Mkt. State competition, 3rd 
place medallion Gen. Mkt. 
State competition. 
Activities: DECA 3, 4 
treasurer, Class treasurer 1. 

Ken Ireland 
18 Treasure Island Rd. Plainville 
Likes: snowstorms. Dislikes: 
Robyn saying, "Talk to me," 
snowflurries. Favorite Saying: 
"Listen to me!" Favorite 
Memory: 7/29/84, fun times 
shop. Ambition: to go to 
California. Most Likely to 
Found: on a beach. Other: 
Thanks Donna, for everything 


Kathryn K. Johnson 
"Kathy, Kath, Kacky" 
35 Park St. Norfolk 
Likes: The Stones, laughter, 
spending money. Dislikes: 
saurkraut, grouches, 
worrywarts. Favorite Saying: 
"Oooh, he's cute!, "Don't 
worry about it!" Favorite 
Memory: Paris 8c Switzerland, 
April '84 Paris & Italy '85 
Ambition: To live in Paris 8c do 
album covers for the Reach. 
Most Likely to be Found: 
wherever the music and the 
laughter is, the Cape. Awards: 
professional toga 
breakdancer, NSLA Activities: 
Chieftain 3, 4, editor. Sachem 
4, editor, band 1, Drama 3, 
Honor Society 3, 4. 

Susan A. Johnson 
126 North St., Norfolk 


John Kelley 
76 Main St. Norfolk 
Likes: The "Cutlass," 
waterskiing, Maine, vacations, 
weekends. Dislikes: getting up 
for school, being broke, 
homework. Favorite Saying: 
"Beauty-ful". Favorite Memory. 
"Hawaii 82", times with CB 
and friends. Ambition: to 
become a commercial airline 
pilot. Most Likely to be Found: 
working on the "Cutlass" 

David Kirwan 
150 Ellery St. Wrentham 
Likes: skiing, summers at the 
Cape, the Stones. Dislikes: 
rainy Sundays, bogus sk 
conditions. Favorite Memory: 
Christmas time in Minnesota, 
Ambition: to be happy, 
content, and filthy rich. Most 
Likely to be Found: skiing. 
Activities: Football, 4. 

Jennifer Jones 

3 Valentine Dr. Norfolk 

Likes: coming in late, being with 
friends. Dislikes: getting caught, 
mindgames. Favorite Saying: 
"Get away from me!" Favorite 
Memory: Maine, Lincoln Park, 
raiding with Kel, P.F, Ambition: for 
once not to get caught. Awards: 
Varsity jacket and letters for 
soccer & basketball. Other: Good 
luck to the class of '86, CD, AS, 
AC and thanks CD. Softball 1, 2, 

4 catcher, Basketball 1 2, 3, 4, 
point guard, Soccer 3, forward. 

Daniel Kelley 

"Dan, D.K." 
102 Union St. 

Likes: sports, taking my time, 
food. Dislikes: losing, TC, 
practices. Favorite Saying: 
"Kelleymania" Favorite Memory: 
2/31/84, Jimminy Peak. Ambition: 
to have authority and money. 
Most Likely to be Found: in WWF. 
Awards 2 Varsity letters in 
football, baseball, one in 
basketball. Activities: Baseball 2, 
3, 4, Basketball 4, Football 2, 3, 4. 

Karen Kenerson 
22 E. Bacon St. Plainville 
Likes: Trucks, being with friends. 
Dislikes: Goodbyes! Favorite 
Saying: "No way!" Favorite 
Memory: Summer '84 and 
September 23, 1984. Ambition: 
Truck driver, and to own my own 
truck. Most Likely to be Found: 
waiting in my yard. Activities: 
DECA 3. 4. 

Katherine Klemperer 
42 Cleveland St. Norfolk 
Likes: "Never Ending Story," Ralph 
Waldo Emerson, and most of all, 
Tom. Dislikes: 2nd annual football 
fiasco, how New England people 
pronounce Aloha Oregon. 
Favorite Saying: "I'm going to 
park my car in Harvard yard" 
Favorite Memory: July 4, 1984 
with Tom. Ambition: to be happy 
in whatever I'm doing. Most Likely 
to be Found: with a good group 
of friends enjoying life. Other: 
Moved to King Philip from Aloha, 
Oregon. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 
4, 1st chair, Student Council 1, Jr. 
Achievement 1, 2, 3, 4-H 1 2, 3. 

Daniel Lacourse 
57 High St. Plainville 
Likes: hanging out with frienas, 
having a gooa time, partying, 
rambling. Dislikes: boring 
weekends, running out of gas, 
being broke. Favorite Saying: 
"Yeah, well." Favorite Memory: 
2/31/84 Ambition: to have an 
early, wealthy retirement. 
Awards: High School Diploma. 

David R. Latham 
16 Robin Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Jenny, Sports, technics, 
skiing, windsurfing. Dislikes: Buicks, 
sprained ankles. Favorite Saying: 
"Whatever!" Favorite Memory: 
New Years Eve '84. Ambition: to 
be happy in whatever I do. Most 
likely to be found: living life to the 
fullest. Awards: Hockomock 
League 3-time All Star, League 
record in L.J. Milford Dailey News 
and the Call All Star. Activities: 
Football-2. 3, 4, Track- 1, 2, 3, 4, 
Honor Society-3, 4,. 

Robyn Lee 
42 Acorn Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: horses, rainstorms, $, Seger. 
Dislikes: liars, backstabbers, snobs, 
one Friday nite, cole slaw. 
Favorite Saying: "Good job, 
Grace, how was charm school?" 
Favorite Memory: coleslaw w/Evil, 
Softball, Nantasket, laughs 
w/Mary. Ambition: to own my 
own bakery and Marry Jim 
O'Connell. Most likely to be 
found: thanking God I'm out of 
Plainville & it's nightmares. Other: 
Thanks everyone in shop, you're 
original, Good Luck! 

Kelley Lewis 
•154 Priscilla Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: sports, partying, John 
Dislikes: boredom. Favorite Saying: 
"Check him out!" Favorite 
Memory: soccer party '83, 
balloon raid w/Jen, many more. 
Ambition: to become an 
electronics engineer. Most likely 
to be found: where I shouldn't be. 
Other: It's been great Mr. P + Mr. 
B, thanks. Activities: Softball- 1, 2, 
3, 4, Basketball- 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer- 
2, 3. 4. 

Lori Lee LaRochelle 
5 Mathewson St. Plainville 
Likes: good friends, weekends, 
jeans, basketball. Dislikes: my 
car, AM radio, losing, 
Mondays, having no money, 
rainy days. Favorite Saying: 
"Oh, my God!" Favorite 
Memory: 5/26/ '84, 5/12/83, 
summers of '83 and '84, Labor 
Day weekend with SB, LM, and 
GC. Ambition: to be happy 
and successful in whatever I 
do. Most Likely to be Found: 
on the phone. Awards: two 
Varsity letters for basketball. 
Other: Good luck to the class 
of '85 Activities: Softball 1, 
Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4, captain. 

Kerry Leclair 
369 Franklin St., Wrentham 
DisLikes: 151, menthol 
cigarettes, coffee branOy. 
Likes: partying, Rush, 67 
Mustangs. Favorite Saying: 
"Whats the sense?" Favorite 
Memory: summer of '83. 
Ambition: to be a model. Most 
likely to be found: on the Dark 
Side. Other: GooO luck to R.C., 
B.O.C., S.C., K.H., P.B..JJ, K.D., 
T.O., D.C. 

Kristen Lennon 
The Dump Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: mooses, British accents, 
Sharalee's ideas about men. 
Dislikes: plaid-pleateO-polyester 
skirts, swamp water, popcorn. 
Favorite Saying: "Be happy". 
Favorite Memory: kidnapping 
the tree (eh. Sue?) Ambition: 
to find my nitch. Most likely to 
be found: doing something 
bizarre. Other: My friends, 
thank-you! God bless and take 
care. Be happy! I love you. 
Activities: Sachem-3, 4, editor, 
Drama-3, 4, Honor Society-3, 
4, Tutor-3, 4, WKPH-4. 

Brenda Linkous 
58 Fruit St., Norfolk 
Likes: beachin' it, being 
w/guys w/'stangs frienas. 
Dislikes: fights, underclassmen 
who think they're great, not 
being there for graduation. 
Favorite Saying: "What the . . 
. !" Favorite Memory: all the 
good times partying w/ "the 
gang" Ambition: to be rich, 
successful and own a 69 red 
convertible stang. Most likely 
to be found: on the beach, 
checking out the lifeguards. 
Activities: Softball-2, 3, 4, Class 
Council-2, 3, 4. Other: Good 
luck Class of '85, I MISS you all 
and you are not forgotten!! 
Don't forget me!! 

Richard Lizotte 
56 East Bacon St., Plainville. 
Likes: easy tests. Dislikes: an 
unsolvable problem and term 
papers. Favorite Saying: 
"Wha's up?" Favorite Memory 
June '84. Ambition: to live a 
simple life. Most likely to be 
found: at residence. Activities: 
Track-3, 4. 

James Lukens 
37 Grove St., Norfolk 
Likes: $, sports. Dislikes selling 
cars, seafood. Favorite 
Memory: 2/4/84. Ambition: 
Engineer Awards: 3 varsity 
letters-Golf 1 varsity letter- 
Basketball Activities: 
Basketball-2, 3, 4, Golf-1 2, 3 

J. Michael Little 
"Mike, J" 
5 Churchill Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Novas, dead people, 
Morgues, graveyards. Bud. 
Dislikes: ice cream, torn ligaments, 
girls w/hairy toes. Favorite Saying: 

"Oh 1?" Favorite Memory: 

July '83. Ambition: to obiliterate 
the Soviet Union. Most likely to be 
found: Norwood emergency rm. 
Awards: varsity letter, jacket. 
Activities: Football- 1, 2, 3, 4, 

Michael Little 
6 Pinetree Dr., Plainville 
Likes: cars, sports. Dislikes: school 
food. Favorite Memory: Route 1 
pizza fight. Awards: 2 varsity 
letters. Activities: Football- 1, 2, 3, 
4, Track- 1 2, 3, VICA-1 2. 

Linn L. Loew 
62 Mirimichi St., Plainville 
Likes: being w/friends, laughing, 
weekends, the beach. Dislikes: my 
leaky gas tank, rainy days, 
vegetables. Favorite Memory: E. 
Greenwich w/Bill, Dave and Deb 
Ambition: to be happy and 
successful in whatever I do. Most 
likely to be found: helping Kathy 
learn to spell PRINT. Other: Good 
luck to Ellen Loew, Thanks to 
Dave for making 4 years of 
homeroom great! Activities: 
Cheerleading-4, Chieftain- 1, 2. 

Cathy A. Lutfy 
Freedom Trail, Norfolk 

Patrick Lynch 
216 South St., Wrentham 
Likes: dippin', chawin'. Basketball. 
Dislikes: losing, studs, the Band. 
Favorite Saying: "Shut up, Rossyl' 
Favorite Memory: Boys State. 
Most likely to be found: fulfilling 
my ambition! Awards: 3rd place 
jellybean race! Activities: 
Baseball-2, Basketball- 1 2, 3, 4, 

Kristen M. MacEachern 
Address: 50 Aldis Lane, Wrentham 
Likes: talking, the caddy, going 
out with C + C. Dislikes: The day 
after! backstabbers, P.R, & P.L. 
constant cutdowns. Favorite 
Saying: "What's the scoop!" 
Favorite Memory: summer of '84 
prom. Ambition: To get even with 
Brian B. for everything he's done 
to me in the past 3 yrs. Most 
likely to be found: Trying to find 
out where to go next! Awards: 
Hockomock model senate Other: 
Thanks S&D. your excellent 
friends! I love you Mom and Dad! 
Soccer: 1, 2, Student Council: 3, 
4 Treasurer Student Advisory 
Council: 3, 4 Regional Advisory 
Council: 4 Hockomock Model 
Senate: 3, 4 

Nancy Mackenzie 
40 Shears St., Wrentham 
Likes: Prince, Deca Conferences, 
land of the lost w/S.F. and good 
friends. Dislikes: two-faced 
people, car accidents. Favorite 
Saying: "That's right." Favorte 
Memory: Feb. 3rd '82, State and 
Nationals. K.C. w/B.B., + M.D. 
Ambition: to help people, to 
never answer dumb questions. 
Most likely to be found: room 
140, The Cup and I, in the death 
mobile. Awards: 1st place at 
Deca State Conference. Other: 
Good luck in the future to S.F., 
N.U., K.K., B.B., and Deca Class. 
Activities: Deca-3, 4, Band-1, 2, 3. 

Mary Marland 
508 Hancock St., Wrentham 
Likes: 2:18, Seattle Seahawks, 
being the '5' V2 of Land S. Dislikes: 
2nd annual football fiasco, 
humidity, 7:49. Favorite Saying: 
"You bet". Favorite Memory: Rod 
Stuart, 9-/15/84, Bread Bridge. 
Ambition: to run a major 
corporation. Most likely to be 
found: w/the ESP transmitter off. 
Awards: High scorer-math league. 
Other: Laverne-thanks for making 
high school a blast! Activities: 
Softball-2, Track-3, 4, Math 
League-2, 3, 4, Honor Society-3, 
4, Tutoring-3, 4. 

Rosemary Kathryn Lynch 
"Rosebud, Bloom" 
27 Circular St., N. Attleboro 
Likes: Rob, parties in N.A., not 
having to worry. Dislikes: 
nagging parents, fighting 
w/Rob, not knowing what lies 
ahead. Favorite Saying: "No 
way, really?" Favorite 
Memory: 4/25/84. Ambition: to 
be happy, to enter the 
Airforce and eventually 
become a lawyer. Most likely 
to be found in N.A. getting 
picked on by R.D. Awards: 2 
varsity letters in Gymnastics 
Other: Thanks to everyone 
who helped me out in the 
times that I needed it most. 
Activities: Gymnastics-4. 

Kara Joy Mackenny 
"Budd, K.J., Celia 
Address: 52 Pond Street, 

Likes: Bud, friends, smiles, 
Journey, music, peanutbutter 
sundaes with cookies-n-cream. 
Dislikes: cliques, immature 
people, mornings. Favorite 
Saying: "Somebody boogie 
with me!" "Mary wanna 
snuggle?" Favorite Memory: 
March 14, 1984. Ambition: 
Rehabition psychologist. Most 
Likely to be Found: Friendly's. 
Other: Gonna miss you, Mr. 

Jeanne M. Marcarelli 
"Bean, Gumby" 
19 Noon Hill Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: guys, Italian food, skiing. 
Dislikes: having no $, and no 
gas! Favorite Saying: "Life's 
tough when your a Gumby". 
Favorite Memory: HOJOTOGO, 
Bio Lab w/S + C. 8/5/83. 
Ambition: to be rich. Most 
likely to be found: w/M.C. + 
B.L. Awards: semi court '83, 
varsity letters in softball. Other: 
Thanks M.C. for being there, 
Good luck H.B. Activities: 
Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Student 
Souncil-3, 4, Drama-3. 

Glen Marriett 
20 Walnut St., Plainville 
Likes: old polarsa, farmland, 
parties, Fla. Dislikes: not having 
gas, being hungry, C.B., not 
having $. Favorite Saying: 
"Wait up!" Favorite Memory: 
Feb. '82. Ambition: to live in 
the Great Plains, and to be 
rich and travel. Most likely to 
be found: at Evergreen Rd., at 
dept. stores. Other: going to 
pizza place w/C.H., J.S., and 
so. Deca-3, Band-2, 3, 


John Martinous J. 
8 Crestwood Av„ Plainville 
Likes: running, beaches. 
Fridays, women. Dislikes: 
Mondays, homework, snobs. 
Favorite Saying: "If you can't 
impress them w/intelligence, 
baffle them w/B.S. Favorite 
Memory: Dec. '82. Ambition: 
to get into an excellent 
college. Most likely to be 
found: listening to music, 
running. Awards: varsity letters 
Other: Many thanks to all my 
teachers. Activities: Track-3, 4 
Honor Society-4. 

Kristen C. Mayo 
267 Chestnut St., Wrentham 
Likes: Meg, special friends. 
Dislikes: saying goodbye, 
rumors, losing friends. Favorite 
Saying: "Any parties?" 
Favorite Memory: Summer '84 
Meg, Nancy. Ambition: to be 
w/Meg, forever and "to live 
my wildest dreams". Most 
likely to be found: w/? Other: 
Good luck Eric, Thanks to all 
my teachers, I love ya. 

Steven Maroiaa 
50 Farm St.. Bellingham 
Likes: parties, nice looking cars, 
music. Paula, going to N.H. Dislikes 
people who think they're cool, 
not having a good time on a 
Friday nite. 

Jeffrey Michael Martinous 
"Jeff. Mario" 
8 Crestwood Ave., Plainville 
Likes: running, adventure, 
pressure, music, girls, and $$. 
Dislikes: sprained ankles, hunters, 
losing, boredom. Favorite Saying: 
"Musta got lost". Favorite 
Memory: J. Geils concert in Dec. 
'82. Ambition: to win the Boston 
Marathon, to travel the world, 
rich. Most likely to be found: 
running. Awards: 2nd place in 
Wrentham Rd. Race, Junior Div. 
Other: Thanks to Mr. McEachern 
for improving my running. 
Activities: Track-3, 4, Cross 
Country-3, 4, Winter Track-4. 

Steven Matthews 
157 West Bacon St., Plainville 
Likes: parties, Mrs. Alters HR, 
skipping, cheese cake in my 
locker. Dislikes: math league 
members, getting caught, 
morning after a party. Favorite 
Memory: Horseneck party for 
Hazz. Favorite Saying: "Spark it 
up", Most likely to be found: in 
Mrs. Alter's detention or at a 
party. Awards: Varsity and Jr. 
varsity letters. Activities: Football- 
1 2, 3, 4. 

Cheryl Anne McClintock 
76 Common St., Wrentham 
Likes: true friends, the ocean, 
making fun of M.J.K, Dislikes: two- 
faced people, liars. Favorite 
Saying: "... there goes J. P. . . . 
" Ambition: to successful and 
happy in my career. Most likely to 
be found: out w/ friends Other: 
Good luck Robin-Love Ya. 
Activities: Field Hockey-3, 4, MVP, 

John McLeish 
3 James St. Plain ville 
Likes: white sand beaches, starry 
nights, fast cars. Dislikes: pushy 
people, being told what to do, 
slow drivers. Favorite Saying: "Not 
now, there's too many people 
arouna." Favorite Memory: Friday 
night at the movies. Ambition: To 
fly one of the fastest planes. Most 
Likely to be Found: on one of the 
town's aragstrips. 

Kevin McNamara 
78 Burnt Swamp Rd. 
Likes: boating, food. Dislikes: stuck 
up people, math. Favorite 
Memory: Math classes junior ana 
senior years. Ambition: To be an 
officer in the Air Force. Most 
Likely to be Found: Cramming for 
a test in homeroom. Awards: Blue 
ribbon in Spanish competition on 
Foreign Language Day. 

Kimberly A. Merrill 
"Kim, Kimmy" 
4 Country Squire Dr. Norfolk 
Likes: sunsets, Capt. Morgan, all- 
niters, art, partyin', BCN, old 
Mustangs. Dislikes: Not having $, 
curfews, rain, price of gas, 
fighting with Mom and Dad. 
Favorite Memory: Sailing to 
Canaaa and meeting RanOy in 
the summer of '84. Ambition: to 
come home on time at least 
once, to own my own sailboat. 
Most Likely to be Found: At 
Thackeray's, in Charlie Brown 
Land w/Sue & Dooga, having a 
good time wherever I am ... or 
wherever I'm not supposed to be. 
Other: Well guys, we made it! 
Thanks Doog and Sue for always 
being there, activities: Chieftain 
2, 3, 4 senior editor. 

Barry Miles 
"Goon, Crash" 
165 East Side Rd. Wrentham 
Likes: Eating, cereal, football, TR- 
6's. Dislikes: running, jumping off 
motorcycles, first dates, women 
who mess with my mind. Favorite 
Saying "No time for that #@c*!l 
Favorite Memory. Bri, Route 1 
pizza fight. Ambition: to learn how 
to use a kill switch, ana be 
successful in engineering. Awards: 
2 varsity letters in football and 
track. Other special thanks to 
Julie Rose. Activities: Football 1, 2, 
3, 4, Weight Lifting 1, 2, 3, 4, 
Track 2, 3. 

Dave Mcleod 
"Chico, Cujo" 
154 Priscilla Ave. Norfolk 
Likes: Zeppelin, good parties 
Dislikes: school. Favorite 
Memory: Freshman year "The 
Strike" Ambition: to be a 
multimillionaire. Most Likely to 
be Found: passed out. 

James L. Magna 
"Jimmy Jo" 
2 Longmeadow Rd. Norfolk 
Likes: Kris, Wallyball, volleyball, 
frisbee picnics on a sunny day 
with an ice cold brew. Dislikes: 
Mike's rumors, fighting with Kris, 
followers. Favorite Saying: "I'm 
psyched!" "That's nasty!" 
Favorite Memory: 4/14/84, 
4/17/84, 5/11/84. Ambition: 
to be the best I can be at 
whatever I do. Most Likely to 
be Found: On a 12 speed 
bicycle heading towaras 
California. Awards: 1st place 
Wallyball League, 1st place 
Volleyball marathon. Other: 
Only one more year to go, 
Kris, hang in there! I love you. 

Christine E. Michalik 
30 Fales Rd. Plainville 
Likes: Mike, graduation, guys in 
football uniforms. Dislikes: 
saying goodbye, two-faced 
people. Favorite Saying: "Hi, 
Cutie!" Favorite Memory: 
7/10/83, Horseneck Beach, 
working with Michelle Ambition: 
to be happy and successful. 
Most Likely to be Found: at 
the movies. Activities: Track 2. 

Cynthia Muir 
211 Creek St. Wrentham 
Likes: cheese rice in the rain, 
Joe Elliot, getting psyched. 
Dislikes: quiet, sitting still, 
pessimists, whiplash with Chris, 
repeating myself. Favorite 
Memory: Cheering 
competition, teaching Brenda 
the "Arts". Ambition: to keep 
Sue in the box. Most Likely to be 
Found: eating with Sue. Awards: 
NECA camp — best all around 
cheerleader. Other: A special 
thanks to Mr. Sumner. Activities: 
Track 1, 3, V, gymnastics 2, 3, 4, 
V., football cheerleaaing 2, 3, 4, 
capt., competition cheering 3, 4. 

Majliss Judith Nelson 
"Madge. Bush, Bushles, 
Likes: Billy Idol, good true 
friends, parties, wild things, 
figure 4, teachers who care, 
(Mu, BLUE EYES) Seger, Cindy 
Lauper. Dislikes: Being called 
into work on my day off, 
people who don't think before 
they speak. Favorite Saying: 
"Wait for me! You skoof. 
Gotta butt? Let's blow this 
taco stand." Favorite Memory: 
Trying to find the Natick Mall 
with Gina and Dave. Times 
with MF, TA. DD, DC, and 
Donna Ambition; California 
w/Donna and to live life to 
the fullest. Most Likely to be 
Found: partying, working. 
Activities: DECA 3. 

Rene Neveux 
4 Ridgefield Rd. 
Likes: Chevy's. Dislikes: jocks, 
Fords. Favorite Saying: "What 
is it?" Favorite Memory: Senior 
year. Ambition: to own a very 
fast car. Most Likely to be 
Found: at parties. 


Martin J. Mullen, Jr. 
80 Alderbrook Ct. Wrentham 
Likes: II Top, Camaros. Dislikes: 
work, school. Favorite Memory: 
8/27/84. Ambition: to win 
megabucks Activities: Baseball 2, 
Cross Country 2, 3. 

Lisa Ann Mullin 
16 Millbrook Dr. Plainville 
Likes: swiss balconies, my pals, 
food. Dislikes: wake-up calls, the 
boat, getting lost. Favorite 
Saying: "like ..." Favorite 
Memory: Europa, summer of '84. 
Ambition: to be nice for a whole 
day to CP, CL, and JS. Most 
Likely to be Found: complaining. 
Other: Thanks to all my friends for 
always being there. I love you 
guys! Activities: Softball 2, 
Student Council 2, 4, recording 
secretary. Class secretary 1, Class 
Council 2, 3, 4. 

Peter Nelson 
8 Potter Ave. Plainville 
Likes: Four-wheeling, camping, 
heavy metal. Dislikes: getting up 
early, Mondays, rain, city traffic. 
Favorite Memory: summer of '84 
in Maine. Ambition: to work in a 
state park. Most Likely to be 
Found: somewhere in the state of 

Joy Lee Newman 
433 Hancock St. Wrentham 
Likes: gymnastics, going to parties 
w/DD and frienas. Dislikes: 
fighting, getting up early. Favorite 
Saying: "Come off it." Favorite 
Memory: 1982 school dance, my 
17th birthday. Ambition: to be a 
carpenter and work in a day 
care center. Most Likely to be 
Found: out with DD. Activities: 
Gymnastics 2, 3, 4, carpentry 2, 
3, 4. 

Kristin Lynne Nichols 
18 Everett St. Plainville 
Likes: sunsets, Camaros. Dislikes: 
Memorial Day parades, Michael 
Jackson. Favorite Memory: going 
out in the green machine with 
BM, CC, and EH. Ambition: to go 
to college and become 
successful. Most Likely to be 
Found: at McDonald's. Awards: 
MVP in Jazz Ensemble- 1984, 
NESBA Honors Band- 1983, 1984. 
Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 Jazz 
Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Council 
3, Vice Pres., 4, Treasurer. 

Michelle Oppenheim 
32 Berry St. Plainville 
Likes: Subways, shoes, strange 
people, movie theatres, 
exploring, music. Dislikes: crowded 
green lines chaos, 6:45 a.m., 
screaming, English, rust. Favorite 
Memory: Roxanne? Travels with 
C&K, rehearsals, last year's 
propositions, NY. Ambition: to be 
unique forever. Most Likely to be 
Found: any place with books. 
Awards: Hockomock Model 
Senate. Other: space the final 
frontier. Activities: Sachem 3, 4, 
Drama 1, 2, 3, 4, Math League 1, 
Newspaper 2, 3, 4 (co-editor), 
tutors 3, 4. 

Christine Marie Packer 
"Porkchop, Pac woman" 
287 Chestnut St. Wrentham 
Likes: drawing, dancing, 
Mustangs, being with good 
friends. Dislikes: alarm clocks, 
being without $, saying 
goodbye, running on empty. 
Favorite Saying: "Don't ask 
me!" Favorite Memory: 
receiving Joyce's KP class ring, 
June 2, 84 (New Hampshire) 
Ambit/on: to become a 
pioneer and once again see 
Joyce alive and well. Most 
Likely to be Found: Looking for 
something I've lost. Other: 
Thanx Mrs. Max and Mr. G. 
Activities: DECA 3, 4 Reporter- 
3-Chapter 1. 

Wendy C. Paul 
8 Harvard St. Plainville 
Likes: walking down country 
roads, quiet times, Christine 8c 
Joel Dislikes: not having a ride 
home. Favorite Memory: 4/19/83, 
YWAM, outreach with Mary, 
being with Jeff. Ambition: to 
serve God. Activities: Chieftain 4. 

Monice Odoardi 
6 Fruit St. Norfolk 
Likes: Mike, butterscotch 
sundaes, going out Dislikes: 
lulls, jealousy, "ding-ding" 
crashes, "talk". Memory: Mike. 
Ambition: happily married, rich, 
and running the RAM with 
great success. Found: arguing 
with Mike!! Awards: MVP fall + 
winter cheering. Activities: fall 
cheerleading capt., winter 
cheerleading capt., 
competition Squad, sec. + 
pres. of Student Council, 
Student, Regional, and State 
advisory Council, 4 MASC and 
NASC delegate, SEMASC 
Executive Board Class Council 
V.P. 4 

Brian S. Osiensky 

Keith R. Palos 
10 Ray Rd. Wrentham 
Likes: Ford Mustangs, The 
Eagles, eating. Dislikes: Michael 
Jackson. Favorite Saying: 
"What?" Favorite Memory: 
Sugarloaf Mountain '84, Route 
1 pizza fight. Ambition: To 
make it thru a ski trip without 
injuring myself. Most Likely to 
be Found: eating. Awards: 
Boys State '84 Activities: 
Baseball 2, Footabll 2, 3, 4, 
Weight Lifting 3. Unsung Hero 
in Football. 

Charles F. Pearson 
15 Kingsbury Rd. Norfolk 
Likes: SP, cruisin', parties. 
Dislikes: DD, VICA, my 
Mustang. Favorite Saying: "Oh, 
well!" Favorite Memory: 
Summer '83 Ambition: to be 
rich. Most Likely to be Found: 
Cruisin' with CS. Activities: 
Soccer 1, VICA 2, 3. 


Karen Peters 
27 Lafayette Lane Norfolk 
Likes: Ed, cars, junkfood. The 
Cars. Dislikes: vegetables, 
digues, junk boxes. Favorite 
Saying: "Wicked!" Favorite 
Memory: Prom of '84, ceramics 
with SB, SM, PW, KW, MZ. 
Ambition: To own a corvette. 
Most Likely to be Found: In 
front of the bathroom mirror. 
Other: Good luck next year Ed 
and Shaboo. 

Susan Leslie Pfischner 
"Sue, Smiley" 
5 Cleveland St., Norfolk 
Likes: ice cream, having fun, 
water skiing. Dislikes: school, 
ignorant people, Mike's driving, 
Ken's height. Favorite Saying: 
"Yup! Mmm-Hmm". Favorite 
Memory: summer of '84, R.N. 
Ambition: to be a marine 
biologist. Most likely to be 
found: wherever I happen to 
be. Activities: Honor Society-3, 


Christina Marie Pearson 
15 Kingsbury Rd. Norfolk 
Likes: skating, guys, "On the Dark 
Side." Dislikes: being late, 
lectures. Favorite Saying "Can 
you turn up the raOio?" Favorite 
Memory: 4/20/84. Ambition: 
Physical Therapist. Most Likely to 
be Found: listening to the radio. 
Awards: Varsity letters in soccer. 
Activities: Soccer 1, 2, 3. 

Anna Christine Peters 
80 Hawkins, Plainville 
Likes: Animal crackers, the 
Jetsons, old movies, Frankie. 
Dislikes: obnoxious people, paisley 
pajamas. Favorite Saying: "Ack, 
oop". Favorite Memory: Nauset 
Beach. Ambition: To become a 
bag lady. Most Likely to be 
Found: Out of state Activities: 
Band 1, 2, 3, drum major 4, Jazz 
band 3, 4, Band Council 4, Vice 

Catherine Marie Peterson 
"Cath, 'P', Pete" 
45 Desert Brook Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: balconies, my buddies. 
Dislikes: grumpy bears, being 
bored, getting lost. Favorite 
Saying: "hi guys!" Favorite 
Memory: Europa, Sugarloaf, 
Horseneck, T.C. Ambition to 
spend my RICH husband's $$. 
Most likely to be found checking 
out guys. Other: Lots of thanx to 
Mr. Webb, Mrs. DiRe, Mr. 
Lanciaux. Activities: Chieftain-3, 
Class Council-2, 3, 4, President-4. 

Charleen Mary Phelan 
35 Park St.. Norfolk 
Likes: Kent, $, vacations, music, 
hugging, books, waterbeds. 
Dislikes: being depressed, making 
decisions, liars, arguments, 
glasses. Favorite Saying: "It 
Ooesn't matter!" Favorite 
Memory: 1/27/84. Ambition: to 
attend college, get married and 
be extremely successful and 
happy. Most likely to be found: 
w/Kent or Sue. Other: good luck 
Sue, always keep in touch 
Activities: Chieftain-3. Sachem-4. 
Drama-3, OEA-2, WKPH-4. 

Roger Plante 
6 Shepard St., Plainville 
Likes: soccer, horseracing. Dislikes: 
French, Dave Ross's nagging. 
Favorite Saying: "Forget it". 
Favorite Memory: "summer of '84. 
Ambition: to never have to worry 
about $$. Most likely to be found: 
at the track. Awards: varsity 
letter in soccer. Activities: 
Soccer-2, 3, 4. 

Michele Poirier 
14 Cooney Ave, Plainville 

Jennifer Susan Rausch 

1 Juniper Lane, Norfolk 

Likes: D.L., Weekends, shopping, 
and 5th period lunch runs with 
S.W. Dislikes: broken feet, 
sprained ankles, sprints, stairs, 
moving wooa. Favorite Saying: "I 
don't know, what do you want 
to do?" Favorite Memory: New 
Year's Eve '84. Ambition: To be a 
successful CPA Most Likely To Be 
Found: In a daze!! Awards: 3 
Varsity letters in soccer, 1 Varsity 
letter in cheerleading. Honor 
Society. Other: Hang in there 
Little Buckaroo! Activities: Softball- 

2 Basketball- 1 Soccer- 1 2, 3, 4, 
Capt. Cheerleading: 2, 3 Student 

Mary Roberts 
"Mar, Groucha" 
597 South St., Wrentham 
Likes: horses, dogs, men, and 
frogs. Dislikes- foggy ice, watch 
stopping on Walnut Hill, 
Chauncey's yelps. Favorite 
Saying: "Get with the program!" 
"Wake up and smell the coffee!" 
Favorite Memory: Bread bridge, 
Pat Benetar '82. Ambition: to be 
happy and live away from the 
hustle and bustle of crowds. Most 
likely to be found: guilty as 
charged. The ESP. transmitter 

Michelle Plumer 
2 Hill St., Norfolk 
Likes: Duran Duran, red stangs, 
travelling. Dislikes: work, 
conceited guys. Boy George 
and Michael Jackson. Favorite 
Saying: "Should be here 
soon!!" Favorite Memory: 
March 15, '84. Ambition: to 
travel around the world. Most 
likely to be found: Lost in 
N.Y.C. Activities: Chieftain-4. 

John Rapoza 
112 Hancock Street, 

Likes: Good Buds, Good Snuff, 
and Good Times. Dislikes: 
Stone walls, vomiting, and 
getting robbed in the Zone. 
Favorite Saying: "What?" 
Favorite Memory: Tail Gate 
Parties of '84. Ambition: To 
remain living. Most Likely To Be 
Found: In a coma. Activities: 

John Redihan 
Address: 10 Sharon Ave., 

Likes: Bud, Barb. Dislikes: 
Authorities, Officer Friendly, 
Drive-ins, with L.P. + Rick. 
Favorite Saying: "And then 
some ..." Favorite Memory: 
Horseneck Hazz's Birthday, 
Cape '84, Ambition: To find 
the American Dream. Most 
Likely To Be Found: Awards: 
Varsity Letters. Activities: 
Baseball-2, 3, 4 Basketball-2 

Elaine M. Robinson 
92 Seekonk St., Norfolk 
Likes: white fluffy clouds, Mike, 
parties, mountains. Dislikes: 
Mondays, rain, saying 
"goodbye", digues, being 
broke. Favorite Saying: "No 
way, really!" Favorite Memory: 
much too many. Ambition: to 
be happy forever n' ever, 
professional hairdresser. Most 
likely to be found: in a 
shopping mall spending all 
mum's money. Activities: OEA. 
Other: Good luck to the rest of 
the Senior Class. 57 

Paul R. Ross 
333 Shears St., Wrentham 
Likes: the sav. Dislikes: heroes, 
studs. Favorite Saying: Shut up, 
Lynchie! Favorite Memory: 2- 
31-84 Ambition: to clean up 
Wrentham Most likely to be 
found: cruising in the ark, 
fulfilling amPition. Awards: 1st 
place jellyPean race 1st grade 
field day. Activities: FootPall 1, 

Leann Carol Ryan 
"Lee", "Trixie" 
16 Needham St., Norfolk 
Likes: guys, friends, smiles, 
good times, B.D. Dislikes: fights, 
certain people, lies, the 
waiting game, empties. 
Favorite Saying: "He's so 
gorgeous", "Hey Willy, howz 
Billy?" Favorite Memory: 
Scusset '83, '84, Prom Court 
'83. Ambition: to Pe very 
happy and extremely rich. 
Most likely to be found: eating 
Chinese food with Snuffy. 
Awards: 2 varsity letters in 
cheerleading, Baseball Stat. 
3,4, Competition Cheering 3, 
4, Cheerleading 2, 3, Class 
Council 2. 3, 4. ' 

Heather Romsey 
60 East Bacon St., Plainville 
Likes: ice cream, m.v., clothes. 
Dislikes: cliaues, Miss Vogue. 
Favorite Saying: shut up Paul!. 
Favorite Memory: summer at M.V. 
'84, Prom '84. Ambition: to 
become a lawyer and own my 
gold mercedes convertiPle. Most 
likely to be found: at the 
Vineyard. Awards: unsung hero- 
softball '84 Activities: Softball 1, 2, 
3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Honor Society 
3, 4 Pres., Class Council 4, Sec. 
Other: Thanks for everything L.B. 
Good luck Jay 

David Ross 
"Rossy" "B.W." 
43 Myrtle St., Wrentham 
Likes: yode, bud, nova, mobile. 
Dislikes: the little truck, friskies 
buffet, log cabins, Roger Plante's 
temper. Favorite Saying: It's that 
time of day. Favorite Memory: 
summer '84, Hughes' house. 
Ambition: to head for all the 
communist countries (with J.R., 
L.D., K.W. and many more 
people) and take them over. 
Most Likely to be Found: On a 
street corner with Trixie Ryan. 
Other: Thank you Brian and Stella 
for all the Pad memories you 
Prought me. I'd love to thank 
Melissa TamPurrini for helping me 
pass psychology. 

Mark Rovendro 
26 Stanhope Drive, Norfolk 
Likes: The Who, 76 cutlass 
supreme, cold bud. Dislikes: warm 
beer. Favorite Saying: "What's 
going on!" Favorite Memory: 
summer of '83 Ambition: to live 
happily and not worry aPout 
money. Most likely to be found: in 
my car. Awards: 3rd place at 
Regionals History Day. Other: The 
Who is #1 

Michael Sabatini 
10 Cleveland St., Norfolk 
Likes: Camaros, snow storms. 
Dislikes: telephone pole caPles. 
Favorite Saying: "Let's make it 
happen!" Favorite Memory: Mt. 
Snow '84, LaPor Day weekend 
'84 with B,C,D. Ambition: To make 
it through college and become a 
successful engineer. Most likely to 
be found: partying with M.Z., P.F., 
G.C, P.B., C.F., L.P., J.R., R.A. and 
anyone else. Awards: 4 varsity 
letters. Activities: FootPall 1, 
Soccer 3, 4, Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3, 
4, Capt-4, Golf 4. Other: Good 
luck to the Class of '85 and Flan 

Frank Salkovitz 
31 Lafayette Lane, Norfolk 
Likes: Robin, beaches, partying, 
with friends, Fridays. Dislikes: 
hangovers, empty wallets, in- 
house. Favorite Memory: 5th 
period pool party, first day senior 
year. Ambition: to drive cross- 
country in my 18-wheeler. Most 
likely to be found: Robin's. 
Activities: V.I.C.A. 3, 4 

Lorin J. Schnorbus 
24 Sleepy Hollow, Wrentham 
Likes: Richard Gere, hershey kiss 
sundaes, writing poetry. Dislikes: 
onions, hard rock, being told 
what to do. Favorite Saying: "Tell 
me about it!" Favorite Memory: 
9-9-84 Ambition: to go to college 
and major in behavioral science. 
Most Likely to be found: checking 
out the guys. Activities: Student 
Council 1, Honor Society 3, 4 
Tutor 3, Fr. Newspaper 3, The 
Issue 1. 2 

Michael P. Shea 

Likes: mercedes benz convertible. 
Dislikes: fake people. Favorite 
Saying: "Whatever, life's hard!" 
Favorite Memory: 9-22-83. 
Ambition: electrician. Most Likely 
to be found: where I'm not 
supposed to be. Activities: Drama 
3, 4 

Joanne Shute 
23 Cleveland St., Norfolk 
Likes: vacations, smiling, Huey 
Lewis and The News. Dislikes: 
waking up in the morning, driving 
with J.K. Favorite Saying: I'm so 
tired!" Favorite Memory: Labor 
Day weekend with K.H. and J.K. 
'84. Ambition: to reach 5' Most 
likely to be found: on the phone. 
Awards: varsity jacket. Activities: 
Softball 2, 3, 4 Soccer 4-Mgr. 
Other: Thanks to K.H., J.K., C.P. 
and CM. for all the memorable 

Kimberly Anna Samuto 
One Cowesit Avenue, Norfolk 
Likes: competitions, Ohio and 
gummy bears. Dislikes: shallow 
people, little frumps and deep 
relationships. Favorite Saying: 
"This life bothers me!" Favorite 
Memory: 3-18-83, 4-28-84 
Ambition: To forget about M 
and P Activities: Band 1 2, 3, 
4, Drum Major-4, Drama 1 2 
Jazz Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4 
N.E.S.B.A. Honors Band 3, 4 
Band Council 3, 4 

Donna Shannon 
33 Boardman St., Norfolk 
Likes: men, parties and loves 
Kenny. Dislikes: freshmen, 
maybelline, Bristol and Orville. 
Favorite Memory: partying with 
Marisa and Bushe Ambition: to 
move to California scoop a 
hunk and become rich. Most 
Likely to be found: partying on 
the "Wext" coast. Other: 
Good luck Diane Deforest 
"Diander" luv ya. 

Lisa Shelton 

"squaw Do" 
7 Huntington Ave., Plainville 
Likes: Gregg, beautiful vans, 
sunsets over the canal. Dislikes: 
liars, fights, the dent in the 
van, muddy boots on the 
carpet. Favorite saying: "Can I 
go home now?" Favorite 
Memory: 10-17-83, 10-23-83 
Ambition: to live forever in 
paradise with Gregg. Most 
likely to be found: behind a 
book or up on the tower. 
Other: Thanks Wanda for 
being a friend, thank you Mr. 
and Mrs. Duquette for 
understanding, see ya Michael. 

Joseph G. Sirois 
14 Cooney Ave, Plainville 


Lea Ann Sluss 
12 Stillwell Ave, Norfolk 
Likes: food, being with friends, 
weekends, beach. Dislikes: 
dieting, being broke, fighting 
with friends ana parents. 
Favorite Saying: "Hey Poop 
(Kristen)" "Jill we all know 
that's your song." Favorite 
Memory: 8-25-84, 7-30-84 (M.J. 
concert), Scusst Beach '83. 
Ambition: to help Jill find one 
(and only one) favorite song. 
Activities: Class Council 4. 
Other: Thanks for everything 
Kristen! Good luck to all of my 
friends and my brother. I love 
ya and I'll miss ya! 

Michele Sprague 
65 Alderbrook Ct., Wrentham 
Likes: red mustangs, partying. 
The Who, Doug Flutie. Dislikes: 
No parties, clipues, tuna, 
repeating myself. Favorite 
Saying: "How's it go? Chill". 
Favorite Memory: summer of 
'84, Petty and Stewart 
concerts with Jen, Sue, and 
Jane, partying with Jen and 
Tiger. Most likely to be found: 
partying S.T., J.F., J.S., K.H., 
B.L., CM., C.E., M.C., J.M., D.K. 
Awards: varsity letters 
Activities. Gymnastics 1, 2, 3 
Cheerleading 3, 4 Competition 
Cheering 3, 4. 

Wanda J. Skinner 
"Toot, Dill" 
15-B Cooney Ave. Plainville, MA 
Likes: Dan, optimistic attitudes. 
Dislikes snobby immature itches 
that try to steal my boyfriend, 
empty catsup bottles, hearing 
the dial tone after he hangs up. 
Favorite Saying: Brat! Favorite 
Memory: April 2, Christmas '83, 
partying with the J. Geils Band 
Ambition: to one day knock 
myself out! Most Likely to be 
Found: with Dan, in T's room, at 
work or asleep. Awards: 
Professional K.P. toga 
breakdancer. Other: Thanks for 
everything Jeni. I love you. 
Activities: Chieftain 3, 4-editor 

Stacey Denise Slack 
5 Grove St. 

Likes: Eddie, partying, money, 
bugging Kenny. Dislikes: J.L.. my 
gas tank, getting up early. 
Favorite Saying: "But Mr. C!" 
Favorite Memory: 6-15-84, 6-24- 
84 4 years of food service 
Ambition: to retire at 25. Most 
likely to be found: with Eadie. 
Activities: V.I.C.A. 3. Other: I 
thank Debbie, Elaine and 
everyone in shop for these four 
great years. 

Dianne Rosemary Smith 
"Smitty, Di, LaOy Di" 
405 Bennett St., Wrentham 
Likes: R.L., clothes shopping, 944 
red porsche, partying with friends, 
Chinese food, skiing. Dislikes: 
waiting for people, unanswered 
guestions, getting lost with K.M., 
L.M., J.S., C.P., and C.L., digues. 
Favorite Saying: "Good and 
You?" Favorite Memory: Prom of 
'81. 10-16-81, summer of '84, 
partying at Chucky's house, Eric 
Werning's parties, etc. Ambition: 
to be happy, successful, rich, 
running my chain of clothes 
stores. Most Likely to be found: 
shopping with Tina somewhere. 
Activities: Class Council:! 2, 3, 4 
Pres. 2, 3. Other: Good luck to 
Carolyn, Deedee and Melissa. 

Michele Stella 
5 Ridgefield Rd. 
Likes: "Dug", making noises, 
getting lost with Debi, The 
"Beast" Dislikes saying goodbye, 
trying to understand things, being 
called "dingy" Favorite Saying: 
"You BaO!" "That's life in the big 
city!" Favorite Memory: Prom '84, 
summer '84, NYE. '84 Ambition 
To get the best out of life and 
be happy with it! Most likely to 
be found: opening the wrong 
"DOOR" with Debi right behind 
me! Other: Thanks "Debi" and 
Rina for always being there to 
pull me through. We finally made 
it! Love ya! 

Jill Szuette Stoddard 
"Willy. Red. Jillibean" 
5 Oxbow Dr., Wrentham 
Likes: Night Ranger, true friends, 
peanut butter and jelly, shades. 
Dislikes: sprints, empties, promises, 
killing crickets. Favorite Saying: 
"This is my favorite song! I dare 
you to stand on this rock! 
Favorite Memory: Nationals '84, 
Scusset 83/84, 5-5-84, 12-3-83. 
Ambition: to find one and only 
one favorite song. Most Likely to 
be found: back seat driving, 
listening to my stereo. Activities: 
Soccer 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4, 
correspond, sec. 4, Vice President 
2, Class Council 1, 2, 3, 4 N.A.S.C. 
convention 3. 

Pietro Sulis 
73 Warrer St., Plainville 

Melissa Marie Tamburrini 
"Mel, Melis" 
14 Standish Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: sleeping late, being with my 
friends, weekends, parties, 
purpose and '65 mustangs. 
Dislikes: getting up early, snobs, 
seafood, term papers and M.A.'s 
360's. Favorite Memory: Summer 
of '83 at R.P. with A.T., the cape, 
'84 with M.A.. C.P., T.A., J.S.. L.B. 
and S.G. Ambition: to be rich, 
happy, and successful in the 
career I choose and to get my 
license. Most Likely to be found: 
driving my red lamborghini. 
Activities: Soccer 2 Other: the 
best of luck to P.C., CM., C.S. 
and A.D. 

Jimmy Themistokleous 
"Jimmy the Greek" 
4 Colonial Way, Plainville 
Likes: Sonya, Greece, ML to Sony. 
Dislikes: liars, mornings, working, 
bank loans. Favorite Saying: 
"Sony!", "What?" Favorite 
Memory: 9-24-84 at 12:31 a.m., 
June/July '84. Ambition: run my 
own business, hopefully marry 
S.G., to be rich. Most Likely to be 
found: on Kelly Blvd. with Sony. 
Activities: D.E.C.A. 3, 4. Other: 
Thanks to C.H.. R.H., S.B., M.D. for 
being there when I needed you. 
Thanks to Sony for making my life 

Roger T. Sulham 
55 Taunton St. Wrentham, MA 
Likes: Brews, Rock, Parties. 
Dislikes: Joe Spalding. Favorite 
Memory: I can't remember. 
Ambition: to live past 30 years 
old. Most Likely to be Found: 
wrapped around a tree. 

Charlotte A. Sundquist 
"Char. Ettol, Sunshine" 
612 Walpole St. Norwood, MA 
Likes: Leopards. Italians, 
Muscles and Adam Ant. 
Dislikes: ripped nylons, breaking 
wine glasses. Favorite Saying: 
Life's a beach! Are we havin' 
fun yet? Favorite Memory: 
4/4-19/84, summers in my 
backyard. Ambition: to have 
Mike Zarba valet park my 
purple Lamborghini at Graffiti's 
in Ft. Lauderdale. Most Likely 
to be Found: talking to 
telephone poles with Shari. 
Awards: Professional K.P. toga 
breakdancer Other: Thanks 
Shar, I love ya. Activities: 
Chieftain 1, 2, 3, 4 Co-Editor- 
in-Chief, Weightlifting 1, 2, 3, 

Debbie Tedeschi 
75 King James Way 
Likes: Being with Tim, 
weekends, talking on phone 
Dislikes: being called "dingy", 
busy signals, fake people, 
Mondays, fighting with T.R. 
Favorite Saying: "Where's Tim 
at?. Am I ever wrong 
Michele?" Favorite Memory: 5- 
29-82, Prom of '84 with Tim. 
Ambition: to have a rich and 
successful life. Most Likely to 
be found: in Michele's car. 
Activities: Cheerleading 3 
Other: Thanks to Tim, Michele, 
and all my close friends for 
helping me through these 

Suzanne Theriault 
33 Maple St., Plainville 
Likes: midnight blue mercedes 
convertibles, laughing, good 
times with friends. Dislikes: 
getting up early, a.m. radios, 
snobs, getting lost at the 
cape with Jen and Jane. 
Favorite Saying: "I'll start my 
diet tomorrow!" Favorite 
Memory: summers of 82, 84, 5- 
25-83, Petty concert, Bio lab 
with J.M. and C. Ambition: to 
own a midnight blue 
mercedes convertible. Most 
likely to be found: eating with 
CiCi. Activities: Soccer 2, 3, 4, 
Track 1, Gymnastics 1, 3, 
Cheerleading 3 J.V. 

Timothy Tomkinson 
112 Seekonk St.. Norfolk 
Likes: Pizza, movies. Dislikes: 
English. Favorite Memory: 
French trip'84. Ambition: Own 
my own company. Awards: R.I 
Business Skills Meet - 
Computer. Activities: Math 
League 3, 4 Capt., Honor 
Society 3, 4, French 
newspaper 3, 4 editor. 

Mark Tronti 
2A Camvet Dr, Plainville 

Colleen Thibedeau 
3 Lynn Ave., Plainville 
Likes: music, art, working with 
children, being accepted as 
myself. Dislikes: homework, snobs, 
too much competition. Favorite 
Saying: "What's up?" Favorite 
Memory: Maine, summer of '84, 
music camp, 8/28/84. Ambition: 
to work with children, to better 
myself, some day have my own 
daycare center. Most likely to be 
found: never at home when the 
phone is for me. Other: Member 
of Young People's Symphony 
Orchestra 7 yrs., member of 
Young People's Chamber 
Orchestra 3 yrs., Rhonde Island 
Allstate Orchestra 5 yrs. 

Robert Thrul 
253 Forest Grove Ave. 
Likes: Ferraris, Blondes, money, 
weight lifing, football. Dislikes: fat 
ugly women, school work, no 
reliable transportation. Favorite 
Saying: "Lighten Up". Favorite 
Memory: sunbathing in Virginia 
Beach with 5 blondes. Ambition: 
to drive a black ferrari and 
become a lawyer. Most likely to 
be found: on the beach with a 
blonde. Awards: National Latin 
Unit Exam, 2nd place State Art, 
Who's Who Among American 
High School Students. Activities: 
Band 1 2, 3, 4. Other: When you 
hear the thunder watch for Glen 
and lightening -- Good Luck! 

Paul Troiano 
7 Spruce Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: girls, beaches, ski slopes. 
Dislikes: warm beer, cold girls. 
Favorite Memory: New Years '84. 
Ambition: to do everything at 
least once. Activities: Football 3, 
4, Weight lifting 4, Track 2 

Ross Twitchell 
369 Shears St, Wrentham 

Nikki Anne Usher 
68 High Street, Plainville 
Likes: Sean, dancing, gum, 
mustard, pizza, hamburgers, 
horses, bike riding, movies, 
puppies, mom's cooking, tee's 
poems. Dislikes: burn-outs, Sean's 
car problems, when Phyllis gets in 
her moods, not having gum. 
Favorite Saying: "Really?" 
"What's a woman to do?", 
"Hhhh!" Favoritie Memory: 
Getting my license and the trip 
to New Hampshire. Ambition: to 
live a happy and successful life. 
Most likely to be found: in 
MacDonald's (having a food 
fight). Other: Wishing Brenda the 
best of luck and happiness in the 
future! Brenda, hope to stay in 
touch always. 

Kathleen Leslie Wall 
8 Munroe Dr., Plainville 
Likes: the beach, seafood, U-2, 
Las Vegas. Dislikes: the manor, 
saying goodbye, A. P., digues. 
Favorite Saying: "See ya later!" 
Favorite Memory: me and L.S. in 
California '82, Feb-May '84. 
Ambition: to have a successful 
career and get my license. Most 
Likely to be found: at the beach. 
Other: Good luck to C.W.- she'll 
need it! 

Lisa J WarBarton 
19 Walnut St, Plainville 

David Winberg 
21 Freedom Trail, Norfolk 
Likes: skiing, table tennis, tennis, 
snow. Dislikes: jogging, work and 
taxes. Favorite Saying: "That's 
life!" Favorite Memory: spending 
a weedend skiing. Ambition: to 
become a millionaire. Most likely 
to be found: near the T.V. 
Activities: Tennis 1, 2 Skiing 1, 2, 3 

Gina Marie Videto 
"Space Cadet", "Jo" 
15 East Bacon St., Plainville 
Likes: Dave, Led Zeppelin, 
taking walks on the wild side. 
Dislikes: wearing moccasins in 
the rain, getting up before 
1:00 p.m. Favorite Saying: "But 
Why?" Favorite Memory: 12- 
14-83, Summer '84. Ambition: 
to live, love, and be loved. 
Most likely to be found: with 
Dave. Activities: Softball 1, 
DECA 3. 4, Band 3 

Keith Walsh 
58 Dedham St., Wrentham 
Likes: yode, bud, being with 
friends. Dislikes: lob cabins, 151, 
carrying Mr. R. Favorite Saying: 
More . . . must be added. 
Favorite Memory: summer of 
'84, 12-31-83. Ambition: to 
help Dave rid the world of 
communist influences. Most 
likely to be found: chawing 
with Lee and Dave at RATS 

Timothy Waterman 
18 Taunton St., Plainville 
Likes: cars, movies. Dislikes: 
H.H., homework. Favorite 
Memory: March '84. Ambition: 
to become successful. Most 
likely to be found: in school. 
Activities: Soccer 2 

Susan Michelle Wirtz 
"Sue " 
15 Stillwell Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: hot fudge sundaes, 
books, travelling. Dislikes: 
whiners. Favorite Saying: "I nub 
nou". Favorite Memory: 
France, summer '84. Ambition: 
to be successful and happy; 
to have something done at 
least five minutes before it is 
due. Most likely to be found: 
at Charleen's, in the Student 
Services Office. Activities: 
Tennis 3, Chieftain 3, 4, 
Sachem 3, 4 Drama 3, Honor 
Society 3, 4, WKPH 4, The 
Scout 4, Other: to all my 63 
friends I love you! Honk! 

Joseph B. Woodworth 
154 North St., Norfolk 
Likes; running, chevys, Sunday 
nights and "The Who". Dislikes: 
Route 1's, immature girls, warm 
beer and hospitals. Favorite 
Memory: D.J., K.G.. J.M. and 
mic. Ambition: to complete 
my car. Most likely to be 
found: working on my car. 
Awards: 2nd place Regional 
History Contest, varsity letters. 
Activities: Track 2, 3, 4 Cross 
Country 1, 2, 3, 4 Capt. 3, 4 

James Yau 
2008 West St., Wrentham 
Likes: sports, good friends, 
weekends. Dislikes: getting up 
early mornings. Favorite Saying: 
"Hey, buddy!" Favorite Memory: 
12-7-82. Ambition: to be very 
successful in whatever I do. Most 
likely to be found: not at home. 
Awards: Boys State. Activities: 
Soccer 2, 3, 4 Tennis 2, 3, 4 

Sheila Wisniewski 
56 Elysium St., 

Likes: shopping, skiing, going to 
MacD's with J.R. Dislikes: staying 
home on weekends, broken toes. 
Favorite Saying: "no biggy!", "hi, 
peoples!" Favorite Memory: 
summer '84. Ambition to become 
an airline hostess and travel. Most 
likely to be found: trying to park 
my car. Awards: 4 varsity letters 
in gymnastics, 1 varsity letter in 
track. Activities. Track: 1, 
Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4 Class rep. 1, 
2, 3, 4, Float Crew 2. 3, 4. Other: 
Sue, we have to get together 

Brenaa Wooas 
19 Lake St., Uxbridge, MA. 
Likes: sleeping late on weekends. 
Dislikes: getting up in the morning. 
Favorite Saying: "Today is the first 
day of the rest of my life." 
Favorite Memory: my first driving 
lesson. Ambition: to own my own 
sports car. Most Likely to be 
found: at home 

Pam Woolford 
36 Lakeside Ave., Wrentham 
Likes: Billy idol, death rides, raviolis 
at Dennis'. Dislikes: Dennis' van, 
any guy named Kevin. Favorite 
Memory: lunch time 83-84, facing 
death in Franklin with C.C., T.H., 
J.S. Ambition: to understand the 
human mind and concepts of life. 
Most likely to be found: out 
cruisin' with Cassidy. Other: Good 
luck to Jen, Sue, Jo, Kerri and 
Robin. C-ya around. 

Michael Patrick Zarba 
147 Winter St., Wrentham 
Likes: music, good friends, "Tower 
of Happiness", ZZ Top, "REEB!" 
Dislikes: death, "Officer Happy", 
"The Clothes Ghost" Favorite 
Memory: "My Mother" Ambition: 
to avoid all the let downs and 
cruelty of society and come out 
of it all on top! Most likely to be 
found: with M.O. Awards: varsity 
letters in baseball and soccer. 
Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 
Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 

Sandra Zimmer 
"San, Zims" 
19 Marshall St,. Norfolk 
Likes: Jim, lifeguards (CN), having 
Chris for a best friends. Dislikes: 
saying goodbye, fighting. Favorite 
Saying: I'm having a reeses 
attack! Favorite Memory: 6-20-84 
Scarboro beach, Horseneck with 
Class of '85. Ambition: to live on 
the beach and be rich. Most 
likely to be found: on the beach 
partying with Chris. Other: Best 
wishes to Class of '85 and thank 
you Chris for all of your help, I 
love ya. 

Mike Zollo 
16 Stillwell Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: soccer, winning. Dislikes: not 
winning, music, maggots. Favorite 
Saying: "Get tough!" Favorite 
Memory: Beating Foxboro. 
Ambition: To achieve all my 
goals. Most likely to be found: 
practicing on a soccer field, 
Awards: varsity letters 1, 2, 3, 4- 
capt. Activities: soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 
capt-4, Hockomock League All- 
Star Soccar Team, 4 

Christine Embree 
47 Sleepy Hollow, Wrentham 
Likes: Cheese rice in the rain (?) 
curing problems, partyin' with S.Z., 
CM., B.L., M.S. Dislikes: whiplash 
with Cici, getting yelled at, 
broken promises. Favorite Saying: 
"but anyways." Favorite Memory: 
T.R. Summer of '84, Ambition: to 
find out who stole S.Z.'s camera. 
Most Likely to be Found: 
wondering about G.H. with S.Z. 
Other: Lots of Luck and partyin' 
to the class of '85. 

David Vaphiades 
16 Naugatuck Ave. Norfolk 
Likes: chawing, Heineken, 
holidays, Aerosmith. Dislikes: Miller, 
KM's wagging foot, work. Favorite 
Saying: "What the — !" Favorite 
Memory: Quebec '82, Ambition: 
to get KH and MT together. 
Other: Good luck Juniors. C-ya 

Kristin Elizabeth Zimmerman 
"Kris, Zimmerman" 
28 Freedom Trail, Norfolk 
Likes: Police, sailing, skiing, 
anyone with a good sense of 
humor. Dislikes: cliques, People 
that think they are "god". 
Favorite Saying: "Pivot". 
Favorite Memory: meeting 
R.K., 8/83, going to Police 
concert with R.K. and A/C, 
2/84. Ambition: to be a 
partner in a law firm, to have 
a Jaguar. Most likely to be 
found: eating. Activities: Field 
Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 Capt. 2 
Track: 1 Sachem 4, Honor 
Society 4, 

Lawrence Barnes Post 
"Lawrence of Elysium" 
Address: 155 Elysium Street, 

Likes: Kathy, Bud, Green 
Death. Dislikes: Authorities 8c 
The Boys. Favorite saying: 
"Slow down Jackson". 
Favorite Memory: Hazz's 
Birthday at Horseneck, Cape 
84, 85. Ambition: To find the 
American Dream. Most Likely 
To Be Found: un-married. 
Awards: 3 Varsity Letters. 
Activities: Basketball-4 
Football- 1, 2, 3, Weight Lifting- 
2, 3 - Tennis-2, 4 

Shannon Tiemey 
5 Winston Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: blue and green eyes, 
mercedes, van halen. Dislikes: 
sprints, SAT's doing homework, 
and smelly sneakers. Favorite 
Saying: "You're Queer." 
Favorite Memory: March 17, 
1984. Ambition: to be rich 
enough never to have to 
work. Most likely to be found: 
in a penthouse on 5th ave. in 
N.Y.C. Awards: Most improved 
for the tennis team (in Junior 
year) Activities: Soccer, 2, 3, 4 
tennis 2, 3, 4 Capt. -4 Other: 
Remember all the good times 
L.S., S.W., L.B. and CD. 

Steven Vaphiades 
16 Naugatuck Ave. Norfolk 
Likes: Bud, skiing. Dislikes: 
people who are serious, 
warpigs. Favorite Saying: 
"Let's have a chaw!" Favorite 
Memory: 8/24/84, 6/27/84 
Ambition: To help Dave R. quit 
Yode. Most Likely to be Found: 
in bed. Other: Everyone have 
a partying time in college or 


Glen Marriot 

Laura Byron Tammy Grasso 


Dianne Smith Guess Who? 

Stacy Slack 

Donna Beste Kai Andrejewski Mike Besaw 

John Kelley 



Glenn Curtis Sheila Wismewski 

Tim Heinz 

Chris Arraiz 

Wendy Paul Mary Marland Paula Cossette Michelle Plumer Robyn Lee Monice Odoardi 

Michele Sprague Jim Lukens Sue Theriault Dan Kelley 

Bill Cooke 

Kathy Hazlett Mariann Carmody Sharon Benson 

Michele Bergeron Mike Zarba 

Paul Troiano Laurel Clontz Tim Tompkinson Marina Farrand Kim Christiansen Brian Brannelly 

66 Heather Romsey Karen Higgins Charleen Phelan Pam Woolford Guess Who? Tracy Arena Larry Birkbeck Brenda Hall 

tajliss Nelson 

Renee Gage Sharalee Field 



Jill Stoddard 

Chris Embree 

Robyn Alger 

Kelley Lewis 

Cathy Peterson Rich Anderson 

Kim Merrill 

Kristen Insani 

CiCi Muir 

David Fortier 


Eric Cook 

\ * 

Heidi Henson 

Anna Peters 

Karen Peters 

Cindy Fisher Allison Boughner 

Keith Palos 

Joanne Shute Tammy Cyrulik 




<OR _ 




Tina Crowley Donna Shannon Evelyn Howe 

Kris Mayo 

Jeff Graveline 

Linn Loew 

Jeff and Steve 

Steve Walsh 

Brian Bredvik 

Jeff and Steve 

Sue Barry Kara MacKenney Chris Packer John Houseworth Kevin McNamara 

Richard Hill 

' 4 


7^ 1 ^t^ y 

Angela DiRe Elaine Robinson Collette Cadieux Christine Dynan Robin Andrews Jennifer Crets 

Kyle Begin 

Kathy Johnson 67 

April 19, 2005 

Dear Mrs. T, 

Well, here it is. . . twenty years since the "CLASS OF 1985" graduated. The committee decided that it was 
time to have our reunion somewhere else other than the King Philip Ballroom, so it was held here in Florida last 

A section of the Ft. Lauderdale Beach was rented out for the occasion; and Mike Zarba, who is now President 
of Miller Brewing Company was kind enough to provide the refreshments. 

Some of the accomplishments of our class are pretty incredible. In fact, if I hadn't been there to hear it with 
my own ears I probably wouldn't have believed what was said. For example, would you believe that Richie 
Anderson is skiing professionally for Cypress Gardens? Or that Dave Fortier is now owner of IBM? 

A few others have gone into guite abstract careers: Kathy Hazlett has opened up Boston's first "Fat Farm" 
(for those of us that have eaten too much cake and ice cream), Steve Matthews has been selling candy 
to little girls, Lauren DeRulsseau is a nuclear physicist who is redesigning the atomic bomb, Marina Ferand 
is a female mud wrestler, and Rene Neveux cleans animal cages at the Capron Park Zoo. 

After mingling around with the crowd for a while I found out that Bill Cooke has designed a 56 story 
clothing store which is now owned by Dianne Smith and Tina Crowley. Shari Bowes and Dave Kirwan have 
merged a company of their own- both are CPA's at Kirwan and Bowes Inc. Mary Roberts and Mary Marland 
are living in a basement in Milwaukee, Mike Zollo is starting forward for the New York Cosmos and Sue 
Pfischner is living in a bubble underwater. 

Unfortunately, a few of our classmates were unable to come to the reunion. Jim Yau is on a secret 
assignment for the government somewhere in Cuba, and Jack Aronofsky was busy four- wheeling with 
Australian kangaroos. I was unable to get in touch with Melissa Tamburrini, she's been traveling around the 
world and can't seem to find her way back to Logan Airport. Kitty Klemperer was found dead in a parked 
car in the Harvard Yard three years ago, presidential candidate Steve Walsh is still being held hostage by a 
women' s lib organization, and Cathy Peterson was unable to postpone her photo session with Dave 
Vaphiades and the other Chippendales on the Riviera. Sounds like a rough life, doesn't it? 

Some of us got the right idea and moved away from Massachussetts. . . (except for Chuck Fruci, he's still 
living in his parents basement). Roberta Connolly, Missy Hayes, Glen Marriett and LeAnn Sluss are all living 
here in Florida, and Mona Johnson is living in Sicily with a black Italian named Anthony. 

Well, by now the party was starting to pick up and everyone was beginning to feel pretty good. Mariann 
Carmody and Lorl LaRochelle had taken off in Lori 's new Porsche to go meet some teenage beach bums, 
and would you believe that they met up with Lee Drake, Dave Ross, and Keith Walsh? It seems that they'd 
spent all of Brian Brannelly's money to buy plane tickets and flew here from Hawaii for the reunion. Brian was 
left back in Hawaii to pay for all of their careless spending sprees. 

By this time, Mike Sabatinl was starting to get a little out of hand. He was running around untying bikini strings 
while Barry Miles was lying back admiring the scenery. Yes, that's right, Mike hasn't changed much since high 

A little while after that excitement, Dan Kelley walked in with Dave "Snuff" Bishop, Paul "Cute as a Button" 

Ross and the rest of his band members. It seems that he's now lead singer for the infamous band known 
as "Spit on a Cockroach". As a special surprise, they did a 45 minute set in which they sang their new 
top ten hit "I want to eat your toenails". When asked to comment on their performance, Mary Jane King 
stated "I think it's sick, they are the new generation of dregs in our society". I hear she's now organizing 
a national campaign to stamp out cruelty towards cockroaches. 

And speaking of bands, Steve and Jeff Flynn of "The Reach" are presently on a nationwide tour. Kyle 
Begin is their manager, Collette Cadieux is their costume designer and Kim Merrill and Wendy Paul are the 

band's two favorite groupies. However, rumor has it that Jeff has been unhappy with the band lately. National 
Enguirer's lead journalist, Mike Besaw, has guoted him as "wanting to escape to somewhere in Russia where 
he will be able to write and distribute literature to believers of the way". 

While the last few that I've mentioned have been making a living on their fame, others have just naturally 
become wealthy, healthy and happy without any effort. Lisa Healey enjoys sipping champagne with Prince 
Andrew only on Sundays. Rob Thrul is married to a blonde,owns a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and lives in a 
beachfront mansion. Steve Vaphiades lives off the coast of Jamaica in a 72 foot cabin cruiser and Cici Muir 
lives in her Porsche. 


Then again, many of us went on to do what the rest of the class thought they were destined to do anyway. 
Jim Caffln and Johnna Johnson are married, they now have a six room ranch house, three kids, two dogs 
and a goldfish. Ken Graham is still pumping gas at Daley's in Norfolk center. Frank Salkovitz has a bushy 
beard, a pot belly and drives an eighteen wheeler while Todd Ettenhoffer plays golf. Joe Woodworth is re- 
bondoing his car again. Jim Boschen lives his entire life in a bike shop. Jim Megna is an average everyday 
plumber and Paul Bowes casually drives around in his convertible Mercedes spending his millions. 

Do you remember our exchange student Kai Andrejewski? Well, he's now Prime Minister of Germany and is 
married to Heidi Henson. Angela Dire is enjoying living with Bruce Springsteen on the Jersey coast and 
Joanne Shute is supported by her very wealthy husband. Kenny Ireland and Evelyn Howe are both married, 
but on occasion they go out and hit the beaches together. Kris Zimmerman and her fiancee are presently 
living in Boston and they own the most prestigious preppy etiquitte school in the South End. Michele Sprague 
has also resided in Massachusetts, where she lives with former B. C. quarterback Doug Flutie. 

Meanwhile, as the rest of the class was catching up on the last 20 years, Sue Theriault was underneath a 
palm tree desperateley trying to figure out how to get out of her box. Italian restaurant owner Jeanne 
Marcarelll suggested that she use the door, but Sue said that it was too easy. 

Michelle Achln has joined a local group of Hare Kirshna Cultists and Mike Shea is living on the side of a 
mountain explaining lifes secrets to Michele Bergeron. Richard Lizotte is also living alone, he's in Northern 
Vermont studying the environment. 

Larry Post, John Redlhan and Glenn Curtis have all retired at an early age and are living in Jamaica. John 

Kelley is having a "spectacular" time in Hawaii and Dave Axberg owns his own mountain in Colorado. 

Kara Mackenney is a psychologist in Lake Tahoe, she's dedicated her entire life to trying to decipher all the 
problems of the"CLASSOF 1985". For instance, what was Chris Bettencourt's motive for embezzling $500,000 
from his own bank? Or why is Keith Palos still living in your artroom painting signs for $175 an hour? 

Nuclear physicist Sharalee Field has been living up in a satelite for the past five years. She said that she's 
waiting for another world war so she can observe it's faults and then improve on what went wrong. Another 
classmate who has entered the science field is Lloyd Crandall, he's been trying to invent the worlds first 
crashproof car. Paul Trolano is assisting him by continually driving the car into a brick wall. Wanda Skinner is 
designing jewelry in Hollywood; and Mark Dittrich is owner of the New York Yankees. He was coaching them 
for a short period of time, but he's recently been married and he couldn't support his wife's expensive tastes. 

While we're on the subject of sports, Chris Cassidy is the Bruins Public Relations Director. She says that the 
best part of her job is interviewing them in the locker room after the games. Joe Hemmingson has been 
awarded the title of Mr. Olympia for the second consecutive time. He intends to use his prize money to open 
up a chain of fitness centers that will put Gold's Gym out of business. 

Jill Stoddard is on her vacation and has been living with me for the past few weeks. I just had a police officer 
come to my door to collect money for her speeding tickets; it seems that she's having a hard time adjusting 
to the United States Highway Rules and Regulations again. You see she's been living in England for a while and 
won't accept the fact that she's been driving on the wrong side of the street. She said that she saw Kathy 
Johnson the other day. From what I understood, she was still cruising around in her black Jaguar with a 
Stone's tape cranked looking for a MacDonalds. 

Back to the party . . . After discussing Cindy Hurkett's plans to soup up her new motorcycle, I happened to 
overhear a conversation between Mike Bullock and Joe Delsignore. It was something about crashing a 
plane in the Everglades, but I didn't get all the details. 

Well, before I close this letter, here's a few more I almost forgot to mention. LeAnn Ryan and Monice 
Odoardl have joined the Marines to be with Richard Gere, and Kathy Wall is a successful fashion model in 
New York. Tim Heinz and Joe Gianni are living in Malibu surrounded by all the beautiful women they can 
handle; Marc Clndrlc is a well-respected businessman in London (he imports dog collars) and Pat Lynch is 
resting comfortably in Bellvue where his ten illigitimate children go to visit him on occasion. 

And Me? Well, right now I've got a date to go have a couple strawberry daiquiris with Adam Ant on the 
Intercoastal. I'll let you know what happens in my next letter. But until then, try not to worry ... we haven't 
been verbose or boisterous, and we've learned from our mistakes! 

With love, 


Charlotte Sundquist 




Nick Tobichuk 

Vice President 
Michelle Reid 


Cathy Conaty 

Diane Carew 


"Nah I don't do that!' 


'Get yer face outta my picture. 



'Get away from me!" 

"How 'bout a Hawaiian punch?' 

"I'm psyched!" 

"Peek-a-boo, I see 

We're self explanatory! 

"You want my John Hancock where? 


"Ha ha! (I don't get it.)' 

We got the spirit!" 

Here's Dave, reading his daily news (the 


J. Beksha M. Benoit D. Benson 


D. Berry 

C. Beste S. Bettinger E. Bigelow 

R. Black 


L. Brothers 

C. Caff in 

K. Cahalan 

L. Caparella 

D. Carchio 



A. Carson 

K. Cassingham 

L. Cerrifo 

*.x ^p**" : fl| 

I ^^8BI# 

y^> i / 
fkm 1 

■l~^ ^^C-^~'^^B 

1 / 1 

:::■ Iff \ V '~'""9 



Km ^B 

j^r :■■■ 


A. Charlebois B. Charron 

W. Cherry 

C. Clarke 

E. Clarke 

L. Clayton 

J. Davis 

A. Deforge 

Class of 1986 


K. Grosser 

G. Hamlin K. Harcovitz 





R. Kennerson 


T. King K. Kinsman 


C. Knight 

T. Kohut M. Krajewski 



K. McNamara L. McPherson T. Megna T. Megna J. Meyer M. Michalik L. Miller R. Molloy 


R. Molloy 

E. Moore 

K. Moriarty L. Morrissette 








J. Pitt 

F. Pladt 

D. Polio 

T. Pothier 




G. Purdon 


R. Rausch 

B. Redihan 

S. Regina 




J. Sandberg 

K. Schaefer J. Schramm 


S. Schwartz E. Senecal C. Shanks G. Sheck S. Signore 

R. Sousa 



S. Sullivan E. Sutcliffe A. Swantak 



S. Widak 

J. Wiese 

K. Wyatt 

S. Zambezi 

Class of '86 


Vice President- 
Lisa Kuta 

Sarah Doyle 

Keelan Muir 

Erin Kelly 


'Heeeere's Freddie!" 

Guy's we've done it! 




The Freshmen-Sophomore 
Semi-formal was held at 
the Coachmen's Lodge in 
Bellingham on March 30. 
1984. The Queen's crown 
was given to Brandi Slattery 
who was escorted by Dave 
Bouffard. Sophomore 
princesses were Elizabeth 
Lynch escorted by Russ 
Molloy; and Anna Bachland 
escorted by John Curtain. 

Freshmen princesses were 
Jen Pomfret escorted by 
Bob Simmer; and Pam Fisher 
escorted by Mike Bazaire. 


'Watch the fist, buddy 

Nanc for president! 


J. Beckers C. Birkbeck K. Boone S. Boothe S. Bortolotto H. Boschen B. Bourque J. Bowers 

S. Buckley B. Bullock 

J. Burns C. BuVair 

Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores 


S. Cobb 

J. Coll 

D. Colletto K. Collins 

S. Conniff K. Connolly R. Constantino T. Cormier 

A. Cortese M. Costa R. Couillard N. Crowell 

H. Curtis 

L. Cyrulik N. Damato J. Davis 

H. Desper R. Desrosiers 

D. Dix 

R. Dobo D. Dodenhoff K. Donnelly K. Dooley 

D. Dow 

Class of '87 


S. Grant E. Grazado 

A. Guillette L. Haddleton L. Haehnel 









R. McEachern J. MacMurray L. Martisius s. Mathews M. McCartin K. McDargh T. McDonald S. McMorrow 


L. Morrissette 

S. Morse 

K. Muir 

R. Mullen 

J. Murray D. Nadeau 

L. Neale 

C. Nelson 








;. Riendeau B. Robbins M. Robinson C. Roche 

D. Roper 

K. Rounds 








P. Smith R. Smith 

S. Smith P. St. Pierre D. Stanfield S. Stearns L. Stewart J. Stockwell 


L. Todd T. Tomkinson G. Topping 

Sophomores Sophomores Sophomore: 




Ms. Beaudoin 

Ms. Berry 

Ms. Cataldo 

Mrs. Costen 

Ms. Cassavant 

Mrs. Cyrulik 


Miss Lessard 

Mrs. Maduskie 


Mrs. Sullivan 

Mr. Finase 
(I.H. Sup.) 


l» .i.C-0 









^s ^J 

Mrs. N. Tower 

Mrs. Cronin 

The Art Dept. of the King Philip 
Regional High School is one of the 
fastest growing departments at the 
high school. Itjhas quadrupled in size 
in the last thre% years, and now 
services about two hundred and fifty 
students or one-fourth of the student 

Foundations of Art Graphic Design, 
Ceramics and Advanced Placement 
Art are some of our more popular 

Our art students get some first hand 
layout and communication skill 
reinforcements as they help out with 
our yearbook, "The Chieftain", which 
is under the direction of the art 





This course stresses the basic 
jobs, operations, and skills 
needed in the servicing an 
repair of automobiles and 
trucks. The student will gain a 
thorough knowledge of the 
materials and equipment 
used by auto mechanics. He 
will learn to use meters and 
measuring instruments, learn 
to read and interpret 
sketches, scematics and 
diagrams, and use shop 
manuals and other materials. 
Each student will have an 
opportunity to use hand tools 
of the automotive trade and 
to learn how to perform the 
operations of the trade, 
including the evaluation of 
the completed work. 

(Mr. A. Antonetti) 

Office Education 


ai iou 

- m 

"I think Business Education has helped 
me a lot during my high school 
years, particularly because the 
business field is a great place to get 
a job." — Lori Larochelle. '85. 

"I have learned a lot in my business 
classes. It will help me a great deal 
when I want to own my own 
business in a couple of years. 
— Brenda Bourque, '85. 

"... I feel I have enough education 
to get into a good college or to 
seek a very goodfio." —Deb 
Manganiello, '85. 

"1 fee) that Business Education has 
helped me prepare for college AND 
the business world." — Linn Loew, '85. 

"Business Education got me a 
secretarial job where gorgeous guys 
work!" —Chris Embree, '85. 







5>7 / 

/ / 

y >a 



Mr. Berteletti 


The carpenty program 
teaches students the 
fundamental skills of the field. 
The first two years students 
learn the skills of mill work, and 
framework. Juniors and 
seniors put their skills to work 
on special assignments, that 
they are given. 

■ ■ . ■ ■ ■ ■. 

Mr. Dunne 

Mr. Paglari 
(dept. head) 


'< I 

Mr. Woodhams 





^ MM 




The culinary arts department at 
King Philip teaches the students 
the basics of cooking and 
baking. The students learn in a 
working environment and gives 
them enough experience to 
later pursue careers in bakeries, 
restaurants, and hotels. 

sens is impc 


Distributive Education 

_:--s : % ii ;: ' ■ -- ' " " " ' - " """ 

he Distributive Education 
Program provides students 
with training in marketing, 
retailing, and management. 
Students practice their skis 
first in the school store and 
restaurant, and later in local 
businesses. They also 
participate in the Distributive 
Education Clubs of America, 
a national youth organization 
designed to promote 
excellence In business skills. 


Mrs. Maxell 


Tech Drawing 


In complex civilizations like ours, there 
are many opportunities in the 
technical field. Tech drawing is 
considered basic to a all technical 
courses. It is the principal means of 
expressing ideas in a technical world. 

Drawing is the oldest type of 
expression. It is understood by 
everyone, and known as the 
universal graphic language. A word 
is an abstract symbol representing a 
thing of idea, but a picture visually 
represents the object. This need for 
pictures creates the need for 
technical drawing. 




Mr. Riley 

Mr. Sumner 

Mr. Woodhams 

Drafting has been an integral part of 
industry for many years. It is the link 
between engineering design and 
manufacturing. Information is quickly 
communicated to manufacturing in 
the form of drawing prepared 
according to the drafting standards. 
Drafting is a modern profession that 
continually needs new workers. 

Once the basics of drafting are 
understood, those with a continuing 
interest in drafting may select an 
area of specialization to gain 
additional experience. 


The following career fields do not 
require c college degree but do 
require a vocational certificate in 
drafting: Drafting trainees, detail 
drafters, layout drafters, design 
drafters, technical illustrators, and 
computer drafters. 




Electrical is a course 
designed to instruct students 
in the knowledge of electrical 
theory, how electricity works, 
how it's generated, 
controlled, distributed, and 
put to use. Students learn the 
adaption of this theory in the 
electrical shop by wiring 
various types of switches, 
lighting fixtures, appliances, 
power tools, signs, 
transformers, motors, 
controllers, and high and low 
voltage. Dedicated students 
can pursue the following 
options in the electrical field: 
alarm systems, telephone 
systems, control systems, 
audio systems, electronics, 
cable T.V. and robotics. 

::;■..-; ; 



•^ ' 

«*■» '^^i 

Bi ffiss^"'""" 

»,. '-w^ 



Mr. Bodge 

Mr. Pillarelta 

Mr. Ryszkiewicz 

7 > ' I 





ay if 
■ trying to- g 

&&#» ■■AVi 


id the roads are crowded; bi 

in a cold like this. 


mals have left their corner and are nosing him, Pres 

•Hi i i 




a bin a scream 

S. Ar )BUS. IS 


Mr. Ahem 

Mrs. Alter 

Mr. Besaw 

Mr. Black 

Mr. Goldman 

Mr. Houde 

Mrs. Huckle 

Mr. McEachern 

Mrs. Negus 

Miss Ryan 
(Dept. Head) 

Miss Southworth 

Miss Szatek 

The King Philip High School 
Language Arts Department 
approaches the study of 
English and Reading as an 
ongoing process. The 
department offers courses 
geared to college 
preparation, business, general 
and vocational students. 
Specific courses in literature, 
writing, reading, and 
advanced placement are 
available to the students. 

Foreign Language 

U : L : © 


■ ■ 

i es 



The Foreign Language Department 
meets the needs of students by 
broadening their means of 
communication and enriching their 
cultural insights. Through an audio- 
lingual, audio-visual approach, 
students are led through a 
comprehensive sequence aimed 
towdrcLoomnhunicative competence 
in French, Spanish or Latin. In 
addition to the classroom— 
i experience, the department 
periodically organizes student tours 
to Spain and France, sponsors 
Foreign Language Festivals, publishes 
student newspapers in French and 
Spanish and organizes field trips to 
foreign language attractions. 

"Pienso que las lenguas son una 
parte muy important e de la 
educacion. " 

Michelle Oppenheim 

"Le francais 'nous enseigne pas 
seulement la langue, ma'is aussi la 
culture. " 

Tim Tomkinson 

' 'Si todas las personas pueden hablar 
una lengua extranjera. es posible 
hacer el mundo mejor. Lo hace paz 
mas posible. " 

Kristen Lennon 

"Je voudrais pouvoir communiquer 
avec les gens des pays differents. " 
Cathy Peterson 

"Elestudio de una lengua extranjera 
es import ante porque hay mas 
oportunidades para personas 
bilingues. " 

" , Mike Besaw 

"L etude d'une langue. est I etude 
d'un peuple. " 

Brian Bodemer 


Mr. Lanciaux 
(dept. head) 

: ':-M si m ' ■■*' 

Graphic Arts 



Graphic Arts 
The Graphic Arts Industry is one of 
the fastest growing industries in our 
ever increasing technological world, 
having experienced phenominal 
growth until it now represents over 8 
percent of the gross national 
product and enjoys an annual gross 
volume of over 25 Pillions of dollars. 

Students who graduate from a high 
school vocational program in 
Graphic Arts can consider careers as 
a pressman/woman, 
camerman/woman, stripper, bindery 
operations specialist, proof reader, 
paste-up artist, design layout artist, 
photographer, and graphic 
machinery and computer 
maintenance specialist. 



: P*" \ 

g-gi ran* 

■ ■ ■ ■ I . dry 

"'''' IP& $S& 0> C" 

The Health Occupations 
Program allows students 
interested in health care 
careers the opportunity to 
explore theory and clinical 
skills involved in patient care. 
Learning and practice takes 
place in a class laboratory 
setting and in local Health 
Care Institutions. In addition, 
the students gain an 
expanded awareness of the 
variety of careers within the 
Health Care field. 




Students in the machine 
shop study skills that will 
qualify them for entry-level 
jobs in the machine tool 
industry. As they progress 
in their trade, many will be 
involved in such specialties 
as robotics and bio- 
medical engineering. 









A, v« * .'» psA -^ 


d. sv 


Ms. Barrett 

Mr. Lepere (dept. 

Ms. Fagan 

^^^^^±_ 1 Is 

Mr. Perry 


Miss Flaherty 

Mr. Radziewicz 

Mr. Webb 

Miss Szczepaniak 

Miss Strekouras 



The Math Department otters 
a wide variety of courses 
ranging from Math I to 
Calculus, Trigonomity, and 
Consumer Math. The 
expansion of the Computer 
Program has added a spark 
of current interest to the 

Students may also become 
involved in the Math League 
and compete intellectually 
with others in the area. 

y vark 





Bca ' ' ^^H 

' IImX^^II^-^.-aI 

^T^^HKI" >9I HX ft. 1 

Bg^^H^V> .flvy' JB^T^^^r ^vfl 

fc^ ^Wift : ^sH 

V|| w r 

07lP% ^Br ^Mfl^M 

pk ' ftl 

kg**-. * S M 


... H^^fedH 

B| Bgjffl 

- 11P^ 


F ( l 

The King Philip Regional Marching Bana 
competes in the New England 
Scholastic Band Association every tall as 
well as at home football games. This 
year's band won two competitions, 
placed second in another, and seventh 
overall in the finals. Drum majors for the 
1984 marching band were Kim Samuto, 
and Anna Peters. The colorguard 
captain was Stephanie Fearnley. 

Performances within the community are 
numerous. The students would like to 
thank all those people who have 
supported music in the region by their 
aid and attendance throughout the 
past school year. 


Mr. Anzivino- 

Mr. Tileston- band 


Physical Education 

Mr. Cosentino 
(dept. head) 

Mr. Hartley 


Mrs. Pfeffer 

Mrs. Smith 


The Physical Education Department, 
under the dept. head of Mike 
Cosentino, underwent a very unique 
change this year, that being its 
becoming coed. This brought about 
a significant increase of socialization 
as well as a curriculum change for 
the instructors. 

The instructors specialized in 
combination team and individual 
sports as well as adding a unit on 
CPR and alcoholism. King Philip was 
proudly selected from all of the 
schools in Massachusetts to be 
hosting a special quest speaker on 
alcoholism. Hopefully, in the future 
they will be able to expand the 
teaching staff to accomodate the 
extra large sections. 

Physical Education is a requirement 
for freshmen and sophomores, but it 
remains an elective for the juniors 
and seniors. 










erais are 
sequence of 

a most ad 

fit and bo 


i| . a Period. 

urn ' ^* 
IA-V! -ughly 

lon-metaliic ele- 


d the alkg 
"he las' 
—Group VISA 
—The eieme 
groups IIA 
tion elemeni 
—Short vertici 
numeral he 

Am Cm 

95 96 ' 

Modern society needs a 
science program that is 
relevant to contemporary 
life, and that clearly serves 
the future. Therefore, we in 
the science department 
endeavor to improve the 
learning situation for our 
students so that they 
become knowledgeable of 
the content process and 
application of science and 
the responsibilities of scientists 
to themselves and to society. 


Mr. Nosiglia 

Mr. Schmidt 

Mrs. Villiard 


i | Cl ; ;S3 \ 

• 1 

Sheet Metal work in the 
building trades is governed 
by the gauge of metal used. 
It is classified as ranging 
between 10 ga. and 36 ga. 
U.S. Std. Building trades sheet 
metal work deals with the 
design, fabrication, and 
installation of air-handling 
systems. Here ductwork is 
constructed and installed for 
heating, cooling, and 
ventilating both residential 
and industrial buildings. Along 
with this, construction and 
installation of items such as 
gutters, flashings, copings, 
decking, cornices, tanks, 
hoppers, louvers, ventilators, 
canopies, conductors, 
skylights, and cyclones are an 
intergal part of the sheet 
metal worker's responsibility. 
(Mr. Conley) 



Mr. Petersen 



Social Studies 

■ TSSP"*' 

Miss Brenner 
(Dept. Head) 
Graphic Design 

Mr. Brennan 

Miss Coutu 

Mr. Dwyer 

Miss Manteca 

Mr. Simmarian 

Mrs. Viles- 

The Social Studies Department has 
elective offerings as well as two 
required courses to complete 
graduation. Youth and Law, 
Economics, Psychology, Sociology, 
and Modern European History are the 
courses that many seniors elect. This 
year social studies students will 
participate in the National History 
Day Contest, Student Government 
Day Hockomock Model Senate, and 
Labor Contest. 

Media Center 
l/Me< a c< 



W (p P 


"I need a mystery book," "Is there a 
short book on Poe?" "Can you help 
me find a picture of a unicorn?" "My 
report is due tomorrow. I need three 
sources." "Do you think I can type 
ten pages in twenty minutes?" "The 
television in room 245 isn't working 
again.'" "Sign me up for computer 
time with the SATs!" 

THE MEDIA CENTER: a piace for 

information on hobbies, sports, 
colleges, and jobs. 

A place to read, thumb through a 
magazine, or check the latest 
scores in the newspaper. 

Mrs. Carr (aide) 

Mrs. Lepere 

Mrs. Walsh (aide) 









"The house was quiet and the 

world was calm. 
The reader became the book; 

and summer night 
Was like the conscious being of 

the book." 

Wallace Stevens 


Mrs. Kamon 


Ms. McDonald 

Ms, Palmer (aide) 

i* ' ££> 'i- w msaamj 

- ■ 

■ ■.,__.. 



■ . 


Mr. Doherty 


Mrs. Delahanty 

Miss Resca 

Ms. Stelzmann 


Mrs. Brennan 

Mrs. DiRe 

Mrs. Lawler (asst.) 

Mrs. Mulcahy 

Mrs. D. Tower 

Miss Turco (asst.) 

Mrs. Voci 

Mrs. Wernborg 

Mrs. Wintringham 


Project Share 
bLolec; ppaL© 


*—■ — i I I I I 

Project SHARE is a vocational program which services students through the BICO 
Collaborative. The students have specifc learning disabilities. Learning disabilities are 
remediated in the resource rooms. Vocational skills are studied in mainstreamed 
and resource shops. 



j 8 3 

S M A 


HO 8 


Mrs. Alter 

Mr. Chichetto 

Mr. Churchwell 

Miss Flanagan 

Mrs. Galligan 

Mrs. Moloney 

Dr. Neifing 

Mr. Northrop 

Miss Nichols 

Mrs. Paulous 

Miss Soufy 


Mr. Wickman 

■^ ■ 

r » t 

F ! o ■■. 

Norman Lavallee 

o n 


.At E 

( M 

In my first year of coaching baseball, it was a super year. The biggest 
victories of the season were beating Division 2 state champion 
Stoughton, 4-1, and also Boston Latin 7-2 in the state tournament. The 
toughest loss of the season came against West Roxbury in the states. 
Overall it was a great feeling to be a part of the team. 

(Steve Plympton) 

1st row: C. Arnold, B. Redihan, K. Healy, K. Schaefer, S. Brown, B. 
Hartford. 2nd row; Coach Demond, D. Bouffard, A. Connolly, D. 
Andrews, J. Murray, B. Kannally, B. Bourque, M. Dynan. 


Plympton plows to 2nd. 

"Glenn, was that the steal signal?' 

\ 1 :■ 

'Whaddayah say, Zarb?" 


2nd row- L-R: Coach Lombard, (Asst.) Coach Plympton, G. Curtis, J. Redihan, K. Buckley, D. Kelley, M. 
Weir, M. Dittrich, and manager, Kim Christiansen. 1st row- L-R: Mike Zarba, J. Homer, S. McLaughlin, J. 
Plympton, B. Weir, T. Masterson, D. Bishop. 

"Go ahead. Make my day!" 15 q 


D r ~ : II 

■■'.'. '. . . .'.'.' 

The softball team finished in the middle of the pack of the league. The team 
consisted of five seniors, five juniors, and three sophomores, 

Tammy Padula was the captain and was also selected as a member of the 
Hockomock League Allstars. 

The J.V. softball team finished high in the league standings with a 13-5 win loss 


Where ARE the guys? 

1st row l-r: B. Baker. B. Linkus, C. Dynan, L. Pitt, T. Padula, C. Pennacchio 2nd row l-r: Coach Cosentino, C. Cassidy, H. 
Romsey, K. Lewis. L. Grzenda, K. Hartford, B. Hall, J. Marcarelli 

"Don't insult my 
mother again!" 

"Oh no, it's almost my turn to be up! 

1st row l-r: T. Lang, M. Michalik, K. Pennacchio, K. Palos, R. Rausch, D. Orlando, K. Muir, A. Guillett 
2nd row l-r: Coach Hartley, S. Lacourse, A. Carson, E. Kelly, J. Byron, K. Connolly, D. Gorman, T. 
Gallagher, K. Carlow, M. Rovendro, T. Troiano, K. Hughes 



K.P.'s Boys Varsity Tennis Team enjoyed its fourth straight winning season this 
year. They made the "states" and got to the quarter-finals before losing to 
Barnstable at the Cape. It was the second time we made the states in four 
years. Our team's overall record was 14-6. Our league record, 10-6. 

Senior Co-Capt. Chris Hayden was named to the all-star team for the second 
year in a row. Our #1 doubles team of Dave Fortier and Brian Blinco were 
named to the Central Mass. all-star #1 doubles team. They had a great year. 
They also got to the quarter-finals in the Mass. State doubles tournament. 

Co.Capt. Paul Conlin had a winning season at #2 singles play and gave our 
team great balance and experience along with the surprising play of senior 
Doug Nason at #3 singles. Doug's season record, 18-2. 

Rich Leveroni, John Schramm, Gary Fortier, Jim Yau and Larry Post made up the 
rest of the team, and all contributed greatly to make the 1984 Boys Varsity 
Tennis Team season such a great success. "It was truly one of the finest group 
of players that I have ever had the pleasure to coach here at K.P." (Jack 

^— -/ 

"Hey Brian, now Is not the time for jumping-jacksl" 

, ' m&»<< *fi *s 


1st row: B. Blinco, D. Nason, C. Hayden, P. Conlin, L. Post,. 2nd row: J. Dwyer, G. Fortier, 
T. VanLingen, D. Fortier, J. Yau, R. Leverone, K. McGlynn. 

Come on Chris , . . Can't you give me a little help? 

Give me five! 

This is not ballet class, Gary/ 

Come on guys, watch the ball. 

Girls Tennis 


The 1984 season was definitely a growing and rebuilding year for girls tennis. We 
lost one of our valuable players, Wendy Slade; but we were still able to put 
forth our best efforts. With a year of experience we hope to make this conning 
season the best yet! 



OH. stop, now!' 


1st row- L-R: L. Cyrulik, J. King, S. Graves, T. Cyrulik, S. Tierney. 2nd row- L-R: Coach Goldberg, G. Jones, A. 
Cosentino, J. Meyer, N. Goronley, A. DiRe. 

'Watch that first step, Davel' 

The King Philip Track Team ended the season with a 10-1 record. The 
Warriors placed second in the league with its fifth second place finish in 
seven years. The team also placed third at the South Shore Meet and 
finished fifth in the South Eastern Mass. Finals. 

Outstanding performances by Steve Simmer in the Javelin, Joel Murray 
with the Shotput, and Richard Smith in the Triple Jump and High Hurdles, 
topped off a super senior group. 

David Latham and the 100 yard dash and long jump, and Brian Bredvik in 
the two miler were the outstanding juniors. 

Between David Latham and Rick Smith they set six new school and two 
new league records on their way to the New England Finals. 

"That's great time. 

"It's true! You can hear the 

Where's the ground?' 

"Alright, Coach, now what do I do?" 

"Come back here with my 
lunch money!" 

1st row-L.-R.: R. Bryant, S. Bowers, P. Cataldo, P. Hughes, M. Wolpers, Capt. J. Murray, Capt. R. Smith, Capt. T. Cordani, S. Simmer, J. 
George, J. Molloy. 2nd row- L.-R.: B. Bredvik, J. Heinsohn, R. Guillette, D. Latham, M. Little, J. Barrett, B. Cook, J. Martinous, J. Martinous, P. 
Russo, A. Intrieri, R. McCabe. 3rd row-L-R: Coach P. Bertelletti, J. Grant, E. Davey, V.J. Panettiere, E. Cook, C. Stonionis, B. Miles, E. Senecal, 
M. King, D. Boynton, M. Pitt, J. Barrett, B. Packer, B. Bodemer, M. Besaw, R. Lizotte, G. Collins 

Girls Spring Track 

"Finally the finish line!' 

The 1984 Girl's Spring Track Team was enthusiastic and hard-working with 
its greatest strength in distance running. The forty member team which 
won nineteen varsity letters was dominated by sophomores and freshmen. 
Tri-captains Kim Barry, Joan Edwards, and Denise Woodworth led the 
team to a 2-6 season which was stronger than our record would suggest. 
Sophomore Nancy Gouthro received the Most Valuable Player and High 
Points Scorer Awards, and senior Kim Barry was the Unsung Hero. The Tri- 
captains for 1985 are Susan Barry, Heidi Henson and Sheila Wisniewski. 

"Seems like a long way for 
a Big Mac!" 

1st row- L-R: N. Gouthro, M. Marland, H. Henson, M. Fitzgerald, K. Bany, B. Paulson, C. Fisher, K. O'Connor, L. O'Neil, 
2nd row- L-R: J. Bowers, S. Lynch, C. Conaty, A. Farrar, A. Walsh, L. Cassavant, B. Slattery, S. Wiesnewsky, S. 
Bettinger, L. Kuta, K. Wyatt, K. Gimattio. 3rd row- L-R: Ms. Bremer, S. Schwartz, N. Damato, B, Dumis, S, Washer, K, 
Krajewski, K. Devine, K. Kearns, A. Flynn, S. Barry, J. Hayes, W. Salisbury, D. Carew, D. Benson, Coach McEachern. 

"Who should I hit 

"Is it too late to join football?' 

Strong backup runners for the team were seniors Captain Brian Bredvik, 
Co-Captain Rick Guillette, Co-Captain Joe Woodworth, Brian Collins, Brian 
Bodemer, Ed Davey, Jeff Martinous, and Kai Andrejewski, (an exchange 
student from West Germany); juniors Tom Leston and John Grant; 
sophomores Dan Dow, and Bill Packer; and freshmen runners Jason Pirone 
and Jason Movessian. 

-Coach Mr. McEachern 



& » 


1 \ 

v: r 

We paid twenty dollars for this?' 

"Slow down. I want to win today!' 

Top row. L to R: J Paroni. J. Movsessian, E. Clarke. Middle row, L to R: T. Lester, J. Grant, 
M. Pitt, D. Dow, B. Packer, J. Martinous. Bottom row, L. to R: B Collins, E. Davey, J. 
Woodworth. B. Bredvik, R. Guillette, D. Heinsohn, J. Martinous, B. Bodemer. Standing: 
Coach R. McEachern. 

"Hang on coach! I'm 
coming. " 

The 1984 Cross-Country teams both had successful seasons. The girls team 
dropped only one match during the dual meet season, to North Attleboro, this 
year's Hockomock League Champions. The team was lead by sophomore Nicole 
Damato and Bernadette Dumas; both girls represented King Philip in every meet 
this season. Strong back-up runners for the (7-1) team were juniors Jennifer 
Hayes, Tina Stracuzzi and Nancy Gouthro, and sophomores Lisa Kuta, Andra 
Azotte, Allison Walsh and Jodie Bowers. 

Front row. L to R: Stacey Lynch, Bernadette Dumas, Nicole Damato, Jennifer Hayes, Tina Stracuzzi, Nancy 
Gouthro, and Leah Wilson. Back Row, L to R: Coach R. McEachern, Allison Walsh, Audra Azotte, Lisa Kuta, and 
Jodi Bowers. 

and get it right this time!' 

The 1984 field hockey season was definitely a building year. The young 
team mainly strived to improve the playing skills for future years. With 
only three seniors graduating this year, and with the newly formed 
junior varsity team doing so well, we anticipate a very good season in 

The varsity team was led by senior co-captains Cheryl McClintock, 
Robyn Andrews, and Coach Maureen Dunfey. The Most Valuable 
Player Award went to Cheryl McClintock, and Kristen Zimmerman 
received the Unsung Hero Award. "Leading" the junior varsity team 
were co-captains Grechen Jones, Linda Cyrulik, and Coach Nancy 
Tower. The junior varsity Most Valuable Player was Keilan Muir; and 
Mary Cataldo was the Unsung Hero. 

Junior Varsity - Row 1, L to R: Coach N. Tower, L. Casavant, K. Muir, L. 
Cyrulik, G. Jones, S. Schwartz. S. Hayes. Row 2, L to R: K. Cook, L. 
Haddleton, S. Oliver, D, Sera, M. Sidwell, and M. Cataldo. 

Varsity - Row 1, L to R: K. Zimmerman, Capt. C. McClintock. 
Capt. R. Andrews, Coach M. Dunfey. Row 2, L to R: K Kearns, K. 
O'Connell, B. Charron, L. Calzaretta. Row 3, L to R: C. Smith, T. 
Await, M. Gillis. Row 4, L to R: C. Widak, S. Latham, D. Carew. 


■ ■ 


Football, 1984 . . . The year the lights went up. The cheers of the large crowds in attendence 
inspired the warriors as they only lost once "under the lights." in '84. All-League Quarterback Dave 
Bishop completed 110 passes for a K.P. school record, 44 of them to John Vine. Captains Eric Cook, 
Steve Mathews, and Dave Bishop led a closely knit group of seniors and an enthusiastic Warrior 
Football Team during this memorable season. Warrior fans and players will remember the night the 
lights were dedicated with a 22-12 victory over Bellingham and the impressive 31-0 shutout over 
Dover-Sherbourn as the seniors played in their last night game. 

— Coach Lombard 

'Yes. guys . . . We bad!' 


Front Row L. to R.: Besaw, Troiano, Kelley, Homer, Kirwin, Tri-capt. Cook, Tri-Capt. Bishop, Tri- 
capt. Matthews, Miles, J. Little, Palos, Jarvis, Latham, Gianni. Second row, L. to R.: Kelly, Purden, 
Weir, Simmer, Jones, Detroyer, Vine, Stonionis, Healey, J. Barrett, Megna, Ainslie, Senecal, 
Jergens, Kannally. Third row, L. To R.: Odoardi, Murray, Bullock, Molloy, Arnold, Intrieri, Backlund, 
King, J. Barrett, Conniff, Panettiere, Cassidy, S. Little, Ippololito, Romsey. Fourth row, L. to R.: 
Kinsman, Sluss, Barkley, T. Thomas, Sidwell, R. Kelley, Bryant, Brown, Bourgue, Phelan, Grazenda, 
Hurder, Fowler, Healy. Fifth row, L. to R.: Berry, Brooks, Ritchie, Jones, Arnold, Treeful, Spink. 

"Let's run by that chick on our next play. " 



The 1984 golf team compiled a record of three wins, nine losses and four ties. Most 
of the starting players were ninth graders with very little playing experience. The 
hopes for the future of King Philip golf seem bright with the excellent play of the 
upcoming freshmen. Next year's team will have two juniors, the only upper class 

"It looks like he blew it!" 


"/ hope it doesn't land in that bird's 

Boys Soccer 


* M m«$; *' - * . ' - /^ Wfk 


r » -J* 




"How about giving me the ball!" 

'Talk to each other!" 

but Coach, I'm nervous. " 

"Oh, my toe hurts!" 



M \ 

W \ I 



The Boys Soccer Team had an extremely successful 1984 season with a 
record of 12-5. In fact, at the completion of our regular season we 
then entered the State Tournament. We had a substantial victory over 
Hyde Park, which led to the unsuccessful confrontation of Duxbury. The 
team was led by the fine coaching of Coach Mike Stuber and Co- 
captains Mike Zollo and Mark Dittrich. Mark Tronti also had outstanding 
season on defense as stopper. "He was also elected to the 
Hockomock League All-Star Team." 



"On, no/" 

"Kou animal!' 

'They love us!" 


'77/ meet it in mid air. 



First row, L to R: J. Yau, M. Tronti, Co-Capt. M. Zollo, Co-Capt. M. Dittrich, K. Buckley, M. 
Zarba. Second row, L to R: R. Plante, K. Buckley, D. Hughes, R. Anderson, M. Sabatini, B. 
Cooke. Third row, L to R: B. Blinco, R. Black, P. Russo, J. Hill. Fourth row, L to R: L. Cerrito, P 
Soils, P. Peterson, J. Finley, K. Libatory. 

'Co Captains M. Dittrich and M. Zollo." 

First row, L to R: K. Harmon, S. Theriault, J. Rausch, H. Romsey, K. Christiansen, K. Lewis, J. 
Shute. Second row, L to R: S. Bettinger, E. Carson, K. Pinacchio, D. Orlando, B. Rausch, J. 
Sandberg, B. Mayor, D. Benson, Third row, L to R: J. Baker, J. Byron, T. Gallagher, T. 
Troiano, Kai Andrejewski, J. Masterson, K. Kuza, K. Faulkner, K. Palos, Coaches: S. Myette, 
S. Plympton. 

"Forget the ball. Let's race!' 

The Girls Soccer Team does not measure their success by their record, but instead it 
measures it by their improvement and their anticipation of a great season in 1985. The team 
was lead by Coach Myette and co-captains Kim Christiansen and Jenny Rausch. A great 
effort was put forth by Heather Romsey as goalie and junior halfback Anita Carson. We are 
looking forward to leaving the Independent League and becoming part of the Hockomock 
League next year. 

"Is that their goalie or the whole 


Get it off my foot" 

"Eeew . . . a worm!" 

"No, this is soccer, not ballet class. " 

'•*** gJf^^^lft 

Boys Basketball 


Junior Varsity Team: Back row, L. to R.: Coach Ingalls, M. Bizarre, J. Stockwell, R. 
Kelley, E. Clark, N. Crowell, T. Quinlan, M. Dynan. Front row, L. to R.: B. Barkley, 
D. Boynton, S. McMorrow, S. Grant, D. Boufard. 

"Will you people listen?' 


'Where did the ball go?" 

Varsity Team: Front row, L. to R.: M. Tronti, R. Blaisdale, Capt. D. Bishop, Capt. P. 
Lynch, J. Lukens, D. Kelley. Second row, L. to R.: M. Weir, R. Bryant, R. Black, G, 
Topping, J. Vine, B. Hartford, Coach B. Jackman. 

Front row. L. to R.: M. Sidwell. B. Birkbeck, L. Cyrulik. K. Kuza, K. Muir, S 
Lacourse, K. Faulkner. Second row, L, to R.: T. Knell, K. Daniels, J. 
Barrett, J. Beckers, N. Krajewski, J. Beckers, J. Masterson, S. LaCourse, 
S. Oliver. 

"Move over, l"m coming through. 

Varsity Team: Front row. L. to R.: K. Harmon, J. Jones, L. LaRochelle, K. Lewis, B. Hall. Second 
row, L. to R.: Coach O'Connell, J. Meyer, K. Kearns, K. O'Connell, N. Gouthro, A. Carson, K. 

"Don't hit me." 

'That was a close call." 

"Oh, shoot. I'm too far out." 


"Please don't miss it!" 

How funky is your chicken . . . ?' 

Front row, L. to R.: J. Pomfret, C. Leveroni, S. Doyle, K. Carew, Second row, L. to R.: L. 
Loew, G. Jones. Third row, L. to R.: D. Brown, D. Orlando, C. Ely, K. MacDonald, A. 
Leveroni. Missing: K. McDargh, K. Wyatt, and C. Langevine. 

"Nobody taught me this version!' 

'Thank God . . . half time!' 

'Yah, we have nicer legs." 

Front row, L. to R.: S. Barry, P. Fisher, M. Rovendro, B. Donahue, J. Gallagher, T. Troiano, D. 
Nelson, L. Byron. Second row, L. to R,: B. Cosentino, E. Kelly, J. Newman, C. Muir, S. 
Wisnewski, D. Benson, Coach A. 

"Did Roy Rogers and Trigger ever do this?' 

Ice Hockey 
ce hockgA 

"I'll let him have it." 

Getting a little behind in his work. 

"Coach. I'm really in the groove now!" 

'Your pad or mine?" 

"You get the left foot and I'll get the 

"Gang Way! 

Winter Track 

"Now remember . . . Don't trip this time." 

'Three more laps?" 

"I thought limbo was under the bar. 

"Toothache or not 
I'm going to win!" 

Front row, L. to R.: S. Lynch, N. Damato, B. Dumas, H. Curtis. Second row, 
L. to R.: Coach White, A, Ayotte, A. Walsh, S. Latham. Third row, L. to R.: 
K. Calahan, A. Guillette. 

"/ wish I had her sneakers!' 

"Take that!' 

fis rvA * 



First row, L. to R.: J. Martinous, R. Guillette, D. Latham, B. Miles, B. Collins, T. Lester. 
Second row, L. to R.: J. Martinous, T. Tomkinson, J. Grant, B. Packer, J. Murray, D. Dow. 
Third row, L. to R.: E. Cooke, R. Lizotte, B. Healey, S. Nelson, M. Treeful, J. Movsession, 
M. Digris, Fourth row. L. to R.: Coach White, J. Barrett, D. Ainslee, M. Besaw, J. Gianni, 
K. Healey, D. Kerwin, C. Stonionis. 





mui school 

Honor Societ 

Key Club 



_ * ■ 

1st row: Jeff Flynn, Wendy Paul, Kim Merrill Wanda Skinner, Collette Cadieux, Chris Verna, and Stephen Flynn. 2nd row: Diana Dix, Barbara 
Birkbeck, Dawn Derhara Jen Hayes, Anita Carson, Karen Beaston, Michele Bergeron, Kathy Johnson, and Eric Osborne. 3rd row: Beth 
Grazado, Mary Ellen Sillis, Tricia Troiano, Jeanne Baker, Charlotte Operach, Charlotte Sundquist, Kyle Begin, Anne Lacey, Mrs. Cronin, 
Barbara Charron, Charleen Phelan. Susan Wirtz, and Richie Anderson. ■■ jmM ESH 

For the students who only order 
yearbooks the Chieftain is a once 
a year occurence; but for the 
staff it is something that is though" 
about daily, We work diligently 
months to produce our yearbook. 
It may seem hectic at times but 
the final product is well worth it. 


The Chieftain Editors are the 
electricity that lights the light bulb, 
and keeps it glowing, The job is 
difficult at times, but there is 
always a light at the end of every 
tunnel; that light is the inspiration 
of our irreplacable Chieftain of 

1st row: Kathy Johnson, Kim Merrill, Collette Cadieux, Wanda Skinner, Chris Verna, Susan Wirtz, and Charleen Phelan. 2nd row: Micheie 
Bergeron, Charlotte Sundquist Kyle Begin, Anne Lacey, Karen Beaston, Barbara Charron, and Eric Osborne. 


Chieftain Editors 




ivjt. Paul Riley, Vica Advisor, is counseling both present members of 
Vica Deanna Dwelley and Charles Pearson, and Vica hopefuls 
MikeVSirois and Shawn Greegan. 

What is Vica? The Vocational Industrial 
Clubs of America (VICA) is the national 
organization serving trade, industrial 
techical, and health students with 
leadership, citizenship, and character 
development programs and activities. 

DECA: Distributive Education Clubs of 
America These students compete and 
meet with others who have the same 
career goals in the various areas of 
marketing. Many outstanding students 
have attributed to the numerous awards 

1st row: Seniors, Chris Bettencort, Ea niggins, uaurei uqrvrz,; jonn Housewortn, sneryiene Bowes, us<_. ,, ... .... , .„,. 

Juniors, Marlene Bristol, Donna Caseretta, Karen Beaston, Sue Regiha/Lynette -Roche, tammy Kohut; Lara Chifty and tracey Nelson. 3rd 
row: Bob Bruneau, Monique Arsenault, Thuy Duczakousla, Kevin Healy, Stacy Signore, Anne Lacey, Sharon Schwartz, Cindy Diamond, Tina 
Megna, and Kristina Sfracuzzi. 


to R: Sue Be 

rowley. Manor 

Carmody, and Loren Grzenda. 

1st row Jim Yau. and Steve Flynn. 2nd row; Paul Bowes, Keith Palos, and Pat Lynch. 

Boys State 


Julie Houseworth. Donald Anderson. Knsten Lennon. Sharalee Field. Kathy Johnson. John 

dra, Lori Liversedge, Bonnie Church, 

] Neale, Charleen Phelan, Kristin Zimmerman, Mona Carroll, and Mrs. 

Sachem is King Philip's literary 
magazine. This magazine is published 
twice a year. The purpose is 4 to raise 
money to give, in the form of a 
scholarship, to a Senior who will attend 
college following graduation. Through 
the school year the members meet 
once a week and edite works, in order 
to create a fine work of art. 

The Scout is the school 
"ewspaper. It is published once 
month. The paper began this 
year and is doing quite well. 
The members write articles and 
in doing so show their interest in 
our school. 

1st row: Mrs. tnckson. 

m, Knsten L 

and ManN 

The Scout 



The Math League is a 
group of students who 
compete on a regular 
basis with other schools in 
the area. There are five 
areas; in which the students 
are tested: Algebra, 
Algebra 11 Geometry, 
and Trigonometry. 

Each school in a 
competition fields two 
teams of five students. 
Each student must 
compete; irv three out of 
the five areas. 

The Band Council is 
a group of banc 
members, inciudi 
at least one per. 
from each class, 
who organize 
activities and 

band. They are 
elected by the 
band in general, 
although only 
students who have 
been in band for 
least one year c 
vote. The counc 
also serves as a 
go-between for th 
band members a~ 
Mr. Tileston, the 
band director. 

1st row: Rick Ross, Dick Bourque, and Anna Peters. 2nd row: Bob Bruneau, David Unger, Kristen Nichols, and Kim 


Band Council 



1^ •• 


^arroii, Lynda 
Fhonnpson, Juli 
"- r:, iston. : 

ougery, Robs 


„ _,iica Vernon, David Page, _ „., ^„^„„, ,,, „., 

trie MacDonald, Laurie Todd, and Sara Boughner. 3rd 
lOlst, Joe Tennyson, Anna Peters, Kim Samuto, Krtst - - ' 


nt Council 

1st row: Tricia Troiano, Jill Stoddard, Barbra Charron, Monice Odoardi, Lisa Mullen, Becca Rausoh, Jenniter 
Rausch. 2nd row: Chris Faulkner, Anne Leveroni, Elizabeth Lynch, Jane Sandberg, Trade Smith, Anne 
Lacey. 3rd row: Mariann Carmody, Jenniter Byron, Jill Raymond, Teresa Gallagher, Jeanne Marcarelli, Thui 
Duczakowski, Sarah Tierney, Joy Stoddard. 

1st row: Heidi Henson, Debbie Manganiello, Monice Odoardi, Kristen Zimmerman, Sheila Wisniewski, Jill Stoddard, Heather Romsey, Angela 
Dire, and Dianne Smith. 2nd row: Sue Theriault, Cici Muir, LeAnn Sluss, LeAnn Ryan, Karen Higgens, Kathy Hazlett, Lisa Mullin, Cathy Peterson, 
Cathy Luffy. 3rd row: Paul Bowes, Chuck Fruci, Dean Hughes, Mike Zarba, Glenn Curtis, Kristen Mayo, Mike Sabatini, John Redihan, Larry 
Post, Cindy Fisher, and Tina Crowley. 


Senior Class Council 

1st row: Susan Wirtz, Charleen Phelan, 
Kim Samuto. 

and Anna Peters. 2nd row. Krister 

Heidi Henson, and 

WKPH is our school radio station. 
It is composed of six seniors 
who bring us the morning 
announcements every day. The 
group is divided into three pairs 
who alternate reading the 
announcements weekly. 

The Tutors may be small in 
number, but they are a 
dedicated group. These 
students give up their free 
periods to help other students 
with their academic lessons. : 

1st row: Michelle :Oppenheim, Mary Marland, and^Shardlee Field. 2nd row: Krister 
Beste. '.' ? ----- 

inon and Donna 






























"% ' %»/ 


2P# <^ ^ <# r^ ^ 

tec ■ /O 





taOmplefe Auto Repair 
4o« Inspection #2619 


RUCK (§ 



VO FUEL - ft! 





Jhaunk. On DmK| 

Art- All Ttwo 

Chipman & Cooke 


.^'.f'iifc^ * 3' 04. , 

c_ i — K 


The GaSvi 

8 4. 



* ,« B * 

— • v'l s /"» •"■» m Jf 











Marathon Runne 


,' ( SHOP 

i072 Main Street 

■ 109 


ftftiiiis 154 

(6)7)37' " 


' ',;«■■ 


■ E 


" : ^7'' .,■;■■ ■-?■ 



(fs ins * ^ 





<i &•< 


!,' !>-V 

» a #> 

s-, s \ 



things qq 

setter, l 

TV i 11 1 


' ■'■ Im"**! 1 ' 

f»## F : *'K, tll ,J. 

f . 

! ti ii 




y •%./'%, 



PLAINViLLE, MA, 02762 

(817) 695-2004 





a pi] Ij liii 





in f i 



Bella Construction 

Peter S. Tsimortos 


Asphalt Paving 


Industrial Road 

Wrentham, MA 02093 

Good Luck 
Class of '85 



(617) 699-4434 

J^J-i.A.Hn \f ILLl^ stock company • plainville/ massachusetts • 02762 

Congratulations to the class of '85 

Massasoit Rare Coins and Currency 

6 Central St. 
Foxboro, MA 543-7500 

We buy and sell old coins, stamps, jewelry and 
currency. We also deal in silver and gold bullion. 


>-4 «, Joe Grourke B. S. R. Ph. 

ft Rt. 1-A 122 South St. Plainville, Ma. 02762 

=#» Tel. (617) 695-5091 

Open 8 AM 365 Days A Year 

Happy Endeavors To 
Class Of "85" 

Rt. 1 

Foxboro, MA 









(617) 384-8006 

7:30 AM - 1 PM 

Why you'll say 
Southwood first. 

Best Wishes to 

The Class of '85' 

Bourque's Restaurant 
194 Main ST. 
Norfolk, MA 

Southwood Community Hospital is a 140-bed 
acute-care, general community hospital. 

• Community Health Center 

walk-in care for minor emergencies 

8 a.m. - 9 p.m. Monday thru Friday 

9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Weekends and Holidays 

Main Number 

The NORCAP Center for Alcoholism Treatment 
Family Lifeline 
NORCAP Lodge — Intermediate Care, Foxboro 

• Alcoholism Treatment 

• Cancer Treatment 

• Guaranteed Services 

• Health Education 

• Hospice 


(61 7) 769-7800 




Community Hospital 

1.11 Dedham Street 

Norfolk. Massachusetts 02056 

A component of the Neponset Valley Health System 

Congratulations to the Class of 1985 

Franklin Pharma 

30 Main St. 
Franklin, MA J 

Norfdlk Pharmacy 

8 Rock wood Rd. 
Norfolk MA, 

'Prompt Courteous Prescription Service" 

Congratulations to the Class of '85 

Richard Ross 

Ross' Funeral Home 







-— «** 

p * 


Keith Grant, Chairman 

John Barrett, Jr. Vice-Chairman 

David Brown 

James Davies 

Marilyn Eden 

Mary Anne Gallimor 

Robert Latham 

William Lynch 

Patricia Giovanoni 

Shirley Larson, Secretary 

William J. Costa 
Superintendent of Schools 

J J 



TELEPHONE (617) 699-7170 


Waiter BurL 

kJ* *3on3 ? Jfnc. 





pis' musions 


(617) 384-7931 
(617) 359-7983 




OF '85 



NORFOLK, MA 02056 


Phone (617) 528-2232 


15 Rock wood Road, Norfolk, Mass. 02056 

1 W 

J I 


lainville Insurance Agency, Inc 

PHONE: 695-3528 


OF '85 

TELEPHONE 384.-8136 

WV'Tt lin-ktiw Uw« ir.l r.i-M-irti: 



Office hours 
By appointment 







Century 21 

John J. Cahalane, Inc. 

158 Main Street, 
Norfolk M 




Ross Funeral Home 
Wrentham, Mass. 

rranklin Lumber Co., inc. 

Lumber and Building Supplies 


CLASS OF 1985 

129 Dean Avenue 
Franklin, MA. 02038 













161 East Central Street 
Franklin, Mass. 02038 




64 East Central Street 
Franklin, Mass. 

Congratulations, Seniors 


430 E. Central Street 
Franklin, Mass. 02038 

528 4340 





Paul K. Costello 


American Business Brokers 
. Realtors - Appraisers 

Telephone, office Route 14Q _ 443 East Cen{ra| st 





Res. 384-8281 

Franklin, Mass. 02038 


4 A 

f ; i*f 



Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert W. Nichols 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. McNamara 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Flynn 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schnorbus 

Mr. and Mrs. William Healey 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Aronofsky 

Sharon R. Samuto 

Bill and Judy Bishop 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Roberts 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Linkous 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Pearson 

James and Linda Doty 

Mr. and Mrs. William Marland, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Bettencourt 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heinz, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Theriault 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Pfischner, Jr. 

.<•■.• ,- 



Stephanie and George Merrill 

Beverly and Vince Panettiere 

The Menfi Family 

The Johanneson Brothers 

Sue and Ron Balise 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Flaherty 

The Brace Family 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Osiensky 

Christopher and Mary Jane Boughner 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Peters 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Brannelly 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Odoardi 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Hughes 

Jack and Rachel Gibbs 

Mr. and Mrs. George de Troyer/Melissa Fukushimg 

Clark and Carole Bliss " f 

Charles and Marilyn Curtis 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carmody 

Ken and Mardy Rausch 

Mr. and Mrs, Darrel Peterson 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Cooke 

Joan M. King 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Johnson 

John Jostin 

Robert C. Ferris 





Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buckley 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gamelin 

Mr, and Mrs. David Lewis 

Mr. and Mrs. William V. Higgins 

Mr. and Mrs. James Hazlett 

Mr. Maurice A. Gregoire 

Kay Belanga 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sabatini 

Camilla M. Bowes 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Lizotte 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Crandall, Jr. 

Mrs. Marilyn L. Walsh 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Field 

Louis and Patricia Bergeron 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Cloutier 

Bonnie and Scott Dittrich 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence MacKenney 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Little 

Mr. and Mrs. William Hurkett, Jr. 

Joe and Gini Homer 

Gail M. Cronin 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Wirtz 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Graveline 

Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Baglio 






Telephone: 617-384-8050 






Northeast Refrigeration, Inc. 

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 


Robert D. Primeau 

CUMBERLAND, R. I. 02864 




• Screened Loam 

• Unscreened Loam 

• Pine Bark Mulch 

• Colored Stone 

• Wood Chips 

Mon.-Fri. 8:30-4:00 

Saturdays 8:00-12 Noon 







Thomas Crane, C.P 
Table for Two South St., Plain vie 
Wrentham Seafood Center 384-7751 

f3Hr The Hair After 

Tamwood Farm 

Agnes Hair Design 

Stage Door Video 

Dave Lind's Tire 8c Auto Center 

William Alford, C.P.A. 

Benton Computer Services 

Chipmon 8c Cooke, C.P.A. 

Main St. Hardware I 

Norfolk Power Equipment 

Norfolk Community Federal Credit Union 

D. B. Sports 





The Galvin Company Realtors 

Veritechnology /Peter Mackesy & Associates 

Wretham House of Pizza 

Judy's Place 

St. Martha's Church 

Boro Sand & Stone 

Kempton Landscaping 

Cataldo's Paint & Hardware 

Bernardini Travel 

Dickens Restaurant 

Strathmore Paper Co. 

Country Corner Salon 

Spotless Carpet 529 Franklin St., Wrentham 

Henry's Barber Shop - Good Luck 

Dog Lovers Grooming 



258 Dedham Street 

Norfolk MA 02056 

384-7312 384-8032 





Mr. Milano vv May all your tomorrows be as good 

as your best yesterdays." 

Clara F. Manteoa 

Richard Bergquist 

Judi Rsher-Delahanty 

Janna M. Bremer "Good luck to the Class of '85" 

Murray Drisko 

Dave Webb 

Mrs. K. Pfeffer 

K. Szatek 

Mary Voci 

S. Besaw 

John K. Young 

John Finase 

Mr. Dunn 

Peter Tileston 

C. Woodhams 

John Shores 

Mr. Cass 

A. Antonetti 

Miss Szczepaniak 

,-- :: \™:: 

■■■- ™;: 




Mr. J. Black "Good luck Class of '85" 

Mr. Lancioux "Bonne Chance a tous!" 

June Coutu "Be$t wishes to my favorite class." 

Mr. Ahern "Good luck Class of '85" 

Mrs. McNeil "Buenasuerte" 

Eleanor Reed Alter "Strive for excellence, accomplish 

more in 85" 

Mrs. Campos "Good luck to the Class of '85" 

Mrs. Villard "Best wishes to the Class of '85" 

Mrs. Cronin "Good luck and I'll miss you all!" 

"Congratulations to the Class of '1 985 

Best wishes from the Culinary Arts Dept." 

Mr. Breitenbach 

Mr. Courtois 

Mr. Portesi 
"We have no words to describe 
The class of '85." 

Mr. Bodge 

Mr. Pillarella 





Wve got something 

for students who need 
money for school. 


Our Higher Education 
Loan Program (HELP) can 
keep students right where they 
belong. In school. 

If you're an undergraduate, 
you can borrow up to $2500 per 
year at South Shore Bank. Grad- 
uate students, as much as $5000 
per year. And you don't have to 
start paying us back till you leave 
school or graduate. 

To qualify for HELP you 
must be enrolled in an accredited 
school, carry at least a half-time 
study load, and meet the school's 
definition of financial need. 

Even if you don't qualify for 
HELP, you may be eligible for up 
to $3000 per year through our 
Parent Loans for Undergraduate 
PLUS is for parents with good 
credit who can start repaying 
your loan immediately. So call 
any one of our South Shore 
Bank offices. And get the HELP 
you need. 

South Shore 

1400 Hancock Street 

Qutncy, Massachusetts 02169 

(617) 847-3100 



¥ A 





i 1 



P.O. Box 958 
Hartford, CT 06143 



Route One 
Boston- Providence 
Wrentham, Ma. 

rea Code 617 
384-2 171 

The Class of '87 


The Class of '85 

Happiness and Success 

In The Future 

Regional Service Center 

Arthur J. Robison 

1 Depot St. 
Wrentham, Mass. 02093 



^meow's €0D 



Limits Exist Only In The Mind 
Follow Your Dreams 
Monday thru Friday 9-6 

Saturday 9-5 

"Our Business is Fun" 


312 Spring Street 
West Roxbury, Mass. 02132 

78 South St. Wrentham, Ma. 384- 



ARTHUR ILLSLEY (617)323-0016 



New Graduates 

Norfolk Police Association 


Wrentham Police 







78 South Street ,;, 
P.O. BOX7T7 






Robert Marcotte 

Universal Painting, Inc. 

Frank'ttn, Ma. 02038 

Good Luck Class of '85 
You'll Need It!! 

K.P. North Student Counci 

Best of Luck 
Class of 1985 


Class of '85 
Norfolk Food Mart 




: \^" 

Your All Occasion Florist 


40 South Street 
Wrentham, MA 02093 


DiMonte's Family Restaurant 

offers a unique combination of traditional and Italian 
dining in a beautifully decorated and relaxing atmosphere. 
Seruing Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at affordable prices 

"At DiMonte's Family Restaurant it is our goal 

to make it your favorite place to dine." 

460 Franklin Street — Wrentham, Mass. — 384-8283 


Congratulations and Best 

Wishes to the 

Class of '85 

Wrentham Insurance 

R**^. Agency 

88 South Street, Wrentham 

Towing-Trucks §j 

TRUCK (Sfffi) 9/ic. 










24 Hour Service 





Mechanic On Duty 
At All Times 




(617) 668-2382 

Good Luck To The 
Class of '85! 

From % 
Hair Studio I 

206 Main Street, Walpole 




P.O. Box 44 







4 Common Street, 


Here's to your health! 




Me-ntxrfshtp C»'0 

Class of 198 S 

■ - 


So. New England': largest health 
maintenance organization - 50,000 
members and growing - 
with health centers in 
PlainvilJe> Mas*,, 695-7778 
Providence and Warwick, ELL 



Congratulations Seniors! 

from ^B 


224 Dedham Street 
Norfolk, Ma. 02056 





Telephone 617 471-5010 

ALbeRt J. Mauchionnm 

Insurance Agency, Inc. 


11 Independence Avenue »Quincy • Massachusetts 02169 


Kimball Floor Co. Inc. 


430 E. Central St. 

Franklin, Mass. 02038 


Farm and Greenhouse 
Tel. 528-1065 

Tel. 528-5518 

Est. 1896 


664 East Central Street, 

Franklin, Massachusetts 


lplH ;; || 


Hj {'Discount Auto Ports" 

American &. Foreign Auto Parts 


Large stock of Walker muffler & pipes 

Complete Machine Shop Service 



Next to State Police Barracks FOXBORO 
Routes 1 and 140 on Rte. 1. j I 



Congratulations to the Class 

of 1985 


Frank J. 

15 Rock wood Rd. 
Norfolk, MA 02056 




As we struggle to finish these last few pages of the yearbook, we realize that all of the work that 
was put into making this work of art was worth it. We tell ourselves that the lasting memories of 
King Philip Regional High School years are preserved vaguely in our minds and vividly in our 
treasured yearbook. The Chieftain is pulled together by a small group of our student body, who 
combined, spent thousands of hours of work. Many of these hours are spent in frustration fretting 
over a number of disasters such as trying to find pictures that we want, and writing captions. 
Occasionally, the pain was eased by a joke by Mrs. Tower or a hug of reassurance from Mrs. 
Cronin; these two people were the backbones of the yearbook and never gave up. Charlotte 
and I would like to thank Mrs. Cronin and Mrs, Tower for all their help and love throughout the 
year. From the whole yearbook staff, we would like to leave this year with the image of being the 
best Chieftain staff ever and hope that you, the student body, enjoy your yearbook. 

Kyle Begin and Charlotte Sundquist 


k> «. 


The Fixture People 


S . i « 


8 High St., Box 1775 
Piainville, MA 02762 


"Best of Everything 

from the 

Class of '88 


from the Best?? 

CLASS OF '86" 


: : ^r-::-;.